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Why post this today?
I'm sick so Yugi is too.
We'll get better soon.

Main Points:
Yugioh Universe Optional Fluff
Chapter Summary: Yugi's sick.

Word Count: 433
Rating: gen
Note: the above is a haiku because apparently I'm weird when sick

        “Yugi!  There’s tea!” Grandpa calls upstairs, and Yugi opens his eyes blearily, coughing a little.  He’s tired and doesn’t want to move, but he doesn’t want to waste Grandpa’s work, so he finds the strength and manages to pull himself up from the bed.  His steps are slow, unsure, and it annoys him a little despite how much it shouldn’t.  It’s the Pharaoh in him that hates being weak because it puts him and others in danger.
        When he makes it downstairs, he shuffles to the cup after a muttered thanks that he’s not sure Grandpa can hear and begins sipping.  He’s distracted a little when someone starts giggling.
        He glances up, blinking a little, and almost doesn’t realize that his friends are here.  He’s tired and distracted enough that it takes him a bit to grasp that they aren’t actually supposed to be here.
        “Took you long enough,” Tristan states fondly.
        “Are you all right, Yugi?” Téa asks, looking concerned, and he covers a cough.  He nearly goes for a hug but remembers last minute that he’s sick and there’s limits to how generous he should be. 
        “I don’t want to get any of you sick,” he mumbles, voice hoarse.
        “Aw, come on, ya sayin ya don’t wanna play Duel Monstas?” Joey asks, grinning fondly, and Yugi starts shaking his head apologetically.
        “No, I can barely think straight; I wouldn’t be a good oppone—”  And then he catches the mischievous look on Joey’s face and fixes him with the flattest, most unimpressed look he can muster.  “You’re counting on that because you want a win.”
        “Aww, you’re hurtin’ my feelings,” Joey counters, but he winks when he thinks no one else is looking, and Yugi rolls his eyes, feeling cold and tired and a little dizzy.
        “Yugi, we wouldn’t be here if we were worried about getting sick.  Just—if you get me sick, I expect you to play nurse for me, right?”  Téa says with a smile, moving forward to run comforting fingers through his hair, and he’s half fallen asleep on her already.  He’s blushing a little but she doesn’t seem to mind too much when he hides that in her shoulder.
        “Well, we know you hate being on your own, and you have the best game system out of all of us,” Tristan teases, too, and then soon he’s got his head on Téa’s lap and she’s running her hands through his hair and she and his other friends are arguing about the game, whatever they’re playing, and cursing each other, and the restlessness has turned to contentment.

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First few episodes of Yugioh: Wow, Yugi has some weird hair.

Last few episodes of Yugioh: Wait, Yugi has weird hair?  Since when?

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Main Points:
Chapter Summary: reading the drabble is faster than reading this summary but you're doing it anyway aren't you?

Word Count: 15
Rating: gen

      Yugi asks “can’t we all be friends?”  Yusei knows this is impossible and tries anyway.

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try to argue that Pegasus is not a master RL troll
i dare you
(I think I did okay on my test, which is good.  We'll see though.  I also made some microwave s'mores, and they were delicious.  Cinnamon graham crackers, Dandies Pumpkin-Flavored Marshmallows, nutella.  mmmmmmmmmmm  I'm surprised I didn't summon Joey though)

Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse
Chapter Summary: Yugi's surprised by the new, unannounced set.
Word Count: 400
Rating: teen

               “Yugi!  The new boosters came in!” Grandpa yells up the stairs, and Yugi abandons getting his school uniform on halfway through and charges down the stairs, grin on his face.
               Grandpa’s looking amused, but he hands over the box without comment.  Yugi peeks in and…
               “What?”  There wasn’t any announcement about this one.  Yugi would’ve seen it; he browses the website regularly.
               He brings out a pack, staring at it stupidly.  It’s fairy romance-themed.  There’s something about the design….very white.  With sparkles.
               Grandpa hands over a paper that had apparently come with it.  “Congratulations.  It’s always a pleasure to see young love.  Don’t be a stranger, will you?  Pegasus,” he reads, and Grandpa can’t hold in the laughter anymore.
               It’s good to see that he has (mostly) forgiven the man, but of course Yugi’d learned forgiveness from someone.  (It helps that the man explained himself to Grandpa and apologized, and had even visited the store to do so, leading to a boost in sales already heightened by the whole ‘King of Games’ thing.  Grandpa understands tragedy and hard decisions.)
               “B-but…” he sputters.  That means that these had to have been in production since before he showed up at the arcade in the city to challenge Téa.  How did he know?  He didn’t even have the Eye anymore!
               Grandpa finally calms down, beaming from ear to ear.  “Congratulations.  You had a booster made specifically for you, Yugi.”  Grandpa hugs him tightly, and he’s still too dazed to hug back much.  “You deserve it, King of Games.  I’m so proud of you,” he continues softly, ruffling the spiky hair, and Yugi dances out of the way.
               “I don’t—” he continues helplessly, and Grandpa turns a little more serious.
               “He’s not wrong.  You two make each other happy.  And that’s important.”  It’s soft and proud and it’d almost be too much, but he reaches inside for the strength he knows is there and nods with as much of a smile he can muster.
               “Y-yeah.  I guess if he doesn’t make an announcement about it, I’m okay.”
               “You’ll have to deal with it at tournaments at the least,” Grandpa points out, but doesn’t push the issue.
               (Pegasus doesn’t, which is good, except Kaiba finds out and then continues to pester the man about new Blue Eyes support.  It does happen, but not after a few more Kaibaman cards just to tick him off.)

