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Main Points:
BBC's Sherlock, Standverse (John has a Stand)
Summary: John decides to dismantle Moriarty's network.  Single-handedly.
Word Count: 530
Rating: Gen, Dark!John (kinda, he's on the side of the angels but right now he's a weapon whose function is to make some people's lives really unpleasant)


“John, where are you?” Mycroft asks urgently.
         The response he gets is firm.  It seems John had been having hysterics, but he’s got it under control now.  “What, you can’t see me on camera?”
         The slight tone of a taunt instantly tells Mycroft what had happened.  Of course.  The explosion.  John’s seemingly inexplicable actions.  His…Stand.  ‘I would’ve felt it.’  This ‘invisibility’ must be another of his abilities.           “I assume you’ve decided it’s too dangerous for you to stay in London.”
         The chuckle on the other end is dark, dangerous.  “It’s too dangerous to be part of Moriarty’s network, actually.” 
         Sherlock looks like he’s in shell shock, really.  That he can’t believe what he’s hearing.
         “Oh.  Don’t send any of your people in.  And if you value your brother’s life, don’t let him anywhere near it all.  It’s going to be a war zone.”
         “You know he’s alive, then,” Mycroft responds, earning a betrayed look from Sherlock, who thinks that it’s just a suspicion, a belief of John’s.  That he’s putting John in danger.
         The laugh…scares Mycroft.  This is a man who could tear apart Mycroft’s network if he felt like it.  “If you’d pulled that stunt on anyone else.  Anyone.  But no, it’s me, and yes, I would’ve known, absolutely.”  A pause.  “Don’t worry about the accident.  Won’t happen again.  At least, not accidentally.”
         “You know, persuading my brother that it’s too dangerous will be a difficult proposition,” Mycroft argues.  Despite himself, despite the absolute fear he feels in a way he doesn’t even regard Moriarty, he likes John.  Because he’s honest.  Because he came to reassure Mycroft, even though he didn’t have to, even if Sherlock may have preferred a time when they were still at odds.
         “I’d say you could tell him, but I’m not sure he’d listen to you.  I don’t know that he’d even believe me if I told him, and obviously a demonstration at this moment is out of the question.  Do whatever you have to, just keep him away from me.  It isn’t safe.”  The voice promises violence.  It’s hard looking at Sherlock’s face at the moment.  It’s like watching something innocent die. 
         “Even with your protection?” The elder Holmes wants to make sure he understands the full picture.
         “Hello, Sherlock.  Guess you get a sneak preview.”  Even the amusement isn’t kind, gentle John.  And of course he knows who’s listening.  “And no.  They work off of your mindset.  Generally, I want to protect people.  Right now…I woke up during two air raids, and there was the one bomb.  There’s bound to be collateral.  And right now, I…”  He swallows.  “I almost don’t even care.  Think about how destructive this is.  And then just remember this is me we’re talking about.  Think about Moriarty or one of his agents with this kind of power.”
         Mycroft hadn’t even considered that, probably because he has yet to learn how the process of gaining a Stand occurs.  Still, inexperience is no excuse.
         “Well, I’ll call when I can.  Hopefully this phone won’t get shot or exploded. Bye.”
         Immediately Sherlock turns to Mycroft, who sighs heavily.  “I do wish John had taken my advice and told you himself.”


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