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Okay, I legit don't remember writing this.
I might rewrite this section.  Or just leave it.  *shrug*

Main Points:
Supernatural AU
Summary: Dean, Michael, and Sam have a talk.  Plus, we (maybe) figure out the identity of Michael's vessel.
Word Count: 1033
Rating: K


necessary discussions )


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'Course, now that I'm looking at it, the last chapter in this one could kind of be called an ending.  I mean, a very open-ended one, but still.
I'll probably write at least one more after that, but again, no ETA.

Main Points:
Supernatural AU
Summary: Dean saves Michael and then has to take care of him.
Word Count: 800
Rating: K

it's your choice )

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Follow up to Team Free Will.  Expect me to post what I have and then not come back to it for a very, very long while.  Also it might be more like Self-Made Hero after the first section, because for whatever reason it's easier to post things written in whatever order than one after the other.

Main Points:
Supernatural AU
Summary: Dean saves Michael.
Word Count: 600
Rating: K




Jun. 16th, 2017 11:58 pm
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Not perfect, but I've been sitting on it for a while with no ideas about how to improve it, so here goes.
Also I absolutely refuse to create a tag for John Winchester because I'm not going to write him enough to need one because I don't like him.

Main Points:
Prequel to Lucky Strike 'verse, the Supernatural/Shadowed Suspicions (Buffy/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fanfic) Crossover AU.
Summary: This is what happened to Dean and why he ended up stranded (and bitter) in Sunnydale.
Word Count: 590
Rating: T

         Mere luck was all that saved Dean.
         Usually, he wouldn't have woken up.  He subconsciously recognized all the 'safe' sounds-little Sammy's noises, the way his father moved around, even 'Uncle' Bobby.  So when he heard John's step, walking toward him, stopping, he would've usually stayed asleep,  knowing that Dad was just doing his job.
         This time he woke, just in time to see the knife coming for his head.  Survival instincts reacted faster than his own brain, and in a second he was twisting out of the way.
         "Thought you could trick me, boy."  A sneer, anger directed at him. 
         What had he done?  Panic thrilled through him, but somehow contained.  He wasn't going to die like this.  "Dad, what's going on?"
         "Dad?" John Winchester repeated, look on his face only growing more disdainful.  "This ends now.  You're not my son.  You never have been."
         "What?" he managed, eyes wet with pain and fear and a hint of anger, and that distant crash wasn't anything to worry himself about.  Just his world, falling apart.
         "I don't know how you managed to convince us all, but you're not going to take Sam away from me."  Sam!
         "Is Sammy okay?" he asked quickly, because if there was anything more powerful than his respect for this man who—was he right?  he'd always been right, after all, he was a hunter and knew what he was doing, but—but no, if he'd been affected out on a hunt, if he suddenly turned against Sammy too, he had to protect his younger brother, that was his job
         "You won't see him again," John promised, holding up the knife again.
         Dean had been training to make quick, life-or-death decisions all his life.  So while making the next choice was easy at the time—more instinct rather than anything else—he'd agonize over it later.  Later, though.
         He jumped out the window, aiming for the bush he'd seen earlier.  The landing was a little scratchy, and he'd have cuts everywhere later, but for the time being he'd be able to make a run for it.  And make a run for it he did.
         He ran hard, tearing through the streets, lungs feeling so much more alive than normal.  He made it to a payphone with no sign of Dad, and decided to risk the call to Bobby.  He probably used the wrong number, but at the other end was Bobby and that's what mattered.  His brain was a mess at the moment.
         "Yeah?  This is Director Kirsch, how can I help you?"  Bobby sounded groggy.
         "It's Dean."  His voice sounded harsh, and he couldn't help a cough.
         "Balls, don't you know which lines to use, boy?" Yep, that was Bobby.
         "Dad tried to kill me, and I don't know...if it's me, if something happened to me, or whether it's Dad—but Sammy, you gotta make sure Sammy's—"  And then he heard a familiar sound.  The Impala's engine.  He'd know his baby anywhere.  Except this time, it wasn't the sound of home.
         He threw away the phone, began running down the streets, ignoring Bobby's frantic questions.  The Impala came tearing down the road, Dad at the wheel.  He barely managed to throw himself into a warehouse before he was run over, only to see a bunch of monsters with fangs and weird faces had made this place their home.  "Son of a bitch."
         Something hit him over the back of the head, and he thought he noticed a flare of something bright before everything went dark.

