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I’m kind of used to writing reports by now, whether for the Foundation or for the Morioh Police Department.  I don’t like it any more than I liked my homework years ago, but there’s a better reason behind it, anyway.  These are to keep people informed and safe, so that’s worth a whole lot more.

I’m sending this with the representatives of the SWC that they’re sending to collect the old man, too, which is even more important because if they read it they’ll at least have an idea of how to fight it if he tries anything funny.

Oh, and I got his name from his wallet.  Apparently he was fighting because his grandkids are in danger, so we should see if we can’t rescue them.

I’d like to say hi to the young lady I talked to on the phone.  It was great talking to you, kid.

Back in Time

Stand User: William Kaulitz

Power: A

Speed: E

Range: B

Durability: C

Precision: S

Potential: D


Back in Time is a really terrifying Stand, but that’s true for most of the Stands that can control time (just ask Jotaro-san!)  Once it gets off its effect, you’re stuck going through your past.  I suppose it’s a kind of stealth Stand, too, since it can’t really protect its user.  It takes the form of a pocket watch without a cover.  I found it searching him when he was unconscious, and it looks weird enough it probably is a Stand.

pocketwatch without a cover in Back to the Future colours

Don’t Look Back: Back in Time’s main mechanism is shuffling you through moments in your past you’ll either want to change or situations you’ll find it difficult to get out of without changing.  It works off the opponent’s psychology, which is the terrifying part, since everybody’s probably had days and moments they wanted to change.  If you give in to the urge or mess up, you’ll start turning transparent and in general begin fading from the world.  However, this also means that certain powers in the past don’t affect you in the same way as the last time, and if this lets you survive something that would’ve killed you, it can at least partially undo the transparent effect.  It’s possible that managing to go through a certain number of jumps without messing up is all you need to do, but I didn’t get to test this.  Back in Time also has no way to protect its User specifically, so if you can take him out or get him to stop using his Stand, you should be good.  (Though from what I can tell, he’s actually a nice guy, and he’s also old, so if you can not kill him, that would be great.)  He should be easy to spot, though, once you know what you’re looking for—he reverse ages in every ‘era’ you visit.  It looks a little like it’s proportional, but I didn’t get a good look.

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Get hype!

Image is, yes, from The Secret World vanilla.  And yes, I created Josie to play (a while ago).  Unfortunately, GIMP doesn't have any manga filters, but I could at least do crazy Araki colors.  /grin  Her real color is red, and it's generally longer than shown as a kind of combat taunt.
She probably stole her dad's bike and uniform and is riding around like the Jojo she is.


Mar. 10th, 2017 07:06 pm
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Guess who's the dummy who forgot a flash drive. You guessed it. Me.
(Luckily I'm close enough that I can go back and get it, but it's still
dumb. I'll sulk for a while.)

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What’s going on?  This just appeared here…

Okay, don’t panic.  That’s probably Pretender.  Somehow.  Probably from one of the times I was unconscious.  Anyway, I know that Fitz, despite the fact that he doesn’t want to be called Speedwagon, would be super psyched to get in, but he doesn’t know how to get in touch with you guys.  Probably due to the fact that the worlds haven’t quite patched together yet because Dawnie doesn’t use her power on purpose much.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I’m not going ‘she did it all wrong, I could do it better’ ‘cause I may have power now but I’m not sure I could even manage that.  Just saying…take it easy on her, would ya?)

Oh, yeah, probably should introduce myself.  Johan Higashikata, nice to meetcha.  It might be a good idea to have me write all of these against anyone I mimic with Mirroring Your Stand, given that I kinda got a sneak preview.  I’d almost wish I remembered more about who he was working for, as this isn’t my first creep party and I’m not naïve enough to believe it won’t come back later and bite us in the arse.

But.  I don’t know.  Living in distilled essence of teenager isn’t exactly something I like to do, particularly when it feels like I just might drown in it.  Cain’s a creep.  Big shock, right? 

He didn’t get the attention he wanted.  To him, it was attractive.  Like joining Magneto’s people.  Like he’d get respect.  He definitely had sociopathic tendencies.  Likes seeing people beg, people be in pain.  But, real talk, it’s not like we have never worked with those types of people before.  It’s a grey world and we do whatever we can to make it better, and if we have to make our choices between evil and slightly less evil, we make the choices we have to.

I’m rambling.  Sorry.  I’ll get to the point.  The pointy point says that there’s nothing that could’ve been done.  Not sure if he’s actually dead or just down for the count, so I guess I’m flagging this for a follow-up.  Preferably not by a red shirt.

Stereo Love

Stand User: Scott Cain

Power: A

Speed: None

Range: B

Durability: D

Precision: S

Potential: E


purple and blue oddly shaped boombox
This Stand can only work on one person at a time, and in addition needs to be deployed (I’ve been wanting to use that word in a sentence for years; it just sounds cool) in a stealthy-type manner, since as you can tell from the included picture it’s not exactly hard to spot.  In addition, the music is noticeable, so unless it’s in an area where you aren’t likely to notice it right away, it’s hard to use.

