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Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 42
Rating: Gen

        “Why headphones?” Yosuke’s starting to read his boss’s moods, and that’s definitely curiosity.
        “I like the way they feel,” he forces himself to answer honestly.  “And the way they make me feel, I guess.”
        Apparently it’s enough of an answer for Narukami.

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Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: Yosuke meets the last member of the team.
Word Count: 575
Rating: Gen

of course there's a conspiracy )

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Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: Narukami's got something against Corporate.
Word Count: 385
Rating: Gen

        Yosuke’s running late.  Most people having to run through the acidic rain would probably have to apply a MedPatch once they got into a building after running through the rain, but he just has to concentrate a little and shake out his hair when he gets inside.  He feels a little like a drowned rat, felt the acid start to eat through his skin, and even with newly regrown skin feels odd, like plastic second skin.  Since he’s a Magician he doesn’t usually have to use manual methods of disguise, but it never hurts to do things the normal way sometimes, keep himself in shape.  It doesn’t do to just rely on tech and magic, because of what might go wrong, because he has to stay responsible.
        His hair still looks a bit odd, but then, it was his fault for not parking closer.  Technically, he could, but he hates throwing around the perks of his new position.  Maybe it’s because he’s a Magician.  It’s better to not draw attention to yourself as a Magician.  Maybe he’d be loudly obnoxious instead of quietly obnoxious.  But it’s useless to speculate about it too much, since he is a Magician and has been one for long enough he can’t guess what it would be like to not be a Magician.
        He takes the stairs three at a time, one hand on the more professional black headphones to ensure they don’t fall off, and before he gets to the top he can hear Narukami yelling.
        Yelling.  The man barely ever raises his voice.
        “I don’t care about your reputation, Mr. Director.  What I care about is finding the killer, and as a police officer I have more authority than a low-level corporate stooge like you.  If you keep refusing to cooperate, I will arrest you for obstruction, and I doubt any Corp employee would fare too well in jail.”
        He’s never, ever heard the Chief talk like that, never casually threaten anyone.  He’s so hard to rattle Yosuke had begun to wonder if his cyborg nature extended to the emotional level as well.
        Uhm, Amagi, on a scale of one to annihilation, how likely is the Captain going to bite my head off for being late?  She intimidates him, true, but less than Satonaka and definitely less than Kujikawa.
        You’re not Corporate.  You’ll be fine.  In fact, you might help his mood, given that I’m almost positive he has a crush on you.
        He blushes and hates that she can tell through the link, because it’s all she can do to hold the helpless giggle in.
        Even after that little Shadow virus stunt.  You’re lucky.
        Shut up, he grumbles, but pushes on the door anyway.
        It’s got something to do with his past, but we’re not sure and I’m not the type to gossip anyway, she adds.
        The Chief whips around, a snarl on his lips, but the words die before they are spoken.  He blinks a little, looking embarrassed, and then smiles.  That might even be a chuckle.  “Didn’t want to fix your hair, huh?  I hope the acid rain wasn’t too bad.”
        Yosuke runs a hand through his hair, annoyed.  “My hair is fine, Captain.  Now that I’m here, how can I help?”
        Narukami sends an image of petting the bedraggled hair, like Yosuke’s a cat, and in retaliation Yosuke sends the best enraged cat hiss back.  Which makes Yu snort even as he starts filling him in about corporate espionage and two heavily mangled bodies.

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Main Points: Persona 4 .hack inspired AU
chapter summary: yukiko insists that she be able to help for a friend, while chie's more hesitant. in the past, souji and nanako meet saki-senpai.

word count: 1910
rating: T



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i still fail at writing txtspk :(

Main Points: Persona 4 .hack inspired AU
chapter summary: yukiko and chie demand a few answers. in the past, souji chats with koual.

word count: 2120
rating: T



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I have the feeling Chie just likes having that one friend to spar with, physically and verbally, and she meets Yosuke later than Kanji in this universe, and the two have an odd rivalry/respect being the only two fully converted cybernetic hardware bodies (cyborgs) on the team.

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: Tatsumi and Satonaka meet up for the rainy day special.  (this *could* be read as taking place right after the one about the Shadow Virus, but I'm pretty sure it actually takes place before Hanamura even joins the team.)
Word Count: 835
Rating: Gen

It's their tradition. )

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that song I found on youtube?  It sounds really persona 2.

Main Points:
Persona 4 Arcana Life
Chapter Summary: Rise snoops around and tries to discover Souji's crush.  All for his own good, of course.  (And maybe her own curiosity, but that's a secondary factor.)