madimpossibledreamer: Interior of early TARDIS (early tardis)
Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Supernatural Crossover.  I might call this Little Starfish 'verse if I write more than two drabbles for it.  We'll see.
Summary: It's not often that they get a Hunt in Florida.  But they're definitely going to find out what's going on at the aquarium.  (or: let's jojo all the things)

Word Count: 120
(I promise this isn't crack; the song just popped into my head and I might be severely sleep deprived)

            “So, watching a kid, huh?” Dean asks, and by the dangerous way Dr. Kujo’s eyes narrow Sam knows his brother’s on the verge of being punched.  Still, the hands only twitch.  For someone with a temper, he’s got remarkably good self-control.

            “My own.  She’s six.  She’s with me again this week.  I tried to tell her mother about the investigation, but she wouldn’t budge.  If you two bastards pull her into a murder investigation, well, let’s just say you won’t like the consequences.  I can take it, but she’s just a brat.”  Only someone as headstrong as this guy could be married, or at least have reached a child support agreement, with someone this stubborn, so Sam can believe it.

madimpossibledreamer: Eye from manga drawing. (edgeworth)
Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Supernatural Crossover.  I might call this Little Starfish 'verse if I write more than two drabbles for it.  We'll see.
Summary: It's not often that they get a Hunt in Florida.  But they're definitely going to find out what's going on at the aquarium.  (or: let's jojo all the things)

Word Count: 365
Rating: Uh, swearing.  Nothing else as of yet.  Except for the title.  Beware the pun in the title.  (I remembered that, oh yeah, they occasionally use puns...let's go the whole whale.  Because a hog is smaller than a whale and lives on land.)

            “We’re really very lucky to have Dr. Kujo,” the woman is saying as they walk into the office section of the aquarium.  At the look, she elaborates.  “He’s one of the world-renowned experts, particularly on sharks, though he also likes working with our cephalopods.”  They reach the door.  It’s closed, and instantly what Sam diagnoses as nervous chatter dies away.
            “What’s the matter?” Dean asks with his usual tact.
            “It’s just…he can be gruff at times.”
            The Winchesters exchange a look.  There are plenty of assholes in the world, but ‘does not play nicely with humans’ is one of the things on the checklist diagnosing ‘evil monster’.  That’s why they don’t stay outside when the woman walks in.
            She barely touches the man and he wakes, sweat and what looks like fear on his face.  It takes a few moments for him to come back to himself, and Dean frowns.  Something about the man’s movements was off, inhuman.
            “Sorry about that,” he responds in a gruff tone.  “Shouldn’t have fallen asleep.”  Then he glances with calm green eyes at the two newcomers, and a question enters his eyes.  “I didn’t miss a lecture or something, did I?”
            “These two gentlemen are here to investigate the deaths,” the secretary or whatever says, and the eyes sharpen.
            This man is confident and critical.  They’re not a threat, and he’s just far from impressed.  “Yeah, well, I was taking care of the brat.  I don’t see how I could help them anyway.”
            The woman cringes, and Dean comes to the rescue.  “It’s procedure to talk to everyone who works here.”
            “Yare yare,” Dr. Kujo mutters, annoyed, but glances at the clock and stands.  “It’s time for the feeding, so I guess we’ll talk there.  You’ve done your job; you can stop looking like a kicked puppy and go back to whatever you were doing.”  The secretary nods and leaves as quickly as she can.
            “Wouldn’t you rather do this in your office?” Sam asks softly, but only gets a snort in reply.
            “I don’t have anything to hide.  And if we don’t check in on the octopus, he’ll be an ass and eat all the research fish again.”

