May. 19th, 2017

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Constantine was actually on today, and my friend pointed out my genderbends are missing a character with PTSD.
So this happened.
Also, no idea on ETA of Shadowed Suspicion.  I'd give one, but that'd be irresponsible, since I have yet to rewatch Part 4 to write Josuke, and I've got some stuff coming up including jury duty, so I'd rather not make any promises I can't keep.  I will make this one, though: I will finish.

Main Points:
Constantine Genderbend
Summary: Some natural questions show up.
Word Count: 235
Rating: Gen

        “Are you two together?”
        Chas can’t say that he hadn’t been expecting the question, given that their closeness (and other associated Constantine weirdness) had been a significant contributing factor to his divorce from his wife.
        As usual, Jane ignores the question like it had never even been asked.  “Just drop me off at the corner.  I’ve got a craving.”
        “Should I wait?” Chas asks, playing along, as always.
        “Are you two ignoring my question?” Zed asks.  A perfectly natural response.  She’s not used to the natural rhythm of living in Constantine’s orbit.
        “Don’t bother.  I feel like a wee bit of a stroll.”  Jane gets out before the taxi even stops moving, waves cheerily, and walks right into the convenience store.
        The relationship between Chas and Constantine works best when neither talks about it.  It feels weird to even voice it, but Zed’s just going to keep asking questions until they’re actually answered.  “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Jane’s not very good at dealing with feelings.  She keeps very few people around.  I guess I’m the closest thing she has to a friend, and it’s because I’ve never even considered her as anything more than a friend.  I am—was—married.”
        “Sure it didn’t have anything to do with Constantine?” she teases, and it’s in bad taste.
        “Not on my part,” he says and doesn’t elaborate.  Let her come to her own conclusions.


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