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Main Points:
Steins;Gate Universe Optional (tho probably after Breakdown)
Chapter Summary: Okabe's self-imposed deadline has come to tell the Lab Mems about the misdeeds of Hououin Kyouma.

Word Count: 3737
Rating: gen
Note: (kind of a character study of how Okabe would deal with summarizing everything for everyone, so it's more of a character study hidden within a party)

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notes: duh, it was a migraine starting.  I'm an idiot sometimes

Main Points:
Steins;Gate People Who Weren't FB miniseries
Chapter Summary: as the title suggests, it's an exploration of people who didn't turn out to be FB.  

Word Count: 370
Rating: teen
Warnings: that ubiquitous 2nd person thing again looming on the horizon

Suzuha was right, and you didn’t believe her.  This doesn’t bring any comfort; she’s not here to stop SERN’s plans.  Mayuri will die, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  You can’t even rebel or escape.  FB—the leader, here, of SERN’s Rounders—has made sure of that.

All it brings is dread.  Pain, grief, all the emotions that you had been holding inside, all pour out at once.

She watches you dispassionately; she, the one whom you had called assistant, she, with whom you had confided every thought and fear, she, who was far more than the emotionless robot you had thought at first.

She resembles that emotionless robot now.  Beautiful.  She’s a woman now, beauty fully realized, confident and in control, and completely cold.  She is seeing suffering, pulled the trigger and watched a friend die, and she doesn’t even care.

“I wanted you to know that this is pointless,” she explains after a pause.  “I know every move you make.  I’ve traveled in time, too, Okabe.  You’re a lab rat in a maze, running through again and again, but there’s no cheese.”

You’d called yourself a mad scientist, but now, watching her, you know you had been a mere child, acting at the real thing.  In the presence of a master all you feel is awe and dread.

Moeka’s eyes are wide, but she follows every order without question, an aura of worship in her eyes.

Kurisu runs into the path of Moeka’s gun, but it doesn’t stop the gun the future Kurisu is holding.  “You’ve made a mistake.  If anything happens to me…”

You all understand what she’s talking about.  The Kurisu from SERN frowns deeper and actually looks concerned, and for good reason.  If anything happens to the Christina of the past…it’s not certain that convergence will allow her to be killed, but if she gets hurt, that might stick.

That’s his assistant.  Using her brain to break SERN’S plans.

And, further.

She’d actually listened to him about the Future Gadgets.  That’s Moad Snake he just employed.  “Go, Okabe!”

“Get him!” FB yells, ice thawing in the face of her fury, but you run to the Time Leap Machine, just as before.

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Main Points:
Persona Superhero AU
Summary: Yosuke goes to see an old friend.
Word Count: 2153
Rating: K
warning: chapter may be soul-crushing

Dedicated to City of Heroes.  Paragon City will live on through its heroes.


To the Road

Apr. 3rd, 2016 11:04 pm
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And I used to say I was bad at drabbles.  Then I got to the point where drabbling every day is no trouble, but I update on some chaptered stories about once a few months.  If that.  *scratches back of head, stares at ground guiltily, mutters "The Joker Game"*  Er.  I'll get to that.  Eventually.  I am noticing some similarities between this season of GX and Innocent Sin, so that's partially getting me back in the mood, but on the other hand I have stuff written out for a while (except for Shadowed Suspicion, I really need to catch up before I get completely behind).  Aaaand it's going to get even more mental soon.  Not that you guys probably care, or are even reading this, but.  Yeah.  Tell ya what, if you haven't tuned out completely, just go on and read what you came here for /grins

Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU
Chapter Summary:
The journey begins.
Word Count: 1413
Rating: K
Note: Apollo Justice spoilers.  Probably spoilers for the rest of the series, too.



Mar. 28th, 2016 10:38 pm
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Taking this moment to think about how good a choice it was not to have them all serve as stand-ins.  Judai Apollo isn't.  Where GX-protag is oblivious, Apollo's observant.  Where Yuki's nearly unfailingly cheerful, Apollo's nearly unfailingly dour.

Main Points:
Ace Attorney/YuGiOh crossover universe.  Or something.  (Duel Destinies!)
Summary: Apollo runs into Klavier.
Word Count: 450
Rating: Gen
Apollo Case I spoiler (of perpetrator)

Rivals )

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I am randomly hungry.  (Don't tell me I'm going to randomly gain a birthmark and grow taller.  ...No, actually, do tell me, because that would be awesome.)
THE FEELS.  :D These are fun ones though.  I just.  I love the Apollo here.  (Klavier, too.  It's fun writing in his pov, sort of.)