It's You

Dec. 12th, 2015 11:51 pm
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Main Points:
Continuation of Lucky Strike 'verse, the Supernatural/Shadowed Suspicions (Buffy/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fanfic) Crossover AU.
Summary: Things work out in the end.
Word Count: 365
Notes: Fluff!
Rating: T

            “I’ll come when it’s been fifteen minutes. Use the button if you need me.” At least, that’s probably what she said, though for all Dean knows she could have been warning him about the secret alien invasion on the moon. He steps into the room, and she ceases to exist.
            Xander’s lying there in the bed, and he looks terrible. Dean’s breath is gone, and he’s not sure when it disappeared.
Wayward Son is also sitting in the chair by the bed holding one of Jojo’s hands, and even a glare and a wish for his Stand to come back to him doesn’t work the way it should. It’s only the thought that he’s going to tell Xander how he really feels that gets the stand to disappear, and Dean takes its place as the brunet grumbles and stirs. When the chocolate eyes open and meet his own, though, a sweet smile void of fear or anger or hurt crosses the goofy face. “Dean.”
            Dean wants to lead up to it, to say something else, but the words that come out of his mouth are, “You mean a lot to me, and it’s time I stopped running like a baby every time we start getting close.”
            “Does this mean I can stop checking the revolving relationship door to know whether we’re dating this week?” Xander asks, and Dean freezes and has to remind himself that Xander’s probably really hopped up on hospital-grade painkillers. And that, even if it hurts, that blunt honesty might—no, would—turn out to be good for them, right now.
            “If you’re willing to give me that chance.” This is a little unreal, but Xander’s warm, alive hand is in his own, and suddenly, he’s at peace. Everything is fine.
            “You’re worth it,” Xander mutters sleepily, already starting to drift off, and Dean grins. The chick-flick moment is over. Now, they can just live. Be.
            They’ve already bent the rules for him once. As long as he’s not in the way, he’s pretty sure they’ll be all right with it if he falls asleep in this chair. And if not, well, too bad, because he doesn’t want to let go, now.
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Main Points:
Continuation of Lucky Strike 'verse, the Supernatural/Shadowed Suspicions (Buffy/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fanfic) Crossover AU.
Summary: Dean being Dean, I tried to get to the reassurance bit, but no, he had to sit there and beat himself up about things for a little longer first.
Word Count: 575
Notes: Angst! Continuing with the drabble thing for this, because it is and it isn't.
Rating: T



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Main Points:
Continuation of Lucky Strike 'verse, the Supernatural/Shadowed Suspicions (Buffy/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fanfic) Crossover AU.
Summary: Dean tries to out-brood Angel, and sadly, it's working.
Word Count: 646
Notes: Angst! Continuing with the drabble thing for this, because it is and it isn't.  Also, I finally figured out part of what Wayward Son (Dean's Stand) looks like, even though I still have no idea what he does.
It being Dean, of course it's at least partly a cowboy, appearance wise.  Of course.
Rating: T
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This is a great bit more non-fluffy than the previous one in the series, but I guess that's what happens when you add a pinch of Supernatural to a mix.  Also, the boys kind of wanted to date other people for a bit, so this happened.
Does it count as a drabble if it's really short but it's part of a multi-part thing?  I guess you could kind of have a series of drabbles's just a weird situation, okay?  I'm posting it without the rest this time because it kind of feels like it could stand on its own.  It's fairly complicated.
Okay, so, the main thing is, this is a continuation of the Lucky Strike 'verse, but this particular part could also be read as a standalone.  The only obvious part here is the part about being abandoned and the bitterness that this 'verse Dean carries about that, but it's not huge.  So could be read as very vague.  A character study with your favorite 'ship in the background past.  It's multi-talented.

