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Main Points:
Steins;Gate Universe Optional (tho probably after Breakdown)
Chapter Summary: Okabe's self-imposed deadline has come to tell the Lab Mems about the misdeeds of Hououin Kyouma.

Word Count: 3737
Rating: gen
Note: (kind of a character study of how Okabe would deal with summarizing everything for everyone, so it's more of a character study hidden within a party)

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what is this week of angst or something yeesh

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Faith knows why Xander has issues dealing with her even if no one else does. 
Word Count: 336
Rating: Teen, placed under cut because it references one of the canon instances of BTVS non-con, Consequences.  I've only read people talk about it a few places (as opposed to Spike's attempt), but Xander's never gotten over it (he was always a lot quieter in S7 when Faith was in the room) and Faith...Faith really is working on being a hero, which is exactly why she can't let this go.  (There's a whole lot but there's one blog that goes through everything, and there's an entry for every episode with consent issues-this is the one for Consequences.  I'm not sure I'd recommend it, given its subject matter, but it is well written and points out everyone and wow Buffy is a lot more problematic as a show than you realize on first viewing.)

a mission goes badly... )

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It is one of the great fails of the last season of Buffy that we never got to see the First torturing anyone else.  Because, let's be honest.  This is the Buffy crew.  They've had so many people die around them.  I would've liked to see more of that, which maybe makes me cruel, except for the fact that I like...
It's not just to watch them suffer.  Or be angsty or hurt each other.  They do enough on their own.
It would've felt more like a final season to look back on everything that came before and reflect on the deaths and friendships and whatnot.  I mean, people rarely remember Jesse's name (this is people who have watched the show multiple times and I've seen a vast majority of the episodes once.  Crazy, right?) but he was Xander's friend and Willow's friend and he died and Xander killed him.  Or the demon wearing his face.  That's such a pivotal moment and of course Willow and Xander would shrug it off like it was nothing because they're the king and queen of compartmentalization but it was not nothing.  It would continue to haunt them, particularly out of the blue, because that's how guilt works.
Also, it would've made the First that much more dangerous.  We don't see the First do that much.  It's mostly the ancient vampires that are really, really hard to kill, and controlled Spike, and it's so easy to focus on the physical threats because they were shown more.  But this is the First.  The embodiment (ha!  given that it's not actually of the concept of all Evil with a capital E.  It would twist the knife.  It would remind them of all the people they failed to save.  It would take on the faces of all the people they loved and lost and taunt them.  You know when Spike's working for Adam and he knows exactly what to say to get them all not only doubting each other but doubting themselves?  The exact words to punch a hole in someone's gut?
The interesting thing about this is that there's a similarity.  Spike might've been "de-fanged" (i.e. not a physical threat) but he knew exactly what to say to break them.  The First should've been like that.  Except so much more so.
Finally, I didn't go into complete detail here.  I showed the first times that Jesse and Cordy showed up, but they were back.  Along with many others.  Partly that's because the imagination tends to be worse than a certainty.  I'm betting my reader's minds can conjure up worse than anything I can write.  (At least, I've found that's true when I'm on the reader's side.)  Also partly because it triggered a panic attack.  (Which I've experienced, if not, luckily, too recently, so I'm writing from my own experience there.)  (It being the First, its words probably magically burn onto the synapses, though.  Or maybe it'll whisper again in his nightmares...)
Wow, did not intend for that to get long.

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander and the First talk.  Dawn tries to save the day.
Word Count: 955
Rating: Teen, Xander's a mess in this one (panic attack, low self esteem, PTSD, The Literal Incarnation of Evil)

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Main Points:
Iron Man Genderbend (Iron Maiden)
Summary: Pepper and Obie are enough to overrule Tony's desire to avoid the doctor following the events in Afghanistan.
Word Count: 1379
Rating: Gen, brief mention (at the beginning) of possible sexual assault (avoided in March of the Iron Maiden in which the threat was there but wasn't actually followed through on), thought I'd mention anyway so readers can make an informed decision

drowning on dry land )

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And this is why I didn't want to post this on Easter.  Easter should have happy, light, and fun.  None of which this is.  Well, maybe fun, figuring out how Tony was going to deal with the situation because she's awesome, and conversation between her and Yinsen, but.  Still.  And I didn't want to cheapen it.

Main Points:
Iron Man Genderbend (Iron Maiden)
Summary: The Ten Rings want something from Tony she isn't willing to give.  She calls their bluff.
Word Count: 434
Rating: Gen
Warning: Technically, nothing actually happens in this fic.  That being said, it's a female Tony in a cave full of terrorists with questionable morals.  (Partly, it's an answer to surfing through Ao3 and finding that most of the versions of female Tony have gone through sexual assault.  This Iron Maiden isn't going to just smile and go along with it and engineers her way out of the situation like she does everything else, so nothing actually happens; however I was slightly uncomfortable writing this so it might be problematic for others. 
Tl;dr: read at your own discretion.)