Main Points:
Ace Attorney universe optional.  Hurt/comfort with a fluffy ending.
Summary: Apollo has a question for Klavier.
Word Count: 550
Rating: Gen
Follows off From a Place of Doubt, though you don't need to read that to understand this.  SPOILERS for Apollo Justice (comes after the last case).  Hints of Klavier/Apollo, but can be read as friendship/gen.


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So, instead of the next chapter in the Holiday Fic, this happened.  Really, I'm not sure why this just.  Yes.  Confused.  (Oh, yeah, there's also a Turnabout Histories spoilers)

Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU, Dialogue-Fic
Summary: Um.  Crack??? who knows?  not me
Rating: G?
Word Count: 135




Oct. 22nd, 2015 10:33 pm
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I'm hyped for Halloween.

Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU
Chapter Summary:
Prince Apollo gets ready for his journey...potentially with a few surprises.
Word Count: 958
Rating: K
Note: Apollo Justice spoilers.  Probably spoilers for the rest of the series, too.



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Not really high on the spoilers and kind of vague when it is, but if you'd rather find stuff out when I actually get chapters out, then don't read.  A fair amount of this is actually referring to things that have been hinted at but not directly stated in the work.  Don't say you haven't been warned.

>Stop! Angsting! )

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Given that I’m dating for the first time, it better not be true….
O-okay, even the Shy Student is scaring me.

Jojo’s Girl remains sane!  Yeah!
…you cats should get somewhere indoors.  I'm worried about your health.
…This…reminds me of that Apathy Syndrome thing.
…I—I lost in the TV?
Okina’s covered in fog, too…
Bored-Looking Man never changes.
Uh.  What.
“He’s going to pay for choosing to act like a jerk!”
“Like I’d say no” nice, Kanji.
O-okay, I did NOT need to know that Teddie has a crush on Dojima…his daughter, yeah, but.
Reaper kept knocking Souji down, and Yosuke’d pick him back up every time.
…Annnd just finished off the Reaper…
…he only gave us 13 yen?  Cheapskate…
Yukiko really likes disagreeing with Rise.  I think she doesn’t like the way Rise’s been acting.
And interrupting her.  She likes doing that too.
Okay, Yosuke was ticked when it ran away, too.
“Souji-kun!  You seem happy about something.” –teacher
Chie loves her food.  I mean, Yukiko’s working on that, but.
“quiet passion in Yukiko’s smile” –yeah, that’s her, all right.
Since Yosuke yelled at her, Rise’s really been cleaning up her act and becoming a girl I could be friends with again.
“What kind of girl I like?  Ummmm….Yosuke…”
“This is Yosuke just checking in…what’s the plan here, Leader?”
Rise’s communing with the…mysterious red light in the hallway.  We shouldn’t bother her.
…He…saw you two on your date, huh…
…wuh.  This music…from P3.
I think she understands that he’s dating Yosuke now…but is going to keep flirting anyway.
…S-so they are dating by this point.
She’ll put a razor fan in your smarmy face.
We act together on this, Chie.
Chie’s teasing Souji about his transparent “I don’t have plans with Yosuke” lie.
I have firsthand knowledge.
I am totally addicted to seaweed crackers too, Yosuke.
…you know, I’m not sure I want to do that again anytime soon.
My usual party-Yosuke, Kanji, Yukiko
Let’s go beat up Adachi.  And then drag him back to the real world so he can pay for his crimes.
So.  Rise.  Any clue on how to get to him?
Y-Yosuke, stay back.  Th-that’s not Adachi.
Why is Souji frustrated?  After Yosuke invites Kanji & Teddie?
Okay.  Yosuke?  Not fond of cockroaches.
…You can stay here, Yosuke.  Teddie, too, if he wants…but he’ll take the downstairs couch.  Or I will.
“Man, you’re too nice.”
That tone is teasing.  Yosuke, don’t go there.  It’s not funny.
Yeah, I did just kick you under the table.
“Yukiko’s right, you play footsie a lot.  Would you stop and just cut the cake already?”
…Do you not want to show them what you got me, Yo-suke?
“You’re the only present I need,” you say, with a predatory grin on your face.
“P-please tell me you’re kidding.”
“I still kept the one you gave me,” you say seriously.
“You’d better be a great singer.”
I sense shenanigans.
I love the reading of Yosuke’s “You’re not going anywhere, bear” line.
*dance* or , that works too.
Don’t worry about it.

