Mar. 26th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Star knows something is wrong.
Word Count: 500
Rating: Gen

           “Are you expecting an attack?” Star asks quietly.  She’s still yet to sound fully human, but she’s getting there.  Her ‘brother’s’ death did wonders for getting her to grow up, and he’d never wish that on anyone.
           “Always,” her creator grunts harshly and growls in frustration as the wrench slips in his hands.
           She runs the numbers.  He’s been conscious for approximately 38 hours, which is a few too many, given what data she has managed to gather about humans.  She has some knowledge about what they’re up against, but electronic data about the subject is difficult to find and Xander is reluctant to talk.
           An alert begins to ring.  She brings it up as a task and then clears her throat.  Perhaps those designated his ‘friends’ could help her in this endeavor.  “Willow’s calling, sir.”
           He groans and tries to wipe away the oil from his face.  It only makes more of a mess.  Not that she’s going to vocalize that.  He stands and sways a little.  Dizziness matches the symptoms, which means that he very well might pass out.  That would be a problem, as she is probably incapable of remote piloting the Paladin Mark 14.  The line of suits is still new.  For now, anyway.
           He waves at her, which she interprets hesitantly as a request to connect the two.  Willow’s face appears on the screen, anguished.  That is worrisome.  Star has what she tentatively identifies as a fondness for the redhead.  “Xander?”
           “I’ll tell you what I told you…before.”  White Star notes the pause.  She’s not sure if Willow hears it, how closely a human can analyze another’s voice patterns.  The condition was worse than she had noticed.  Instantly, she’s putting more surveillance protocols into place so the same will not happen again.  “I don’t have any nanotech around.”  He goes to lean against the railing, pretending that it’s casual to hide the fact that he is likely dizzy.  Pretend to hide the weakness.  “I made a prototype.  That was far from finished, so I destroyed it.  I’m not messing with that until I know I can get it right because it’s too dangerous if I don’t.  They might get evil ideas, or mess up one thing in the appropriate cell that destroys everything, or, y’know.  Something.  So, no, I can’t just wave a hand and make it all go away.”  His voice gradually gains in volume until he’s suddenly all but shouting at Willow.  He takes a deep breath and his eyes unfocus for a moment.
           “Xander?”  The woman actually notices her friend’s predicament now.
           “Willow,” he responds, trying to appear strong.
           Willow blinks.  “Buffy’s taking care of Tara.  I’m coming there.”
           “I’m fine.  You should take care of her.”  He looks a little lost, like he’s confused as to how he got to that point.
           Star uses an override code.  “My creator is lying.  I suggest you come here.”
           Xander groans but doesn’t reprimand her, which is when she knows something is certainly wrong.


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