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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: They'd thought that Glory's attack on Xander had failed.
Word Count: 275
Rating: Gen, angst

            When she finally arrives, Star greets her immediately.  “Something is clearly wrong with Ranger One, Willow.” 
            Her creator is lying on the grating, groaning, hands pressed tightly to his head.
            Willow pulls the hands away from his head and he curls up even more, mumbling to himself constantly.
            “Xander.”  She has to repeat herself several times, and eventually she gets through to him.  He glances at her eventually, eyes vague and lost.
            “It’s so quiet.  Make the quiet stop.  I’m so alone,” he moans, tears tracking down his face.
            “Xander, I know it’s hard but you have to concentrate.  Talk to me,” she insists, instantly sitting down and letting him cradle his head on her lap.
            “Not Xander,” he manages finally.  “It’s Tony.  It’s Tony and I’m—I’m alone, there’s no one…there’s always someone around but they’re all gone, even Xander, and I don’t know how…that bitch Glory,” he gasps out and hides his head in one of her knees, sobbing loudly enough he’s still shaking and there’s tears all over her jeans.
            She revises her priorities immediately.  She needs to get in contact with either the teenage one or the one designated as ‘MCU Tony’ in her databanks.  Admittedly she’s not always able to tell the difference with regards to her creator, but she has actual physical numbers for two of the ones out in the multiverse, and, though magic might not be their forte, neither of them would leave Xander on his own.  They could provide a distraction or some sort or even engineer their way out of the situation, because that is what her creator does.  That is what Tony Stark does.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Willow and Xander mourn Zathras.  (The others are there, but Willow and Xander are kind of not noticing the world right now.)
Word Count: 175
Rating: Gen, Grief

        They end up burying the pieces in Jesse’s grave.  Somehow, Xander thinks his friend would’ve appreciated it.
        He loses it all over again when he realizes Jesse would’ve been the War Machine to his Iron Man.  If he didn’t think he was encouraging Willow too much, he’d make her a suit, too, but he doesn’t want her to get herself killed.
        Then again, maybe her casting spells through a technological interface rather than on her own is exactly what she needs right now.
        She’s here, though.  She’s herself and beautiful and so present and so vital and so Willow.  She holds him as he’s crying and as she’s crying.  The tears and grief seem to be cleansing her of all the darkness clouding her aura lately, and she didn’t even insist they try to fix the situation with magic, no matter how much she wants the pain to go away.  (That might not mean that much if he couldn’t also tell that she hadn’t attempted any magic.  But she hadn’t, and it means so much.)

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander has to deal with the aftermath of the battle and the loss of a friend.  (Not one of the main Scoobies, but still.)
Word Count: 1046
Rating: Gen, Angst



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I cannot imagine how I somehow managed to miss that Shawn and Gus are pretty much Tony and Rhodey.  Seriously.

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: It was only a matter of time before Xander's home base got attacked.  And it's a hard-fought battle.
Word Count: 360
Rating: Gen, Angst

          One of the quirks of the suit he’d found out is that each separate component in his armor runs off a pseudo separate power supply.  His Repulsors run out, the shock tech doesn’t even phase it, he can distract it with the illusions but that’s, y’know, not actually a battle plan, and neither the flamethrower nor the…light thrower, or whatever, he really needs to get on making a snappy name for that one, do much.  But he’s so incredulous at how badly he’s doing that he ends up using those up too.  (The flamethrower’s easy enough to explain—that does run on Normal Person Fuel.  Any automated ‘put self out’ systems are magic-based.)  Just one of the many fun eccentricities of trying to funnel power from a Cedrian crystal to tech.  Even his Exoskel is starting to flicker, which means he has to conjure shields and that’s really tiring.
          The jet boots have the most juice and even they end up flickering out and dropping him midflight, just into a horn-poky charge, and he feels the metal bend (which, this alloy isn’t supposed to do that, it’s designed not to do that, and he half-panics and accidentally triggers the telekinesis and blasts it into the opposite wall hard enough the building shakes, and he’s really starting to have a headache and everything hurts, especially breathing).
          He eventually beats it by repeatedly ramming it into the ceiling using the telekinesis, enough that he has to channel some of his own power through the crystal and into the telekinesis.  Eventually it slumps over.  He feels like that too, and it honestly seems like the ceiling might crash any second, but he doesn’t have time for that.
          He taps the comm because he’s almost too exhausted to even speak, and he needs to save his strength.
          “Xander?”  It’s Buffy.  Of course it is, given that that’s who he dialed.  She still sounds pissed.
          “I know it’s getting kinda late for your trash collector duties but d’ya think you could make an exception in my case?”  He can’t quite stop the yawn, and instantly she’s concerned.
          At least she’s starting to pay attention.  Sometimes.