Word Count: 1230
Rating: gen

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Well.  This happened, again.
I think Shadow Yosuke or various alts tend to be flirty (in their dangerous way) because they don’t see a reason for them not to go for what they want. If they're interested and don't find something boring.  If Saki-senpai had been alive in various worlds, they'd probably be creepily flirty with her.  And they like wordplay, being shocking.

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: The Shadow Virus strikes.
Word Count: 635
Rating: Gen


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the anniversary stuff for lotro is annoying me

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: The bruisers debate a little.
Word Count: 210
Rating: Gen

            “Yo, Senpai, are we sure we got the right Yosuke?” Tatsumi sounds very unsure, and no wonder—the intense concentration of the young man dancing (and drawing a crowd) doesn’t seem like the happy-go-lucky Yosuke they know at all.
            “Yeah, he mentioned he liked dancing,” Narukami answers, quiet but distracted, and Satonaka glances over to see Hanamura do the splits.
            “Wow, he’s flexible!”  She’s grinning.  “He’d be a good sparring partner.”
            “Don’t break him, please,” their fearless leader requests, quiet.  Tatsumi glances over.  There’s something in his Chief’s expression, but he can’t quite make it out yet.
            “Aww, come on, he’s a Magician.  Why else have powers?” she asks, and Tatsumi rolls his eyes.
            “Casting takes effort, you know.  If he’s in too much pain, he probably can’t do anything about fixing things.  ‘Sides, why don’t you repeat yourself?  I don’t think the whole room heard you.”
            “Satonaka.  Tatsumi,” Narukami says mildly, and they instantly fall in line.
            “I can believe it, anyway.  You know how he’s always listening to those seriously outdated headphones?” Tatsumi adds.  “He’s probably got great rhythm.  Which will help with fighting training.”
            “I like the headphones,” Narukami comments, and Satonaka rolls her eyes.
            “Of course you do.  You like all sorts of weird things, Chief.”

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Since I have more written might as well.

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: Yosuke and Chie save each other.
Word Count: 345
Rating: Gen

        “Chie!”  She hears the newbie call her name and he’s not good-natured or amused like he usually is.  (She realizes, as she’s sitting there, as if frozen, that it’s a defense mechanism.  That he could get frustrated or swear or whatever, but people are wary enough when he’s not covering the nanotats with makeup.  If he’s quiet, friendly, helpful, people are less likely to stare at him with suspicion or tell him to get the hell out.)
        She feels someone tackle her and she hits the ground hard enough to break a rib or three.  In fact, she hears the crack on impact, feels the instant of agony, and then it’s gone.  But that’s impossible.
        “Sorry about that,” Hanamura manages, voice strained.  She glances at him.  He’s pale, like all the ghosts in those stories Yukiko tells—no, don’t think about that!!
        Think about what?  She’s panicked enough she’s broadcasting.  Embarrassing.
        Don’t worry, not everyone’s hearing this.  They’ve got some sort of interference up.  What’s really worrying is that he sounds as tired in the channel as he does when he’s actually speaking, which means that he’s somehow managed to exhaust himself already.
       “Are you frustrated?” she asks, and he frowns at her and suddenly the fuzziness in her head disappears too.  But that was just from getting up early, not from a concussion.  He’s going overboard, and exhausting himself in the process.  She’ll just have to corner him in the station, where he can’t run away and maybe can do a bit of self-defense practice, work out some aggression, because that approach can’t be healthy.
        “Shooters.  Stopped time.  Small area.  Catching back up.”  He stops to catch his breath, then rolls off her.  “Healed ribs,” he adds.
        “How hard was that to do?” she asks, knowing, in awe, worried.
        “Hard.”  What’s creepier is that as he loses colour and substance, his tattoos appear to have been gaining an unearthly glow.  “Conscious for now.”
        She takes a deep breath and begins dragging Yosuke behind a convenient truck.  It’s a good thing she works out, honestly.

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In honor of the fact that I watched the new Ghost in the Shell movie and actually enjoyed it (for having changed the Major's background, it wasn't the angstfest I expected to which I heartily applaud) here, have Blessings of Stardust fic.
It could have used more Batou, Aramaki is as awesome as ever, and they brought in the Tachikoma and I'm kind of sad they did.  (It's no Stand Alone Complex, though.)
(I like that there was another girl on the team but who the hell was she supposed to be??  And the rest of the cast/setting felt less Japanese.  I still feel that people are getting hung up on shells and missing the ghost thing, and if the original creator and original anime director didn't have a problem with the casting of the Major...I did want to see more of Section 9 backing up the Major, because this ain't the West and it's a group effort, not Lone Hero Complex.)