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Tie him to the bed?  …I need to tone down the snark.  Now.
Last time?  (Now he’s getting stern looks from Souji)
You got it.  Go rest and get better.
“Welcome to the Velvet Room,” you say to Teddie, in your best impression of Igor.
“Well, this is the Velvet Room.  Let me show you around…Okay, I can’t do much of that.  And, wait, are we not driving in the nebula today?  It looks like we’ve stopped, and there’s fog…and rain…”
But you’ve made yourself someone through your actions.
Wait, the nebula’s…don’t tell me that’s my subconscious in the TV World…
That’s what I’ve made of myself.
Teddie, he’ll be mad if he knows I told you, but…even Yosuke misses you.
You made yourself into a person.  That’s more than any of us have done, but you also beat your Shadow.  Like all of us.
But you’re not just a Shadow anymore.  You’re something new.
And people do.  Don’t forget that, Teddie.  That’s why you created one.  Your search wasn’t in vain.
Teddie, she’s not d—
My fault, probably.
…Margaret, actually, has golden eyes like Shadows, so…maybe you did have a past in the Velvet Room.
Because I was worried I’d failed you.
Nothing in this room happens without a reason.
We’ll look too. Naoto and Yosuke can help!  And everyone else, in one way or another…
I get to choose that, Teddie.
What about not-quite Shadows?
Including being angry at you, Igor?
…I have…in a dream…But I think I was actually somewhere in the TV World in my dream, so…
Like Nanako…
Of course Naoto-kun figured out the time difference between the TV World and our own…
Nope, these are real tears.  (He says as he’s smiling.)
“D-dude, sit down and put your finger down.”
…Uh.  Yosuke?  That’s…probably not the best way to—
“What, like Souji Seta, Ace Attorney is any better.”
He’s not normal.  That I’ll agree.  But I don’t want normal.
As everyone glares as Yosuke now.
Okay…uh, Teddie.  We’re getting wet, here.
Please don’t shoot Yosuke.  I like him in one piece.
“W-well, Souji is a weirdo, and we all love him for it, so.”
…This coming from Teddie.  *sweatdrop*
Fuzzy feelings!
Yosuke, you’re such a dork, and I love you for it.  “Right back atcha.”
I know the feeling.
He never actually did that.  O_O
Stop picking on Yosuke.
I can verify Yosuke’s story.
“Thinking about this objectively, Souji-senpai…you would take his side.  So there is no evidence to the contrary.”
Adachi’s face…Yikes.  …He’s staring into my soooouuuulll…
Not get to the point where she’d have to struggle in the first place, maybe?
The first time, maybe.  The second time you knew full well she’d die.
…Misogynist pig.
…So creepy…
“All I did was lock people in with rabid starving lions.  I didn’t murder them.”
Stupid?  Nah.  They’ll figure something out.
A better reason wouldn’t help.
Uh, Kanji…he was never here.
It’s not over yet.
I’m with Chie.
…yeah, it’s terrifying, but…I’m not alone.  I have all of you.
Mature Yosuke strikes again.
>You promised your friends you wouldn’t go alone…
Yosuke’s waiting for you once you get back from confronting him alone.
Yosuke has someone keeping an eye out for Souji in Junes.
…A…a gun.
Also, finding the truth.
…Because  I…you’re right.
You do too.
There were others?  …You really are a sociopath, aren’t you?
I’d die.  (no emotion, no inflection)
…I…was going with not-canon for that…Yosuke out-thought me.
I wanted to take you, but…
Souji turned his head in shame.
We can’t show him weakness, or he’ll…Yosuke…
>Yosuke seems a bit sad…
Yosuke escorts you home.  And doesn’t want to leave.  You’re not sure whether you really feel like mentioning the gunshot, though.


Jul. 12th, 2015 11:47 pm
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More stuff that might make it into an Unbreakable Ties 'episode'.