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Wow, a new subscriber (mary_alice)!  Hello!  Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay!
(While I'm at it, a shout-out to milady_dragon--if you're looking for the Queen of Dragons or Queen of Torchwood, look no further than her.  Though be prepared to spend a lot of time reading because they're hard to put down and it's not easy to stop reading one of her works /grins.  I'm gonna make a recs list.  Eventually.)

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: It was only a matter of time before Xander's home base got attacked.
Word Count: 510
Rating: Gen, Angst

          “Come on, come on!”
          ‘Zathras is not responding,’ White Star informs him.  She sounds weird, but he’s kind of her brother, and it’s not like they’re just AIs.  They’re Stark AIs (not like Ultron, thank goodness) and they’re magic-enhanced, so it’s like they’re real entities.  Real people.
          It’s kind of sad but they’re currently closer to him than his human friends.
          White Star had informed him of a break-in.  So he’d flown off in the middle of a conversation with Buffy and Willow, which he’ll pay for later, but right now, he’s got things to do, places to go, he’s a busy man.
          He blasts a hole in the roof.  He’ll fix that later.  Right now he needs…
          Not to see that giant demon in his living room.  It’s all fur and horns, and it’s definitely not green, but he gets the image of the big guy in his head for a few seconds and has to shake it out.  He thinks it’s on the monitors briefly before he discards the idea as stupid.  It’s in your head, get it together Xand.
          It’s almost enough to distract him from all the destruction.  Because there’s destruction.  There’s destruction up the wazoo.  His heart breaks.
          The foundry’s nearly gone.  He can replace it, but that’ll cost a lot.  No upgrades for a while.  And he doesn’t have the power to just fix it with magic, and he’s not about to ask Willow to go all ‘Eye of Agamotto’ on him, because he can feel where she’s going and doesn’t want to contribute to that particular natural disaster.
          Most of his equipment is sparking.  That includes the self-created tower that houses Zathras.  It’s cut in two, and there are definitely pieces too missing or destroyed to replace.  He’ll have to wait for the assessment, but it’s entirely possible that Zathras was just…gone.
          He’d been trying to keep a low profile.  He hadn’t let Zathras spread out onto the net like Jarvis because he was fairly certain that the United States government, at the least, was keeping an eye out for strange AIs appearing in the net.  Zathras is in every piece of electronic equipment in the warehouse, but by the looks of things it’s entirely possible that every single piece is destroyed.  Perhaps not beyond repair or recovery, but…he’s not optimistic.
          He blinks tears out of his eyes.  His landing’s a bit wobbly, largely due to the fact that the metal catwalk is barely hanging in there by a few bolts.  It tilts dangerously.
          “I’ll ask you to step away from the highly expensive equipment.”  No reaction.  “You break it, you bought it.  Let’s talk damages.”
          It growls.  He tries one of his handy ‘apps’ frantically, and gets a translation from Star.
          ‘Metal Man easy target.  Good offering,’ she says, even mimicking the growl.
          He can’t wipe away the tears.  He knows that.  He doesn’t have time to be all emotional and mourn a friend, either.  He can avenge him, though.
          “Trust me, I’m not easy,” he snarls, and hits the Repulsor jets.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Really, kid?  Come on, you might as well have said 'be useful'.  We're working overtime on getting the suit together, just hang in there, we'll make it through, you and I.  I'll be pissed if you manage to get yourself killed before we have a chance to legitimately meet. -Tony
Word Count: 365
Rating: Gen

