May. 31st, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander's a confusing boss.  He's also great to work for.  Except for sometimes, when he lets Tony out when he shouldn't.
Word Count: 375
Rating: Gen

         “This is unacceptable!”  Kris glances up and her heart sinks.  That’s her youtube channel on her boss’s Knightphone.
         “But…I don’t really want to delete it,” she mutters.  She really likes the job, but…
         “Delete it?  Whoever said anything about deleting it?  That, my dear Miss Chase, would be a travesty.  I’m wondering why you thought it was acceptable to conceal this.  This is fun.”  He’s beaming, but she can tell he’s been up longer than he should since he looks slightly manic.
         “O-okay…” she responds, not sure what else to say.
         Unfortunately, he’s picked now to stop being oblivious.  “You’re freaking out,” he observes, frowning and leaning in slightly.  “Why are you freaking out?”  And then he just doesn’t move.
         She tries to figure out how to say it, but then his gaze unexpectedly softens.  “Are you worried about not having enough time for it?  Because I can definitely—”
         She sighs.  “I’m great.  Weekends and after I get done are just fine.  It’s a hobby, not my source of income.  I did leave a lot of my collection in the States, but—” she quickly raises a hand to forestall any of the offers for him to ship it or re-buy it, because her boss is weird and generous and she knows he would, “—but that’s just fine.  With what you pay me even with a London apartment—”
         “Flat,” he interrupts helpfully and smiles innocently when she glares.  She’s not sure what’s up with him right now but she’d been doing work and after the initial shock she’s starting to get annoyed.
         “Even with a London apartment, I can still afford what I need and what I want.  So usually, this job is worth it.”  She narrows her eyes even further.  “Usually.”
         He grins.  Usually it’s also nice to see him smile, because he’s friendly and a nice boss, but she doesn’t particularly care for this one, because it’s the kind of smile that’s matching the rest of his annoying mood.  “Don’t worry,” he pats her shoulder, “…I’ll add a bonus for today.”  And then he wanders off, leaving her annoyed and restless and wondering how she’s going to be able to concentrate on her work for the rest of the day.


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