Universal Love- Plays the ‘greatest hits’ of the target.  As it plays, the target is shut into an invisible mime box which slowly closes in.  The longer it goes, the more others forget them—at first, it’s inattention, but eventually they are forgotten completely.  Someone older has more to go through, so it takes longer for the effect to work on them.  If it gets to the size of a normal mime box, they’re forgotten completely, even by Cain, and vanish from the world.  From the lingering aftertaste memories, I get the idea that he’s used it on people before, but he doesn’t get to savor it because he doesn’t remember.  That tattoo I vaguely saw when I was facing him?  It’s actually a tally.  After he erases someone, he marks that on his wrist, then gets it tattooed.  There were at least seven, but I can’t remember exactly.
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The legs are kind of awkward, but that fits a growing dragon-child.
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I'm really pleased, one that these are recognizable as their respective characters, and two with that smug Jack grin on that face.  I mean, look at it.
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I'm posting before I go to sleep; still counts, right?
Again, he looks recognizable which is more than I'd ever expected.  lots of references for this one as well.
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Guess who was bored and/or trying to avoid doing homework this morning.
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Well, that was...really, really difficult, actually, and mainly involved using my phone to flip between different dragon pictures as well as ones of Yusei, but I think I got it looking fairly good.  And recognizable, which is amazing.  (I'm working on copying it so I can put it on my wall, complete with gold sharpie and color.  Wish me luck.)
This goes along with the Signer Dragons series (maybe obvious, just saiyan.)
When researching, I saw a couple Yusei-as-a-dragon pics, but they all had him as Stardust.  I wanted to offer a different take on it.
No idea why Yusei is smiling.  It's not actually all that common in the show, but it just felt like it fit, here.
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All right, no one panic.  Everything's under control.  But if you see a toad wandering around the library, please don't step on it.  Instead, just bring it to Josuke Higashikata, or, if he's not around, call Dr. Jotaro Kujo and he'll get in touch with Josuke.  That might be the head librarian.  We're not entirely sure.  Also, if you see any other strange toads that weren't there in the last couple days, don't panic and call Dr. Kujo straight away, as that might be an indication that the Stand User is still wandering around unrestrained in the general area instead of having left as was previously indicated.  Thanks!  -Kaelyn

If you get turned into a toad, please hop to the nearest phone, manage somehow to dial Dr. Kujo's number, and we'll get back to you.  Hopefully you'll be human again.  With any luck, Crazy Diamond will be able to fix that.  That, or we'll defeat the Stand User and everything will go back to normal.  You'll receive sick pay in compensation should that occur.

Violent Whispers

Stand User: Name so far not given

Power: A

Speed: B

Range: B

Durability: C

Precision: B

Potential: D


 The actual physical damage is only about average, but being hurt by Violent Whispers is more worrisome than just cutting yourself on a knife.

Violent Whispers has two effects, Heart Runs Empty and Bleeds to an End, and all it takes is a touch (this includes attacking it). It’s more severe with a longer or more violent connection (such as an attack from either side) as well as number of times of contact.  Control by the User of Violent Whispers is largely unconscious, but given that she has so far avoided seriously injuring anyone so far with such a possibly dangerous Stand, her control is fairly impressive.  The range of effect is large though not infinite, so that might be a factor.  There also might be another way to counter Heart Runs Empty and Bleeds to an End, but this is not yet known.

The User has discovered more effects of Heart Runs Empty and Bleeds to an End, but as they haven't been seen 'on screen' they will not be detailed yet.

Flying feathered serpent


Heart Runs Empty – If the attacker/victim has a wound when Violent Whispers is touched, they feel an overwhelming emotion corresponding to the location of the wound. If the wound is healed, the emotion disappears. The wound or emotion intensifies the associated attribute, making it more difficult to break out of (this applies to Bleeds to an End too).

            Hands—Overwhelming despair.

Bleeds to an End – If the attacker/victim is feeling an overwhelming emotion when Violent Whispers is touched, they gain a wound corresponding to the emotion in question. If the person stops feeling the emotion, the wound disappears, though the damage must be healed normally.

            Worry-a wound close to the heart.

            Rage-a wound on the head, blood drips into the eyes and the person literally sees red.

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A Note to the Librarian: After the last fire/scuffle, one of the interns died.  There goes our record.  Please go through the various documents and see that nothing is missing and/or amiss.  Also, Giles has instructed us to not let the youngest Jojo speak any sort of ancient language in front of the books, especially now that he speaks several languages thanks to his Stand.

Lotus Juice

Stand User: Carter “Fitz” Speedwagon

Power: B

Speed: B

Range: C

Durability: C

Precision: C

Potential: B


 A plant octopus inside a shell

Lotus Juice is a support-type Stand, and as such isn’t the strongest fighter.  Thus, it likes to hide within its protective shell as well as within phantasmal ‘water’ that always accompanies its appearance.  Despite this, if dragged out, its plant-like tentacles are razor-sharp.  Lotus Juice is unusual in that it can tailor the exact strength and extent of its powers as desired except for the power Reverse the Destiny.


