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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Faith knows why Xander has issues dealing with her even if no one else does.  And she's not willing to just sit there as the others talk about things they don't know.
Word Count: 336
Rating: Teen, placed under cut because it references one of the canon instances of BTVS non-con, Consequences.  The actual discussion takes place offscreen.

          “Just because you can’t get over the fact that she’s your ex—”
          Faith doesn’t even process the words before she’s on her feet.
          Red’s staring at her in wordless shock.  So is Xander, but while there’s anger in the witch’s eyes, there’s nothing but unthinking panic for the engineer.
          “Get out, Knight,” the Dark Slayer grits out.
          “No,” he moans quietly, broken and terrified.
          Faith smiles.  It’s fond.  She knows he wishes her nothing but the best; would step down in a broken heartbeat if the Scoobies ever said they preferred her on the team.  Not for the first time, she reflects that she’s missing out.  “It’s all right.  Lemme complete my redemption arc.”
          There’s a long, long moment, where he stares at his hands, and then he looks back up.  Tears are clear in those brown eyes and there’s a tentative trust.  He looks half-dead, and most of it probably isn’t from the fighting itself.  “I can’t talk you out of it, huh?”
          “I’m gonna do it with or without your permission, but I’d rather you be okay with it,” she agrees.  “Go home.  Chase is probably worried about you, and you’re probably due some TLC.  And while you’re at it, tell her I’d love it if she schedules a play date one of these days.”
          That actually earns a watery smile.  It’s the first true smile she’s seen from him in a long time, and it is utterly worth it.  “You know, I wish I could’ve met this you.”  Without the creep, he doesn’t have to add.
          She grins back.  “Yeah, yeah, maybe in another lifetime.  Tell her she’s one lucky bitch.”


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