Jan. 21st, 2017

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Universe Optional
Summary: Jotaro and Kakyoin go book shopping.  (inspired by a vaguely remembered scene from the brief period where I got 7th Stand User to work though that might've been with Avdol whatever it's been a bit just read the fic and stop reading this note)
Word Count: 350
Rating: Gen

           Kakyoin feels a twinge of guilt as he peruses the book stands eagerly.  Joestar-san had insisted that none of them was to go anywhere alone in case of Stand attack, so Kakyoin asked Jotaro if he’d wanted to go along. He’d gotten a big, expressive shrug in return, but Jojo had stood up, so he’d assumed it had been a yes.  From the way that Jotaro’s standing now, though…not even looking at the stalls, or the stands…what had he even been thinking, bringing a delinquent book shopping?
           He starts slightly as Jotaro clears his throat.  Several of the other customers shiver a little, intimidated.
           “Y-yes, Jojo?” he asks, looking back over his shoulder. 
           Jotaro tugs his cap down to cover his face a little.  “See if there’s any mysteries, Shonen Jump, or books about marine life.”
           For a moment, Kakyoin’s brain short-circuits.  “I-I’m sorry?”
           “It’s not the end of the world if you can’t find them,” Jotaro states gruffly, clearly embarrassed.  “It’d just be something to keep us from getting bored.”
           It’s all he can do to keep the wide grin off his face.  He’s been trying to learn more about his rescuer for ages, so the chance to do so is amazing.  “Any particular authors?  I don’t know that much about the mystery genre.”  He spots a children’s marine life book and almost ignores it, but then realizes it follows the letter of Jotaro’s request and he can find a mystery, somewhere in this haphazard collection, to make up for it.
           Jotaro’s begun mumbling into his cap, which is a little funny.  “My favorite is Columbo, so if you can find any of those.  Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple isn’t bad, though.  Honestly I’ll read any well-written mystery.”  He’s embarrassed, and Kakyoin’s first instinct is to tease him, but he doesn’t give in to that instinct.  Jojo is his first friend.  He might as well be nice.
           “I’ll look,” he promises, and is grateful he’s looking back because he sees the slightest of smiles cross the fellow student’s face before he glances away and hides his face with the hat.


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