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I planned this to wind up today. I swear I did.
Then Pepper insisted on showing up... aaand that made the main couple of this run not show up. On the fic. On Valentine's day.
ah well, happy Valentine's Day!

Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Strange has to get ready for her date.
Word Count: 625
Rating: Gen

           It’s rare that Dr. Stephanie Strange is nervous. Ever since the accident, she’s worried about going out in public, though, angry and humiliated by pity she sees in stranger’s eyes.
           Chris is worth the battle with her pride. The only quote-unquote normal clothes she has in the Sanctum are a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. It’s hardly good enough for a date. She has festival robes, but she wants to make the effort to prove she doesn’t have to—act like a cultist everywhere she goes, Chris’s voice in her head supplies, and she rolls her eyes in response.
           She could ask Wang, but she wants to do this herself, wants to prove that she is capable of things on her own, because that’s part of what this is, really. So she stands outside one of the more fashionable places in the city, where she had once been accepted as just one of the rich clientele, trying to remember how much spending money Wang said she had and whether she can possibly afford—
           “Get outta here! We don’t need your kind around!”
           She smiles with all the poison of a viper and tries to not imagine turning the man into a squishy, slimy little salamander, because the image is far too satisfying. She’d never liked the man when she’d been a regular, flaunted any of her men and the fact that he’d never be one of them in his face.
           “I’m sorry, is there a problem here?” Both sorcerer and employee turn to look, Strange’s eyes widening slightly in shock as she recognizes the man there.
           Pepper. Virgil “Pepper” Potts, CEO of Stark Industries, the man who’d “finally tamed the Iron Lady”.
           “Dr. Strange, isn’t it? I almost didn’t recognize you with that haircut. It suits you,” he greets her, ignoring the slimy little man, and Strange’s estimation of the man only grows (it had already been rather high, given his willingness to put up with Stark).
           “Mr. Potts,” she acknowledges, almost running a hand through her hair and then remembering that that would only draw attention to the hands. The aborted movement probably causes the same, but at least they can’t acknowledge it without seeming rude. “Stark still an iron menace?” It’s the closest thing she gets to small talk.
           There’s a moment where she thinks she’s stepped too far and upset the man, before he shakes his head fondly. “I’m surprised you two don’t call to snark at each other,” he remarks, and that earns a slight blush on pale cheeks. “I’m sorry about the accident, by the way. I’m honestly kind of surprised that Tony didn’t come crashing through your window with a promise to cure you or something.”
           She instinctively swallows, but before she can speak he finishes.
           “It’s not just because she’s fond of you. She feels she owes you something. She went on and on about your research on reprogramming neurological tissue.” The it came in useful recently goes unsaid, and she narrows her eyes instinctively, looking into different planes until she sees the fiery phoenix that lurks beneath Pepper’s skin, recently tamed.
           “I’m glad I could help, even if it wasn’t with a scalpel,” she responds, the slightest hint of a pleased smile lurking at the edge of her lips.
           “Well, in that light, you won’t argue when I pay for your purchase.” He forestalls any arguments with an iron smile of his own. “Please, Tony would find some way to remove me from my position if I left you here to suffer alone.”
           Dr. Strange chuckles a little. “Only if she didn’t realize what a mistake that would be. But then, I know something about stubborn idiocy.”
           It’s a bonus that the salesman is—very—disgruntled.


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