Main Points:
Universe optional, though part two will be written in the Supernatural/Shadowed Suspicions (Buffy/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fanfic) Crossover AU.
Summary: Dean's heart has always been elsewhere.
Word Count: 540
Notes: Dean being Dean, making out is included.  Unlike previous, very not!fluff (i.e. this part is angsty).
Rating: T
madimpossibledreamer: Paper lanterns floating over a fleet of ships. (lanterns)
Less than 100 words.  I've written bits and pieces for this AU, but right now the only relevant thing is that Michael is Team Free Will.

Main Points:
Supernatural AU
Summary: Better done by tags. 
Word Count: 43
Rating: K

“Dude.  What are you wearing?”
Dean’s met with a grin.  The glowstick halo perches comfortably on Michael’s hair, as if it belongs there.  “It tickled my sense of irony.” 
The fireworks light up the angel’s face, and he continues softly, “Happy Fourth, Dean.”

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See, this is what happens when I leave my characters alone for too long.  They get bored, they wander into other universes, and next thing you know, they're hooking up.
...Suddenly I feel like a parent and it's a little terrifying, not gonna lie.
Anyway, this probably came from the fact that every now and then, I'll just go 'you know, I want to read some Dean/Xander fanfiction' and then realize 'you know, self, there is very little Dean/Xander fanfic on the internets' right about the time I wanted to write Shadowed Suspicions.  And then Dean had the Stand Wayward Son.  And then I was like...well.  I can't not write that.  There'll probably be more, later.  Hopefully after I've gotten more of the general canonverse written for it, because I don't write gen very often and it's kind of cool, but at the same time this happened and.  Yeah.  Anyway.  I will hopefully update soon, since the next 'chapter' for Shadowed Suspicion is another Stand picture, and I should really get them out of that cliffhanger eventually.
This could probably be read as a general AU, because of the mention that Dean's not traveling with John Winchester at this point, aside from the references to Xander as Jojo, a Joestar, or his actual Jojo name.  Which actually might be a bit of a spoiler for Shadowed Suspicions, actually, since we haven't gotten to that point yet, where he's comfortable with people calling him by either, and he hasn't actually chosen his Jo- first name yet.  So, I guess, if you don't want that spoiled, don't read this until that point in Shadowed Suspicions.

Main Points:
Supernatural crossover with a Shadowed Suspicions (another fanfic on here) AU.  So, to be clear, it's kind of a...Supernatural/BtVS/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure crossover.  Sort of.  There's a lot of alternate universing and crossover stuff going on here.
Summary: The Scoobies, including Dean, have a bit of a day off.
Word Count: 2,210
Notes: Dean being Dean, there might be a little innuendo.  Also, Dean/Xander pairing.  Fluff.
Rating: K+


Lucky Strike )


Dec. 2nd, 2014 09:16 pm
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/sigh  Sooo far behind on this season of Supernatural.  So everything is spoilers.  This is what happens when I get sick-miss a show, can't catch up, can't hang out with my fellow Team Free Will...
Yeah, I know, I'm posting a lot of random things that have nothing to do with each other (and STILL have yet to get to JJBA:SS...Finals and crazy school times lurk on the horizon, I'll get to it and not leave Fitz and Xander hanging forever).  Mostly that involves me going back through already written stuff and posting it.  I'm attempting to get it all online.  Might not work, but.  You know.
This particular one is from an insane crossover nexus 'verse.  This one is short, so I fit the title to that, but it's subtle and I like it.

