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Speaking of nightmares.  I will get to sleep at some point this week.  zzzz  (I have sleep.  Just not enough.  /sadface)
~Dreamer~ (ironic name, now that I think about it, is ironic)

Main Points:
BBC's Sherlock, Standverse (John has a Stand)
Summary: John has nightmares.
Word Count: 130
Rating: Gen

            “John.  You were lying in bed with a fever, unable to discern the world around you.  There is no logical reason why you could have saved your unit.”

            John’s bleary eyes finally focus on Sherlock’s face.  It’s good, this.  That Citizen/Soldier has decided that his brilliantly impossible flatmate is forever off the hit list, so he doesn’t accidentally summon him and bomb the flat when being awoken.  Really, in all honestly, for a Stand User with his sorts of nightmares, there is no other flatmate he could have possibly gotten.

            “So you shouldn’t be feeling any guilt now.”

            If John isn’t mistaken, that’s actual emotion in the detective’s voice.

            “No logical reason, no,” John agrees quietly.  Sherlock’s absolutely rubbish at comfort, which is perhaps why it works.  “Thank you, Sherlock.”


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