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Main Points:
BBC's Sherlock/The Secret World crossover.  TSW knowledge useful but isn't required.
Summary: Sherlock meets John.
Word Count: 480
Rating: Gen

                He reads others.  Often, they don’t even care, or regard it as useful, hungry, prying eyes willing to try to poach him from the Templars.
                And then he meets John.  John of the assault rifle, John of the healing touch.
                He’d met him, unassuming, beige jumper.  Reads that he was a soldier, Afghanistan or Iraq, but he’s so pleasant, projecting anything but a dangerous air, that he doesn’t realize how dangerous the man could be.  Just a simple brushing by in Agartha, as he’s on his way to the Archives, the books that the Council of Venice will still allow him access, that is.  He takes in the blond, short, limping man and dismisses him.
                It’s not often that Sherlock Holmes makes a mistake.  But it does happen.
                The next time, it’s a meeting between factions, moderated by the Council.  He assumes John is Templar like him, is annoyed that he’s not trusted on his own but understands why.  He’s glaring at the Illuminati, all but baring his teeth as they squabble through words that, with enough intent behind them, could probably rip out throats with magic.  (After learning the Bee-touched can’t die normally, he’s been tempted more than once just to kill another agent for annoyance, since it won’t stick anyway.)  There are others there, but none of them matter.
                John clears his throat.  Somehow, he’s able to immediately draw all the attention in the room, as well as get their argument to dry up like they’ve suddenly lost the ability to speak.  Given the world they live in, it’s not an altogether ludicrous thought.
                It’s John that outlines the plan, a different one than either Sherlock or the Illuminati had proposed, and…it’s not actually half bad.  The soldier has a gift for strategy.  Captain, then.  Could have risen further, didn’t want to.  Enjoys looking out for a small, family like unit.  Replacement for a never-quite functional family, then.  Probably the brother, given the evidence of the phone.  And always had that unassuming air.  People dismiss him, and he uses that as a weapon just like anything else, when needed.
                It’s difficult, getting on with the Illuminati.  He keeps wanting to point out that Sally is hardly just with the man, but John actually manages to get him to keep his tongue civil, and when explaining how the magical artifact they’re going after works, he keeps saying “Amazing” with wonder in his eyes.  It’s almost painful to part at the end, once they’ve deposited the artifact with the Council (it’s the only place they can agree upon).
                John is a little bit like the Secret World, actually.  Sherlock’s gotten to the point where he understands most of the rules.  In the end, though, no matter how banal, commonplace some of it has become (zombies are almost boring, now), it still manages to surprise him enough to keep him not-bored.

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