         They turn him away.  Again.  It strikes at old wounds, the fact that they don’t think him capable without the suit.  Which he still has yet to figure out how to make.  To be honest, he’s probably more useful than Willow.  She’s barely focused on offensive spells, while he has wards and shielding spells he could cast in his sleep, UV blasts and energy rays Stark would confuse for Repulsor tech.
         He doesn’t argue.  Who says that I don’t have shrapnel heading for my heart? he wonders, amused by his own dark humor.  He leaves.
         He doesn’t enjoy being with Faith.  Not that he doesn’t like the sex.  He does, and it’s pretty much as Tony remembers it, but there’s a caveat: he’s used to being, uhm, a more active participant.  He’d had fantasies about the way it’d gone.  Maybe he’s lazy.  It’s not how he thought it would be, and he immediately discards all of those fantasies.
         See, it’s nice to have an active partner taking care of your needs, but with Faith, she didn’t care about him at all, which kind of ruins the whole thing.
         For a few absurd moments he wonders whether that’s how all of Stark’s girlfriends felt, but the point is moot.  Maybe it’s a blow to his ego, being the one thrown out of the apartment holding his clothes, but if that’s how any of them felt he’ll never know unless their minds somehow download themselves, too.  PTB forbid.
         It’s got him in a reckless mood.  A mood where he’s hurting so bad it doesn’t matter what he does with himself, because anything’s better than the pain.
         And it should say something that he never feels more heroic than without his suit, refusing to move until the guy disarms the bomb.  He might be able to disarm it himself, but it’s lower tech than anything he tends to work with and he doesn’t feel like fighting the odds.  Not when his friends’ lives are at stake.  If all else fails he might be able to contain the blast with a shielding spell, though it honestly might kill him in the process.
         Might as well go down swinging, right?

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander has a file of 'things that need to be fixed'.  This is high on this list.  (Right below it in Tony's less readable scrawl is 'and while you're at it get a better name for this because this is clearly not a summer camp'.)
Word Count: 305
Rating: Gen, The angst isn't too bad but it's definitely there.

         Tony sees the world in terms of things that need fixing.  One of the foremost is himself.  It’s shocking to Xander how little he actually thinks of himself, despite the fact that he is one of the heroes.  For all Tony Stark’s posturing, he’s a man who sees himself as broken, but functional.  Serving a purpose, and as long as he can still perform adequately, he doesn’t need to be replaced.
         It’s a mechanical way of looking at the world.  It’s also fundamentally depressing.  He tries to not let it get to him too much.
         He sees that their team is broken.  That they spend more time fighting each other and being teenagers that they lose sight of how much they actually care for each other.
         He’s seen it before.  He’s seen it tear people he cares about apart, and he doesn’t want that to happen again. 
         But he’s not good with human systems.  Sure, he can see the problem but he doesn’t know the fix.  And anything he can’t fix eats at him.
         He does what he can.  Gets Buffy a new set of shoes.  Treats Willow to a milkshake and listens to her babble.  He talks about the magic with Giles, who alternatively appreciates it and is worried.  And it reminds him of Xander’s first teacher, Miss Calendar, who actually had some useful tips given the whole ‘technopagan’ thing.  The memories hurt Giles, but at least he pushes through it for the greater picture.  Xander does what he can to support his friends when he can but he’s only one guy and they don’t really notice.  Sometimes it feels like a thankless job, but it’s what he signed up for, so if they appreciate the donuts and the quips more than the magic and the tech then at least he’s doing something right.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe Optional

Chapter Summary: I'd meant to write this, but I was still a little too much Willow.  Basically, the Slayers being scared for the future, such as it will be, and Xander having to reassure them despite the fact that he's not on board for this either.  If you're sick of the politics disregard, but as sad as it is it's hopeful too.

Word Count: 340
Rating: gen
Good luck in the new year, everyone.  We'll make it through with our friends.

             “Hi Wills.”  Xander tries not to sound as exhausted as he is.  It’s bone deep; he’s pretty sure he wasn’t this tired even when the First came around.  It probably says something that this freaks him out more than the First.  The First could only mess with his mind and get him killed.  Well, and get his eye poked out, but still.
             She’s as hysterical as he felt last Tuesday.  But to comfort her and not have them both utterly useless, he has to be the strong one.
             He’s been having a lot of that recently.
             “Nah, I’m…well, okay is definitely not the word for it, but we’ve survived the multiple of apocalypse and we’re still here.  Get ready for the bill, though, ‘cause the Slayers are eating everything.  More than usual.  They’re doing their best locust impression, but given all the other plagues, most of which the plague of stupidity, I can’t really blame them.”
             More than anything he wants to give her a hug.  He’s gotten a lot more hugs from females recently, and there’s no urge to be the jerk of yesterday.  Not like this, when he sees all the uncertainty and pain and the way they’re all trying to pretend that they’re not scared about their entire status of existence.  If he can be the mature one and care for his Slayers, then it can make him feel a little better about the future himself.  It might not affect him directly, but when there’s so many of his friends, family, everyone he cares about at stake, well.  Not affecting him directly?  That’s a lie.
             “Hey, hey.  We’re the Scoobies.  We’ve gotten through so much together.  You need me, I’m there.  I get the feeling I’ll be wearing my ‘free hugs’ shirt constantly for a while.”  That earns a chuckle, even though he can tell there are still tears on her face, and she sends a verbal hug back and hangs up.  One crisis down, a thousand to go, but he’ll help out where he can.  Always.


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