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Main Points:
BBC's Sherlock/The Secret World crossover.  TSW knowledge useful but isn't required.
Summary: Sherlock meets John.
Word Count: 480
Rating: Gen

                John is secretly made of steel, Sherlock reflects, as he unleashes his healing power before managing to get the cultists to dive back behind cover again.  Admittedly, he’s a little hazy, what with the head injury and all.

                He also, surprisingly, does not happen to be Templar.  Sherlock’s never gotten a faction affiliation wrong.  He’d almost fly into a sulk if he wasn’t too busy trying to find what, exactly, shows to what other faction John Watson might happen to belong. 

Illuminati, in Sherlock’s experience, tend to be greedy or at least vaguely corporate in nature.  (Perhaps he is basing it off a certain Sebastian Wilkes, but he can hardly be blamed for using personally gathered data.)  Yet he can’t see anything (blind, unquestioning obedience, a chaotic nature) that would lead John Watson to be Dragon.

                In the end, John Watson is a Dragon, and perhaps that is the most chaotic and unexpected of all.


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