Feb. 5th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: A YAHF that takes place with everything after Halloween.  How odd.  (I'm enjoying playing around with it, especially since I found that Tony's Sorceror Supreme in one of the various worlds in the multiverse.  Expect to see so many more from this universe.)
Word Count: 595
Rating: Gen

             “But magic and science are unmixy,” Willow argues.  Buffy’s about to walk into yet another confusing argument, but at least she has a heads up unlike last time.
             “Yeah, according to some fiction,” Xander agrees, voice still sounding a little off and even less enunciaty after last night, “…but according to others that’s just a prejudice.  And given that I’ve caused accidental damage due to reading the books out loud here and there, I’m guessing that the latter’s correct.  Specifically, ignoring the part of me getting really panicky and angry about the whole idea, Tony Stark, Sorceror Supreme.  ‘Sides, my wonderful witchy friend here is a good case for ‘a little magic and science can go a long way’.”
             “I only did a candle spell.  This morning.”  She’s pouting now.  “At your extremely questionable urging might I add.  That doesn’t make me a witch.  Unlike Amy.”
             “Hey, I’m a great influence, and you did really well!” Xander protests jokingly.
             “What’s going on?” she asks, since neither of them have noticed her yet, and both turn to look.
             Xander looks sheepish.  “If G-man wasn’t currently being all broody and worryingly like Constantine, I’d have told him already.  Seems like some stuff stuck, and in the interests of full disclosure I am planning on using what I know to help out during patrols.”
             “Xander, we’ve talked about this,” Buffy responds immediately, worried about the continued health of her Xander-shaped friend.
             “Yeah, and I think the conversation went something like this: ‘You can’t keep going on patrols’ ‘Buff, you’re my friend, I’m going to help you out’ ‘But Xander, you’re just a normal human, you can’t help against vampires and demons’ ‘Buffy, I’ve already lost one friend, I’d really rather not lose another, hence the Scoobies Backup Plan.’”  He even did the voices, which almost made Buffy giggle despite the seriousness of the situation.  “If I can interfere with toys—and give you toys—then would you be okay with the plan, or should I bribe you more?”
             “Toys?” she asks, momentarily distracted, and then hits him. 
             He winces and rubs at his shoulder before flashing her with a boyish grin, undeterred by the pain.  “I realize I’m avoiding the issue.  But all of the above still applies.  I want to help because I like you not being dead.  And now I can keep you alive without (hopefully) endangering myself as a Joe Normal, so that’s of the good, right?”
             She sighs.  It’s hard to continue being angry at him when he’s making that face, but at the same time… “Somehow I feel like your enabler if I say yes.”
             “Is that a yes?” he asks, grinning in a way that nearly makes her punch his arm again.  “Hey, it’s better than being an alcoholic, like dear old dad, or dear old alterna-dad, or alterna-me for that matter.”  He turns to Willow.  “Reminder that only caffeine or copious amounts of sugar are acceptable drink alternatives.”
             “Are you sure about the whole magic/science thing?” she asks, still subdued, and he gets serious again.
             “Not exactly, but I’m gonna do what I—and by I, I mean Tony—do when confronted with something I don’t understand.  Make a lot of questionable jokes and odd references, then take it apart to see what makes it tick.  Metaphorically, of course.  I don’t particularly want to see what happens when I take magic apart.  Probably explosions.  That happens a lot.”  He grins.  “I’ve got so many ideas.”
             “That worries me,” Buffy admits quietly, but nods.  Okay, yeah, this is her life now, okay.


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