Apr. 11th, 2017

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Another test tomorrow, wish me luck!

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 130
Rating: Gen

        Keeping up is unbearable.  How do normal people do it, seriously?
        Xander keeps shooting her concerned looks.  Eventually, when their hosts are a little busy figuring out the whole food situation as they stare out at the magnificent view to the water, he leans a little closer and whispers, “Are you okay?  You’re a little wobbly today.”
        She forces a smile despite the fact that she’s getting the urge to tear off those shoes and smash them into a million pieces against the railing.  “I’m fine.  Just new heels, breaking them in.”
        He looks utterly confused.  “But you don’t wear heels.”
        “I’m trying something new,” she insists, and is slightly disappointed when he actually takes that as an answer and doesn’t compliment her on them.  Their host comes and interrupts.


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