...o-oh.  I was hoping this was a social...down to business.  Okay.
It's not your fault, Yosuke.
I doubt it.  But he was pretty worked up about Nanako.
…w-why am I sitting on one side with everyone opposite me AND THAT WAS NOT AN INVITATION DON’T SIT DOWN RISE
I’m glad that you’re noticing that too.
*moves closer to Yosuke, squeezes his hand*
I dunno.  I kinda think that the announcer wasn’t him, and sparked his actions.  I don’t…really have any basis, but…he did seem shocked to learn of her death.
…So…I’m right, Naoto?
Isn’t that why she died?  Learning too much.
S-should we be debriefing right in front of the police officer?
"It’s a start, Yosuke.  One of the beef bowls as well!  Sometime, I’ll get to the bottom of this!"
“Dude, you’re acting goofier than usual…”
…Wh…ich actually tells us something.  The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime.
"I’ll hold your hand."
“That won’t really warm me up, dummy…”
>Nonetheless, Yosuke extends his hand.
"They are some pretty impressive muscles, if you think through everything we’ve managed to find out…"
“Stop it, you’re making me blush!”
>Despite his words, Yosuke looks pleased.
“I-I don’t like what just occurred to me.”
Yosuke gets closer, puts his hands on your shoulders.  “If it’s too cold, we should go back inside…we wouldn’t want our esteemed Leader to catch a cold, after all.”  A second later, though, he’s had more time to look you over and realizes you’re not shivering because of the cold.  “Seriously, dude.  What’s wrong?”
“I…” You stop, bite your lip.  Yosuke’s definitely concerned now.
“What is it?” He’s gentler this time.  He hasn’t moved his hands, and given that you feel like you’re going to fall over, that’s nice.
“I’d…seen a few things.  He cares about Nanako, but he has some of the classic signs of being a sociopath.  There’s an old lady that’s treating him like her son, and all he can think about is what a nuisance it is.  He’s told us all about the investigations, and there have been a couple times…well.  He’s warned me, about getting involved.  It could be a warning, anyway, and that’s what he’ll argue.  But.  It could also be a threat.”
“He’s arrogant, and shows signs of being smarter than he lets on.”
“…mee too, Naoto-kun.”
o-oh, not that nurse.  Hide me, Yosuke.
A-and that threatening tone.
Ours too.
Wrong.  …
More than that.  Actually.
Dojima, could you slap Adachi on the back of the head?  …Might jog something loose.
You don’t sound sorry.
Nope, there’s no clock.
Well, trust Kanji to take the blunt approach.
As do we, but that’s not important right now.  Adachi does too.
…Yes, it was, Dojima-san.
Naoto-kun’s voice.  :)
You said it, Dojima.
…Guys, if he’s the killer, then…
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It's been a while since I've used this icon.  I've missed it.  Hopefully I'll be more on the ball and manage to sneak in chapter(s) when my beta isn't dying this summer.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Chapter Summary:
Buffy does some thinking and confronts Willow.
Word Count: 1334
Rating: K


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Less than 100 words.  This author's note + main points listing is probably going to be longer than the thing itself.  Which is why the cut for the author's note itself.
Rambling about shipping and various other Shadowed Suspicion spoilers here )

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Universe Optional
Summary: Better done by tags. 
Word Count: 57
Rating: K+

Xander likes the show Merlin.

He’s never bothered to think about it, but a large part of his preference might be because he has a thing for blondes with big hearts and the ability to banter.  And who, well, are gorgeous, and impossibly brave and loyal and self-sacrificing.

Okay, maybe he’s considered this, more than he’d like.

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I have no excuse.  I've been out of school for a week, and this has been written.  (But Dynasty Warriors...)  Uh, yeah, that's it, really.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Chapter Summary:
Buffy, Josephine, and the Scoobies are recovering from the attack, as well as doing some investigation of their own.
Word Count: 1616
Rating: K



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This has been written for forever.  School just got crazy, and for my beta too, so this just kind of sat on my computer for a while.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Chapter Summary:
Fitz and Xander escort the User of Violent Whispers to her house.
Word Count: 1,342
Rating: K

Warning: Darker chapter.


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Okay, it took my beta a little while to get through this chapter.  Still, chapter 30!  Wow.  /grins
In other news, I found the 7th Stand User... /bigger grin

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Chapter Summary:
Xander's not useless, and he's not about to let Fitz die.
Word Count: 1,650
Rating: K


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I decided to have an epilogue part II because there were a few leads I didn't follow up on.
/em sheepish.  I was uploading Torchwood:Aftershock, which turned out to be really hard because I had to go into HTML and by hand edit the font.  On each individual paragraph.  On all 6 of them.  The 'tabbing' also turned out to be difficult, as tabs don't really work in Dreamwidth, so I have to try to use spaces (and match) on every individual paragraph that didn't properly do that.
...And then I accidentally copied and pasted one of these chapters in over the text here.
So, now I get to put everything back where it was before I messed up.
Which probably isn't going to happen, but.  An eidetic memory would be really cool.
(I actually got All You Need is Kill, and I have to say, Edge of Tomorrow is the better one.  The entire Captain Jack thing is new to that.)

Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU
Rating: G?
Word Count: 1,685
Summary, other main points under the cut
Hints here and there, generally character people, as well as Turnabout Histories spoilers.



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There might be an epilogue part II.  I haven't decided yet.

Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU
Rating: G?
Word Count: 519
Summary, other main points under the cut
Mild Dual Destinies spoilers, as well as Turnabout Histories spoilers.


Epilogue )
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Happy New Year's!

Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU
Rating: G?
Word Count: 1,826
Summary: Apollo buys presents.
Actual Apollo Justice spoilers, Dual Destinies spoilers, as well as Turnabout Histories spoilers.  Spoilers everywhere.  But fluff.  So much fluff.  Mentioned couples under the cut


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