Have a Nice Dream – Lotus Juice can either use its own spectral ‘water’ or actual water (which is stronger) as a kind of sleeping draught.  It’s very effective and can only be fought off by the strongest of wills.  The amount of time it takes for Have a Nice Dream to wear off is variable, based on the amount of time taken to activate the power as well as the willpower of the victim.

Reverse the Destiny – Using its own spectral ‘water’ or actual water (which is stronger), Lotus Juice is capable of healing even mortal wounds, but only by inflicting the wound on the User of Lotus Juice.

Soul Drive – Less powerful than Reverse the Destiny, Lotus Juice can, (again, using either type of water) heal, but at a much smaller extent.  This is how Fitz was healing Xander’s wounded hands in Volume III.

Psychadelic Souljam – Lotus Juice can turn its own spectral ‘water’ or actual water into something very much like a poison.  Its full effects have not been seen in story.

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A note to the interns: Would you *stop* taking these out of the library? It’s
important for agents to get information on various Stands, yes, but just
leaving them out in the open where anyone could take them has proven to be
problematic (in the ‘people die’ way) and probably will continue to do so
in the future. We’ve gone an entire 243 days without any agents dying. Let’s
keep that record up.

The Pretender

Stand User: Xander Lavelle “Harris” Joestar

Power: B

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: B

Precision: C

Potential: Infinite

(Due to special abilities)

The Pretender may appear on the surface to be a simple attack
Stand. Its appearance is roughly comparable to Star Platinum or The World,
unlike some of its less humanoid 'brethren'. Similarly, the name 'The
Pretender' seems straightforward, that the Stand's owner is nothing but a
pretender, a fake, not the real deal.

The Pretender is the living embodiment of the phrase
'appearances can be deceiving'.

If you listen to the lyrics of the associated song, they
clearly state that the listener, not the singer, is The Pretender. The
Stand's name, in that case, is a kind of irony applied to every opponent,
but even this is not so clear and straightforward. Johan's attitude
sometimes as well as most of the Pretender's abilities suggest the first
interpretation is correct. In the end, like much of its existence, the
true meaning of the Stand's name remains at best a question for another
day, at worst an ambiguity that will never be resolved.

The Pretender (cross between knight, ninja, samurai)

Note: This picture doesn’t adequately capture the metallic-ness of the
boots. Also, I forgot to turn the picture to get the right angle to see
this, but Pretender has a star on the left, uncovered shoulder.

Like Hermit Purple, The Pretender’s most straightforward use is connected
to the use of Hamon. With the use of Same Old Story, the User of The
Pretender can learn Hamon moves without a teacher. This includes a Hamon
move that is from Pretender himself, Golden Mercy Sunlit Strike, which can
be used to knock out human opponents. Xander can use Hamon if, for
whatever reason, he can’t use Pretender, and can also use Hamon to sense
vampires and humans (useful, for a guy with one eye). Same Old Story and
Stranger Things Have Happened are two sides of the same coin, and are the
easiest for Xander to use, since technically he began using Stranger Things
Have Happened before he fully awakened to the power of his Stand. On the
other hand, if these powers of his Stand are blocked in some way, it makes
him irritable and unable to be refreshed by any amount of sleep.

Stranger Things Have Happened (Stranger) – In his dreams, Xander can relive
situations from the point of view of anyone of Joestar blood alive before
he was born (this takes into account the world colliding, odd timeline
effect, so he can, for instance, go through the memories of Jotaro or
Josuke). If Pretender believes that knowledge (or, in the case of Same Old
Story, technique) would be useful for Xander to know, he is capable of
pulling Xander into the dream world, but this can be risky in combat. In
addition, he slowly picks up things that he wouldn’t otherwise know (for
example, the word ‘sakura’) through general dreams not meant for a specific

Same Old Story – Xander is also able to learn Joestar techniques through
dreams, though these must be ones which Pretender or Xander are capable of
performing (for example, The Pretender cannot turn into vines like Hermit

The Colour and the Shape- As an extension of the powers in dreamscape, The
Pretender has created a ‘safe’ core, in which Xander can retreat to
strategize or just relax and prepare. It usually either resembles the Kujo
house or the Joestar mansion. The doors symbolize unlocking further power.
It was this that Xander entered and fully unlocked his Stand, despite the
dangers of having a new Stand and not knowing how to control one. No
matter how long he spends in here, if he’s there for a little while, he
wakes up fully refreshed.

Barrage of Punches – After using Same Old Story to copy Jotaro, The
Pretender learned another innate ability, the barrage of punches. The
Pretender shouts Tora when he uses this technique (Tora meaning 'tiger' or
'attack' in Japanese). As Pretender is not as strong as Star Platinum,
this technique does less damage.
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Polnareff.  Funny enough that I paused long enough to screenshot, then added some text.  No spoilers, just...Polnareff.
New Shadowed Suspicions chapter coming soon.  I'm in a Jojo's mood, but that's helped by SC Part II /grins  Igggyyy.

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Since this was a non-human Stand, it was actually a lot harder than
previously. I had to try to draw this in Photoshop. And as I really can't
draw, well...meh. At least it's vaguely like what I had in my head, which
doesn't happen often. I'll probably add the 'water' or whatever when I
actually detail Lotus Juice's powers.


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