Omake: Yugi is super embarrassed by it all like 'I don't deserve having a whole set made especially for me and oh Ra I'm exposing Téa to all the reporters and paparazzi and I'm getting really worried about her" and promptly goes and buys a whole booster box and brings it to her house and is all quiet and blushy and won't explain and it takes Téa a while to figure out what's going on but when she does she promptly puts a couple of the cards into her new deck including the one promo that was only included in the box sent to the Kame Gift shop.  She's proud of her boyfriend and doesn't care about declaring to the world he's hers.  (and Yugi calms down a little after Pegasus makes a few limited sets for Joey and Duke and Mai, but Yugi's still Pegasus's favorite and probably still gets more sets made for him than anyone else other than maybe Kaiba.)

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Do you know how cool it would be if Solomon's, um, interest in the opposite sex was actually a reference and not just a stupid Japanese thing?
...That's a cooler explanation, so I'm gonna go with that.
Also I strangely like writing her and her crazy family.  She might honestly make a few more appearances because she's awesome.

Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse
Chapter Summary: Yugi and Téa discuss the Widow Hashira.
Word Count: 100
Rating: teen

              “So, she likes…”
              Téa scrunches up her nose and tries not to look disgusted.  “But that’s…”
              “Like seeing your parents, or something.  I know.”
              Téa looks grateful for the analogy.  “People shouldn’t get lonely when they’re older.  But then, I wouldn’t want to walk in on anyone.”
              “I’ve been trying not to think about it, but Grandpa’s been encouraging me to go have sleepovers a lot recently.  Or see you.  Actually, he’s suggested I come to your apartment and stay for a few nights a couple times.”
              Téa laughs—another reason he loves her.  “He doesn’t change, does he?”
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Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse
Chapter Summary: Yugi's the one to explain the whole 'possession' thing.

Word Count: 860
Rating: teen

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Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse, part of the Phantom Tournament
Chapter Summary: They have a conversation with Dark Magician

Word Count: 1059
Rating: teen

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Main Points:
Yugioh Fractured Pharaoh universe
Chapter Summary: faster to read it

Word Count: 65
Rating: teen

“I think he would like it if you were the one to finish the Puzzle,” Grandpa Muto says, and Katsuya glances over to see Yūgi’s eyes shining with tears.  He nods emphatically.  Feeling the weight of the moment, he puts the puzzle piece in place and feels a ghostly hand cover his own.  Together, the friends slide the piece into place with an audible *click*.

madimpossibledreamer: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) (ace)
In this universe, it's Katsuya who becomes King of Games, with some help from friends (including one persistent ghost).  It's an interpretation of what might've happened if Yami had come too late (due to Katsuya's interference, but they still become friends anyway).  As scared as Katsuya gets of ghosts, it's a neat idea to have him interacting with a ghostly Yūgi.

Main Points:
Yugioh Fractured Pharaoh universe
Chapter Summary: Katsuya wakes to something unexpected...

Word Count: 685
Rating: teen

sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference )

Kaiba Style

Aug. 1st, 2016 10:27 pm
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Main Points:
Yugioh Universe Optional
Chapter Summary: After the conclusion of Duelist Kingdom, there are a few words that Kaiba would like to say.