Main Points: Everybody's a Watcher!Verse, specifically Supernatural and BtVS in this one.  Massive crossover.
Chapter Summary:
Xander pays Sam Winchester a visit.
Word Count: 721
Rating: K
Note:  Relatively spoiler-free (i.e. mainly references that you may or may not get depending on whether or not you've seen certain episodes, but nothing direct)


Recruiting )
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Apparently I'm Sam's angel now.  I'm not quite certain how this happened, but I think we might have bonded over identifying the current Big Bad at the same time.  Also in our choices of food.  I've never been anyone's angel before.  Before, it was all choirs and armies and just one of a garrison.  A flock.  There's a reason that wolves have the saying 'lone wolf', despite the fact that they're very social, if violent creatures, and there is no similar saying for most birds.  Just a few wolves do not belong to a pack, but they do exist.  With birds, with angels, there is no individual, there is no I, there is no thinking for yourself.  It's a kind of absolution from freedom, from choice.  It's easy.  You follow orders, you are one of the Host.

But as you grow and learn and begin to become an individual, you realize something else.  You're lonely.  There is no favorite brother, there is no best friend.  It's an all-encompassing love, but I think only Father could have such and not lose a little along the way.

How are you supposed to be someone's angel?  There's definitely nothing of the same 'special bond' that Dean and Castiel share.

Panic.  That's a new one.  Ordinarily I would ask Sam about what such a relationship (somewhat like best friends, I'd imagine, only between an angel and a human, which, as I'm growing to discover, are wonderful creatures, perfect in their flawed imperfection) entails, but as he's one of the involved parties, I don't think that's particularly polite.

Maybe I'll ask Dean.

