Sep. 20th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS crossover
Summary: Xander answers a few questions of his own.
Word Count: 315
Rating: Gen

        “What was all that about?” DiNozzo asks when they finally get done with the man (whom they’ll probably be looking into later to see if they can’t find some reason to call for an arrest).  He’s probably trying to distract himself from Gibbs’ driving, but even Gibbs is interested in the answers.
        Even given the driving, Redgrave could be sleeping, seat leaned back as far as it would go and hands folded behind his head.  The seat’s practically on DiNozzo’s lap, which isn’t helping the fact that he’s not comfortable with the situation.  No one has a grasp on who these people are, and for a man who prides himself on his understanding of people, that’s a problem.
        “Like the claw marks, that map looks familiar.  I’m just not placing it.  As for the rest, culprits from our side of the tracks like hunting at night.  So that’s when we hunt, too.”  He shrugs slightly, barely moving in his seat as Gibbs takes a turn too fast.  “Ophelia—”
        “Orelia,” one of the twins corrects without looking up from her smartphone.
        “What, you mean she’s not from Hamlet?” Redgrave jokes, before looking thoughtful again.  “These lovely shades,” he taps them, “…were designed by a good friend of mine after we binge watched the King of Bling himself, the man who was given a number in place of a name, Mr. 007.  They’re actually a camera.  It’s perfectly legal for me to have them.  Unfortunately, you lot, not so much, so I can’t just lend it to you no matter how much you give me those puppy dog eyes, Stark.”
        “Giving you a number and taking away your name,” DiNozzo responds without even thinking, and then thinks about it.  “That’s—how did you—”
        “Magic,” Redgrave responds with jazz hands and then apparently falls asleep in a moving vehicle being driven by Gibbs.
        He’s certainly brave.


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