Word Count: 200
Rating: teen

            Kaiba pulls aside his diminutive rival.  “I’m only going to say this once, Yugi, so don’t bother asking for a repeat performance.  But…thank you for saving Mokuba.”
            The Other Yugi is already shaking his head, smiling as Joey watches aghast.
            “If you should thank anyone, thank Tristan.  He rescued Mokuba and kept him safe while I dealt with Pegasus.  And, of course, I would never have made it this far if not for your help.”
            “What, dealing with that imposter?” Kaiba sneers.  “That was personal business.  I couldn’t let someone like Pegasus,” he spits out the name as if it’s an insult itself, “…take over my company, and the imposter wasn’t going to get away with hurting Mokuba.”  He pauses and looks Yugi in the eye.  “That being said, our business is now concluded.  I don’t owe you anything.”
            Joey fumes at that, but Yugi considers it true—they did help each other out, after all, and the man is somewhere in the vicinity of being a friend.  You don’t owe friends.
            “So don’t bother calling me the next time you idiots are too nosy and get yourselves in trouble.”
            Yugi smiles at that.  “Hopefully, Kaiba, we won’t need to.”

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Main Points:
Yugioh Reunion!Verse
Chapter Summary: Kaiba arrives in dramatic fashion (as if that's anything new).

Word Count: 425
Rating: teen
A Note on the use of honorific: Yugi's feeling a little distanced from Anzu right now, and he thinks she's still mad at him, so he's going with an honorific to be safe.  (also I don't think they're flying right through the middle of it, but they do have two magicians and one of the most powerful dragons on their side.)

            Yugi’s phone rings, and he looks briefly startled before relaxing.  “That’s our ride.”
            Anzu stares at him.  “In the middle of a typhoon?”
            He sighs.  “Anzu-chan, do you really want to stay trapped in a building with those thugs lurking around?  I doubt they were the only team sent.  Or that they don’t have even more Monsters to summon.”
            “No, but…”
            He smiles and lays a hand on her arm, blushing slightly.  “I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.”
            The magicians nod, and…well, if anything’s capable of protecting her from a storm, it’s magic, so she follows as he calls and gets directions.
            By the time they walk out of the doors, the rain’s falling in sheets, and she can barely see.
            Until it lets up slightly, and there’s Kaiba, Yugi’s super serious scowling rival, sitting on top of a freaking dragon.  Its white scales shimmer in the rain.
            “Y-Yugi, that’s a dragon.”
            He’s cheerful as he answers.  “Yes, she is.”
            “As much as I’m sure she deserves the attention, this is dangerous enough as it is and I don’t appreciate using her as a glorified taxi service, so let’s get this over with already,” Kaiba growls.
            Yugi clambers on like he’s done this before and holds out a hand to pull her up, too.  “Come, now, this is a noble rescue.”
            “Well, I wouldn’t have had to rescue you if you hadn’t locked the God Cards away.”
            Yugi’s mirth disappears.  “I can’t run the risk of them falling into evil hands again.  I don’t have near the security you do.  And no, I’m not giving them to you for safekeeping.”  It’s an old argument, judging by the tone.  “Knowing our luck, one of your next KaibaCorp breaches would involve stealing them.”
            The dragon spreads its wings and launches with a cry—straight into the oncoming rain.
            “If those fools trying to ruin my company weren’t stuck in cyberspace, I’d do a lot worse to them.  They’ve done enough damage as it is.”
            Being on a dragon in the middle of a typhoon would scare her more, but she figures she’s still a little in shock, and it’s surprisingly warm and protected from wind and rain.  Kaiba’s growling to himself somehow more than normal, and she guesses that…somehow, he’s done this before.  And Domino hadn’t noticed a dragon in the sky.  And it was usually easier.
            But Yugi takes her hand, warm and steady and with that same sexy confidence, and it’s the anchor keeping her in place as they fly to safety.

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Main Points:
Yugioh Reunion!Verse
Chapter Summary: Anzu has her world turned upside down.

Word Count: 1105
Rating: teen

madimpossibledreamer: Izanagi|Souji in full costume holding out a hand (izanagi|souji)
Main Points:
Yugioh Reunion!Verse
Chapter Summary: Yugi doesn't know how to handle Anzu's concerns, but a phone call distracts him.

Word Count: 600
Rating: teen, maybe a little angst

madimpossibledreamer: Sherlock staring at the ceiling. (bored)
I'm not mentioning how exactly the Orichalcos arc went in this timeline.  Obviously, Anzu was not present, so it didn't quite go the same.  You can think of it otherwise relatively close to canon, or like either of the alternatives I've presented in other fic, or something else of Reader's choosing.

Main Points:
Yugioh Reunion!Verse
Chapter Summary: Anzu notices that Yugi doesn't seem inclined to share some things, and it's breaking her heart.

