Feb. 15th, 2017

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Title subject to change.  Brain not functioning.

Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Strange and Pepper are shopping together for Steph's date with Chris.
Word Count: 265
Rating: Gen

          “So, why the shopping trip?” Pepper asks directly.  That earns her ducking around the corner to stare at the redhead.
          He looks slightly embarrassed.  “You don’t have to say if you don’t want to.”
          “Dr. Christopher Palmer asked me on a date again,” she answers finally.  There’s no reason to have Pepper at odds with her, and given the threat of Mordo, she can use all the reliable (or semi-reliable, in the case of Stark) allies she can get.
          “I thought you were a cute couple,” he responds instantly, then expands, “…when we met at the Gala.”
          “I’m reliably informed that I was, and still am to a lesser degree, an asshole.”  Her words are more bitter than she expects.  It’s probably guilt.
          “There’s a lot of that going around,” Pepper responds under his breath.  Then he adds, stronger and more reassuring, “You both were charming, too, though.  It’s the idea that you’re both capable of honesty, sometimes.  When you’re motivated.  You do care, when you’re given enough incentive.”
          “That’s quite the compliment.  Comparing me to Antonia Stark.  I’m overwhelmed.”  Her voice is dry, near-emotionless, but to her surprise she’s not lying.  Pepper’s honest words do boost her ego, just a little.
          “If the shoe fits…” he shrugs.  “Speaking of which, how are you for footwear?”
          “Does such a thing exist as dress boots?  I’ve grown rather fond of them.”  Plus, should another dimension attack or whatever else might lie in store…happen while on the date, it’s nice to be ready for it.
          Pepper’s eyes light up and he drags Dr. Strange to another aisle.


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