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i had to look up how to spell 'illyria'...taaaags

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel Crossover AU (Self-Made Hero: The Infinity Mirror)
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 85
Rating: Gen

        Dru’s distressed, swaying around.  “Promise you’ll be careful, Spike.  Dorothy’s coming to town with all her little friends and they’re not as you remember them.  For all the Tin Man’s brains he is the Heart.  The little dog Toto’s got fangs.  Oz is really the Cowardly Lion.  Glinda and the Lion have history and the man behind the curtain puts on a puppet show.  The Scarecrow’s blue and she stole an improved brain by sacrificing her heart.”
        Spike kisses her forehead.  “I’ll be careful, pet.”

The Wolf

Jun. 11th, 2017 11:48 pm
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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel Crossover AU (Self-Made Hero: The Infinity Mirror)
Summary: Giles finds the second of his recruits.
Word Count: 565
Rating: Gen

          Oz doesn’t realize there’s anything wrong with his world.  Why would he?  He doesn’t have anything to compare it to.
          Fiction, the news, the internet, the government controls it all.  If all copies of a book 1984 hadn’t been burned, he would’ve seen that this future had, at least partly, been predicted.  But without the knowledge, he didn’t have anything to show what a normal life should be like.
          He’d wondered, once, what awful thing he’d done in a former life to be born in this one as a mutant.  He had to have been a serial killer, or something.  Like every child, he had seen what out of control mutants did.  Ones that didn’t follow the rules endangered the lives of everyone, so of course they had to be controlled.  They’d all watched the tapes.  Of the damage they’ve done.  Of terrified men, women, children huddled up, begging for mercy from uncaring mutants.  He didn’t feel particularly like a serial killer.  In fact, he was often more quiet and kind than his human classmates, but if he didn’t watch his natural instincts it was only a matter of time.  Maybe he’d worked out most of his aggression in his past life, but still had to be punished for it in this one.
          He kept his head down, followed every instruction.  Until one fateful day.
          He sees the girl phase into existence.  Sees the lack of the mutant tattoo marking them as being registered with the government under the Mutant Registration Act before the shouting policemen do.
          They’re pointing guns at a terrified little girl.  Guns.  They’re screaming at her, about to shoot her.  And something just snaps.
          He’s never wolfed out in anger before.  Always under order, always obedient.  He’s not obedient now, as he changes and grabs the kid and runs.
          He’s never told whether he killed the policemen.  The newspapers say so, but the girl—Marcie Ross, as she introduces herself—says that the newspapers don’t always tell the truth.  It’s a foreign concept for him, but she finally manages to convince him that people lie.  He still doesn’t fully understand the reasoning behind it, but then, according to her, he doesn’t have to.  He doesn’t have to attempt to lie—ever—because he can just be silent instead.
          She explains that her parents were killed before they could register her.  That because of the rules, she couldn’t register herself.  An adult had to do that.  That there were plenty of other orphans like her who faced firing squads just because their parents had died as peaceful protestors or pamphlet-writers or even for listening to the wrong music.
          There’s a near call, but then he hears a voice in his head, and sees a red-head with a shy smile, and they’re led to what turns out to be a safe haven hidden in the world.  The leader, a Miss Grey, is apparently not all there, but she seems coherent enough as she banishes the red-head and another, an older man.  They’re not mutants, despite the fact that they can twist the world and hide two fugitives with one gesture of their hands.
          Marcie will be safe, and he has the feeling these two might need him, and Miss Grey isn’t happy about him leading others here in the first place.  So he offers to go with the two, and they say yes.

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I've reached the point of tiredness where I just start staring into space randomly.  It's not good for getting things done, I can tell you that.

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 165
Rating: Gen

            “I’m stealing your boyfriend,” he announces, dropping in on Oz and Willow as they’re hanging out in the front hall after class.
            Willow blinks.  “What?”
            “Well, Buffy’s going shoe shopping, and that’s important stuff, not to be interrupted by any moral or immortal man on pain of death.  Oz is my backup strongman.”  He suddenly realizes that it might’ve been read as flirting and decides to just go with it.  “I promise I’ll put him back, in as good or better condition.  If you’re really not trusting, you can accompany us and watch while Oz works up a nice sexy sweat.”
            “I don’t sweat,” Oz corrects with no expression, but there’s amusement in his tone.  Not much, but it’s there.
            Oz actually helps him move in all the furniture, not just the bed, and deals with his hyper happily caffeine buzzed self as he changes his mind about the positioning of pieces of furniture about fifteen times.  Willow just looks bemused.  And somewhat put out.


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