Word Count: 320
Rating: teen, maybe a little angst

            “Hey, how’s this necklace look?” she asks, turning as she holds it up, and…
            And Yugi doesn’t have that sweet look on his face anymore.  He’s practically glaring at the necklace.  “Yugi?”
            He shakes himself and comes out of wherever he was.  “I, um.  Green isn’t your color.”  He’s a little frustrated, angry with himself, and it’s like he’s out of reach, reacting to something that he’ll never tell her about.
            She tries not to let the tears welling up in her heart show.  It’s clear he still cares about her, even after all these years, but he’s not willing to let her in and actually talk about everything.  She’s not going to be let into his life, not soon.  “Maybe you should go.”
            “A-Anzu?”  He looks like he’s breaking. 
            She’s not ready to have this conversation.  “You’re not having fun, so I’m not either.”
            “Th-that’s not true!”  His fists are clenched at his sides.  “I always enjoy spending time with you!  It’s not like I love shopping, unless it’s games or something, but being with my friends is always fun!”
            She shakes her head.  She can’t cry, not now.  “I’m sorry, Yugi.  We will talk about this, but not yet.”  And she walks away.
            It’s almost physically painful to take those steps, because she can feel the waves of hurt coming off of that gentle soul, and the thought that she was the one who was causing that is almost unbearable, but it’s not something that’s easy to fix, and pretending that it doesn’t wound is slowly breaking her heart, piece by piece.
            He doesn’t yell after her, doesn’t come after her, and she’s not sure what it means, what she wants it to mean.  Part of her wants him to be a jerk, so she can hate him, but the rest of her knows that he’s not intentionally hurting her.  It’s a sucky situation, and life isn’t fair.

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Main Points:
Yugioh Reunion!Verse
Chapter Summary: Jounouchi's been told that this isn't some random fangirl, this was a girl who protected his best friend before they'd even met.
So he wants to thank her, in his own way, and make his best bud happy.  Is that so wrong?

Word Count: 450
Rating: teen
(shipping only mentioned (thus far), Joey being Joey (or Jounouchi, in this case.))
(if I mess up names, tell me--i'm only vaguely used to them from S0--on the other hand I might keep calling Jaden Judai. /em shrug)

            Jounouchi hasn’t stopped teasing him since he’d had that talk with Anzu, and as much as he appreciates his friend and as much as he’d missed Anzu, it’s really getting a little old.  “So, come on, ya wanna reconnect wit her, right?”
            Given the emphasis and the weird face his best friend is making, he can easily understand what he’s getting at.  And, well.
            He wouldn’t mind.  Anzu’s grown up, in more ways than one.  She’s beautiful, now… (not that she ever wasn’t, his mind reminds him), and…
            …He’ll probably have a few dreams, but that’s not the point.  “I don’t want to scare her away, Jounouchi!”  He’s louder than he means to be, but then, he’s prone to accidentally blurting things out.  He continues, quieter.  “Anzu is my childhood friend, so her friendship is worth more to me than…”  He waves his hands vaguely, unable to think how to continue.  “She’s probably…dealt with people who don’t see her as a person, and I…I don’t want to be that person.”  His voice is small, on the verge of tears, rather like the Yugi he’d been before Duel Monsters and Yami and everything else.  “Besides, I…it’s been quieter, um.  After he moved on, but it still…I have the feeling that it won’t stay that way.  Maybe it’s better I don’t hang around her too much.”
            They don’t seem like they’re going to be switched onto the PE sports teams anytime soon, so Jounouchi sits down beside him, clapping a hand on his shoulder, doing his best to be comforting.  First things to deal with first.  “Yuge…if she’s at all as stubborn as she seems, then you trying ta keep her out of it ain’t gonna do anything.”
            Yugi smiles.  He still looks a little worried, but he’s calmer than before.  “You’re probably right, Jounouchi.”
            And now for what’s more important.  He’d thought it was just a simple crush, at first, but given the way his best bud is acting, it can’t be something so easy.  “You’ve looked at other girls.  I know ya have.  But she’s the only one you’ve ever looked at twice, or am I wrong?”
            Yugi’s shoulders slump.  “No, you’re not wrong,” he answers in a defeated voice.  “I never forgot about her.”
            “Well, den…don’ worry about it.  We’ll help you, an’…don’ worry about takin’ it slow.  She’d appreciate that, if she’s at all de friend she should be.”
            Yugi smiles.  “Thanks,” he states, before he processes what his friend has said.  “Uhhh, Jounouchi?  What are you planning?”
            “We got dis, mista King of Games.”  Katsuya slaps him on the back and then joins the game again on the players’ call.
            Yugi sighs and stares at his hands.

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In case I didn't make it clear in this 'verse before now, 'Pharaoh' here is Yugi.  He's the New Pharaoh.
Writing a freaked-out Kaiba is fun.

Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse, part of the Phantom Tournament
Chapter Summary: Several people aren't handling the aftermath of the possession well.  (Also, if this summary sounds familiar, that's 'cause people in Yugioh need to STOP GETTING POSSESSED)

Word Count: 865
Rating: teen


madimpossibledreamer: Izanagi|Souji in full costume holding out a hand (izanagi|souji)
Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse, part of the Phantom Tournament
Chapter Summary: The group can't find anyone, so they go to sleep, despite any dangers that might be lurking around the castle...

Word Count: 1000
Rating: teen

madimpossibledreamer: Sherlock pointing at the side of his head. (the universe is unimportant)
Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse, part of the Phantom Tournament
Chapter Summary: The duelists (and friends) begin to notice something off about the tournament preparations...

Word Count: 490
Rating: teen

                 “Has anyone seen the driver you had?  Or any staff whatsoever?”  a voice joins their game, and Joey holds his hands tight to his head and screams.
                 “NOT YOU TOO, KAIBA,” he yells from the corner, and Kaiba winces.
                 “What is this nonsense, anyway?”
                 Yugi glances up, wearing a sweet smile.  “We’re telling ghost stories.  Joey…isn’t particularly a fan.  We told him he didn’t have to stay for it, but, well…”
                 “I ain’t goin’ out dere for da ghost ta eat me.”
                 Seto grins.  It’s not exactly nice.  “You know, you’d think with everything you’d been through he’d be just a little better with this.  I take it he wouldn’t like to hear the story behind some of the Fiend cards?”
                 “I toldja he was evil!” Joey wails.
                 Kaiba shakes his head, amused, and turns serious.  “Back in the real world, I know how an event like this is run.  There should be people everywhere helping set it up.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone other than us since we entered this place.”
                 Joey makes some kind of whimpering noise, but Yugi nods thoughtfully.  “You know, I think you’re right—”
                 The lights go out, and Joey screams.  A light reappears, which turns out to be Tristan, grabbing a flashlight, and Kaiba’s kneeling in front of the shivering blond.  He slaps him, hard.  “Come on, Wheeler.  You beat me once.  You may appear like an incompetent duelist but it’s time you stopped acting like one.”
                 “Easy for you to say, Mr. ‘Nothing is Real’.”  Joey bites back, but there’s a little strength in his eyes again.
                 “Well, in this world, which is a place that most of you don’t seem to live in, it’s much more likely that this is a power outage.  Which is something that any good businessman should’ve prepared for,” Kaiba sighs.  “We should look for the staff.  They may know how to fix this, though I’m not holding my breath.  So far, they’ve shown themselves to be utterly incompetent.”
                 “How do you know?  We haven’t even seen them,” Tristan argues.
                 “Exactly,” he responds, then rolls his eyes and elaborates.  “An event like this, employees should be around to take care of the VIPs.  I don’t believe in coddling people, but you don’t just go and ignore them, either.  And usually in places like these, you need people to stop idiots from wandering into areas and, say, turning off the power or getting drunk and setting things on fire. Where are they?”
                 “That’s…a good question,” Yugi answers, and then smiles and rolls his eyes at his friend.  “You know, it’s more likely that whoever this was just didn’t have staff on hand to begin with than they all disappeared, Joey.”
                 Kaiba blinks, then nods.  “That’s actually a good point for once, Yugi.  But if so, they’re clearly not planning anything normal for this tournament.  Let’s go find whoever or whatever’s here.  They have some explaining to do.”
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Question: in Duel Destinies, does this mean Franziska is the Mai stand-in?  Because if so...I'm kinda scared, guys.

Main Points:
Yugioh Legacy!verse, though vague enough *could* be Universe Optional
Chapter Summary: A follow-up to a comment made during the Phantom Tournament, mostly because the image of Joey with the stuffed Red-Eyes was too good to pass up.  Just because they're in different cities doesn't mean the gang (in this case, Joey, Yugi, and
Téa) can't hang out.  In this case, they're playing a horror game.
Word Count: 3085
Rating: teen

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there were no tears there are no pictures I deny everything categorically
(which is weird because, seriously, I don’t get emotional at television, except for maybe once when they killed off a character in Supernatural, I forget who because there were so many)
…but this was one thing that really bugged me about the finale
So here, have a fix-it
Because Kaiba is awesome and had wasted potential as a character to write
And I will wring that potential outta him and the computer and everyone else I can think of when writing
author's note brought to you by stream of consciousness

Main Points:
Yugioh Universe Optional
Chapter Summary: The gang aren't the only ones who are troubled by the end...

Word Count: 630
Rating: teen, Spoilers for the end of the series (if you didn't somehow get that from the author's note)


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