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I may occasionally be a little flirty, especially when I'm in a good mood. I am insanely busy (and keep adding projects and stuff for me to do) so I may or may not be on this much. I do go to uni, so I may not always be available (but I will respond to anything as soon as I possibly can). I also spread out my works a lot, so it's not likely you'll see much of my drawings on here except the random doodles I make on the computer sometimes.

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a tale of the ghost, ace attorney, acting, alan silvestri, amy/rory, angel, anime, babylon 5, beyond/kyoko, blackquill/cykes, bleach, bourne(book!verse), bourne(movie!verse), bourne/marie, buffy, buffy/angel, champions online, city of heroes, cordy/doyle, costumes, creative projects, dante sparda, dante/alastor, dante/lady, dante/shu, death note, devil may cry, discordant diamond, doctor who, drawing, dresden files, dresden/murphy, edgar allen poe, femc/shinji, game soundtracks, gaming, ghost hunt, green lantern, gwen/rhys, h.p. lovecraft, hal/carol, haruhi suzumiya, haruhi/kyon, hats, ichigo/keigo, iron man, jack/ianto, jojo's bizarre adventure, katsuya/maya, klavier/apollo, koizumi/kyon, lord of the rings, ludlum, lunasa, mal/inara, marcus/ivonova, martha/10th doctor, martha/mickey, matsuda/l, matt/mello, megami tensei, minato/akihiko, mitsuru/akihiko, mulder/scully, murray gold, naoto/kanji, naru/mai, nero/kyrie, newbury & hobbes, owen/tosh, persona series, poets of the fall, rose/9th doctor, sarah jane smith/3rd doctor, sarah jane smith/4th doctor, second voice, shadow/margo, shakespeare, sheridan/delenn, sherlock holmes, shiro/keigo, simon/kaylee, souji/yosuke, tatsuya/jun, teddie/nanako, the shadow, tony/pepper, top gear, torchwood, un-go, wash/zoe, willow/oz, willow/tara, wright/edgeworth, writing, xander/spike, yu/yosuke, yukiko/chie, yuuki/rie
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