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Main Points:
BBC's Sherlock, Standverse (John has a Stand)
Summary: Mycroft never got a chance to say anything.
Word Count: 270
Rating: Gen

            John might not be a Holmes, but by this point even he knows Mycroft has to be doing this on purpose.  The meddler’s hand isn’t visible as he moves around the pawns, but it would take interference for this many of Sherlock’s cases to involve Stand Users.  He’s still not sure how the cabbie’s Stand worked, but shooting him seemed to do the trick.  The others had been a little harder to fix without Sherlock ending up dead or finding out.  Perhaps it’s luck that Sherlock had managed, largely, to avoid the supernatural in his cases before, considering that he liked the macabre, the baffling, the ‘weird ones’.

            The sudden change when John came was too suspicious a coincidence, though.  If the Elder Holmes couldn’t scare John away with words, he’d keep throwing them in situations where John was likely to have to expose his secrets at some point.

            The next time a telephone booth rings when John walks by, he answers because he’s been holding in a scream for some time.  “You’re very lucky that I am who I am and that I’ve used my powers before.  Not just someone who’d just got them.  Your brother would already be dead if I wasn’t.  I get your wariness, but throwing him recklessly into situations where I might be at work or at the shop or just not fast enough is a plan so convoluted as to be stupid only a Holmes would have considered it!”

            He’s breathing hard when he hangs up, but despite the anger he feels strangely satisfied, and Citizen/Soldier stirs contentedly in the back of his mind.


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