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...I am not sure whether this is the real world or not.  And I have no one to ask, except for my fellow angel, and even she isn't here at the moment.  Perhaps something is altering reality in order to fit its whims.  In which case, it must be very powerful.  I heard that Dean and Sam faced a particularly powerful Trickster at one point, and suggested that perhaps what is going on is its fault.  They seemed very certain that it was dead-but if there is a similarity among Trickster stories, it is that the character does not tend to stay "dead" for very long.  Also I'm not sure they noticed how strange everything was.
Dean needs space gear.  Apparently, it isn't angel golf if it's not on the moon.  I'm somewhat confused by this-I thought the demons owned the moon.  But perhaps we sneak in, or things have changed.  As far as I can tell, I've been out of circulation for a while.
Also, Dean and Cas are going to elope to a dwarf's house in the mountains, where they will build a trench and throw coats in in order to make them trenchcoats.  (I have no idea what they were talking about.  I'm not sure they did either.)
Sam, meanwhile, decided that he needed to dance with music.  Either this is normal, or something is definitely awry.  Perhaps it has to do with the pie.  ...And I didn't mean for that to rhyme.
Dean put a circle of salt around his pie this morning, saying that the ghosts were after his pie.  It's rather larger than the normal pastry, so I can understand why it might be important.  Perhaps it is an interdimensional key or something.  (Either that, or it is a pie that is especially tasty and imbues strength.)
Something broke the circle of salt and stole his pie.  I don't want to be the one to tell him.  I don't particularly want to face the wrath of the Righteous Man.
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Unfortunately, we managed to scare Dean, who apparently was under the impression that we were all dead or had been captured when he woke up this morning and found none of us around.  Nor any notes or texts or voicemail.  I knew it was unwise to leave him without any clue as to our whereabouts, but Sam thought Dean would be unhappy if he knew what we were doing.  Of course, he was, but we never got to find out whether he would have been mad as to our actions because he was scared and very angry.  I probably should have ignored him and let Dean know what we were doing earlier in some way, but for angels who apparently disregard orders, we are very obedient and it may take some time to learn how to consciously think about more decisions, rather than just going with the easy 'listen to another and it will be fine' option.
And I was questioning humans and their tendency to do this.  Apparently it is no easier for angels to exercise Free Will.  (It is no less important for all that, however.  For angels or humans.)
Sam was teaching my fellow angels and I how to drive.  Just in case the humans end up incapacitated, and the only escape is through getting away very fast.  Apparently the car as an escape vehicle has earned its reputation.  Flying would probably be faster if we cannot heal them on the spot, but as neither I nor my fellow angel are completely aware of how to use our powers, and Castiel is losing his powers, Sam argued that they might not be reliable.  It was a decent argument.  I do not like being in charge of a vehicle that is large and unwieldy and is highly dangerous both to my vessel and others.  The lack of control annoys me, and I do not think it wise to entrust anyone's safety to someone not completely in charge.  Besides, I fear what would happen to me if I managed to hurt the Impala.
(We were not practicing with the Impala, which was good.  But especially in a desperate situation I would not be so sure about my ability to escape Dean's wrath unharmed if I made one simple mistake.)
After that, Dean insisted we all go out for food and even insisted on having himself, Cas, and my fellow amnesiac angel eat in one 'restaurant'-full of strange smells that do not make my vessel feel very good-and then the whole group going to a separate one just so that Sam and I could have at least one healthy meal for the week.  It was slightly awkward, but I think he fears more for our safety than he will say.
It just took Cas telling him that we were friends for him to take our bleeding vessels in and care for them until we woke.  Just the simple idea of us being a pair of heavenly siblings that would not try to harm Cas or the world or the Winchesters was enough for him to treat us as part of his family-a somewhat humbling idea.
Truly, he has the heart of the Righteous Man.
Now if only others could learn from his example.  (I believe Zachariah, for one, has a heart two sizes too small.)
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I went on an adventure with Dean today.  It was anticlimatic.  We found Castiel eating nachos.  Sam joined us later.
Dean was staring at the nachos, so Cas hid them from him.  "Cas, we've talked about this.  You don't have to hide your food.  It's not like people fight to keep their food.  In America anyway." 
This was apparently unconvincing, as Cas then placed his plate on his lap.  "Dean, this is my food."
Dean protested loudly that he didn't even like nachos.  "But now I need them."  They started squabbling over the food, and then arguing about who had started it.
Sam rolled his eyes and then asked me whether I had remembered anything yet.  I told him that the answer was unfortunately not, at least, nothing of importance.  When he asked what that meant I replied that I liked to ask questions and knew quite a lot of human things and that both my fellow angel and I got lost a lot.  She then turned up covered in paint, and I told her that Eggnog ice cream was available.  I don't understand the human concepts of seasonality with regards to food, given that they often grow a number of things (tomatoes, watermelon, etc) out of season.  Eggnog should therefore be available all year.  She got excited and obtained some as well.
She reported that a few of the human items we had picked up along the way had gone missing (including a few batteries, which are an odd object to go missing when they're in a special marked box).  I remarked that I wouldn't be surprised if the angels were trying to hint that my fellow angel and I were getting off track.  Dean scoffed and suggested that we were just careless.  While that is possible, I don't believe that is the answer in this case.  Sam looked worried.  If it is our Garrison, this roundabout way is not the way to get in touch.  Leaving a note or calling or saying something in person about how we are following tangent lines would be far more efficient.
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Finally accepted by Cas as a member of the Trenchcoat Angel Brigade.  (Though our acronym, TAB, may prove to be problematical.)
I still don't fully understand humans-don't think enough, just react off instinct or emotion.  Humans have the ability to think for themselves, rather than having others determine their own lives, so why don't they exercise that ability more often?  (Sam says that "you don't know what you've got until it's gone", which is an interesting piece of human advice that means little to me.  I'm not sure it applies when you never had it in the first place.  Maybe it's something along the lines of "only those that don't have something can truly appreciate its value", which makes a little more sense.  Dean adds that you're not supposed to understand emotion; it just sort of happens.  While this makes more sense, it's also annoying.  I'd prefer to understand, I think.  I can tell when someone's feeling something, but not always why they are feeling that particular emotion, especially if I'm involved.)
I also must question why anyone would watch the Pizza Man when they could be watching something with lots of explosions and/or cheesy monster special effects.  (Dean threw up his hands and made entertaining faces when I asked.  He never answered my question, however.  He also informed Cas that he is not allowed to order pizza again.)


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