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: After Jacking In.
Word Count: 505
Rating: Gen

           “Hanamura.”  He’s left part of himself running in reality, just because he’s terrified that if he jacks in with his Magician powers he’ll get trapped forever, and judging by the almost-comatose victim it’s not a place he’d want to be.  So he hears the voice behind him.  It’s the Captain.  Still, it’s hard to pull himself out of it.
           “I’m almost sure the perp edited her perceptions, at least slightly.  I’ll fixed what I can but he did some real damage.  We should check to see if she had any brain scans, so I can do a better job,” he finds himself answering, still shivering, and in response a trenchcoat is gently set around his shoulders.
           “How would that help?”  The voice is softer, now.  Like how they talk to victims, but he’s got residual trauma, now.
           “Well, I created a copy of what she looks like now.  Which, yes, will fly in court, assuming you can get a hack bank to sign off on it.  I can see some places where it’s obvious what damage was done, so I can fix those, but he basically went in and took a weed whacker to the inside of her head.  There’s so much damage it’s hard to see what was there before.  It’s hard to tell what was normal.  If she’s had any brain scans, that’ll give me more to work with.”  It’s only after the fact that he notices the boyfriend is still here and listening in on every word.  Dammit, Hanamura, I know you’re out of it but you gotta stop doing this.
           He doesn’t realize he’s broadcasting until Narukami offers him a reassuring smile, at which point he just sighs.  Come on, pull it together. 
           “She did,” the man says abruptly.
           “What?” Yosuke asks, caught off guard.
           “Have a brain scan.”  He takes a deep breath.  “She was gonna get implants, but her sister caught the Shadow virus.  Which is when she swore off ‘em forever.” 
           Eyes wide, Yosuke nods.  “That’s a good reason,” he croaks, and is confused when his throat is dry.  Yuu pulls out a water bottle and offers it.  You realize I’m gonna chug this whole thing down, right?  That earns the slightest hint of a grin around the eyes—he’s still getting used to Narukami’s quiet expressions—and drinks the whole thing down fast enough he thinks he might make himself sick.  He doesn’t, though, which is the main thing, and then tells the man, “Okay, that’s good, because that’ll make it a lot easier to put her back together, okay?  Before you know it she’ll be back.”
           “They won’t want her as a witness?” the man asks, and he has to remind himself—oh yeah, Unplugged. 
           “The state she’s in, you think she could be a witness for anyone?” Yosuke asks mildly, then adds, “Besides, we’ve had echoes—that’s copies of people—as witnesses for years, just for cases like this.  It’ll be fine.”
           If the man can derive any reassurance from that, he’s done his job.


Mar. 10th, 2017 07:06 pm
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Guess who's the dummy who forgot a flash drive. You guessed it. Me.
(Luckily I'm close enough that I can go back and get it, but it's still
dumb. I'll sulk for a while.)

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Main Points:
Persona 4 Universe Optional Dialogue Crack
Chapter Summary:
Yosuke and Protag.
Word Count: 25
Rating: teen

          “Dude, seriously, how do you know what the right answer is all the time?”
          “I use my saves creatively.”
          “Um.  What?”
          “Don’t worry about it.”

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the angst just happened sorry but it's minor I swear

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: post-mission Narukami SL, mostly learning about the characters so yeah SL away
Word Count: 640
Rating: Gen

rambly get-to-know-you )

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This too shall pass
but there's a lot of stressful stuff at the moment.  I know this is right after Christmas, sorry about that :(  for a happy season there's a lot going on that sucks.  But the good people make it worth it.
I tried to ignore it all since this is supposed to be a happy season but it didn't quite work and my productivity is suffering for it.  Not drabbles.  I'm ages ahead, thank goodness.
At least I got GitS so I'm more ready for the movie & have more inspiration for writing this so that's good I guess?  I think I'm gonna buy myself Dr Strange the day it comes out because I need this to make it through everything
If you need them, know that I will always send psychic/electronic hugs.  Because people shouldn't be hurting.

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: post-mission Narukami SL
Word Count: 200
Rating: Gen

        “Hey, Hanamura,” Narukami calls, and the brunet slows, turns quizzically.
        Hanamura’s really a cheerful person.  Smiles a lot.  But they haven’t really talked, and he wants to get to know the people on his team better.
        “You want to get some ramen?” he asks casually, and that’s definitely a smile in return.
        “Oh, man, I’m starving.  Just lemme grab my gear.”  Then he pauses while pulling on his shoes.  “This is okay, right?  I haven’t memorized that giant tome of a manual thing yet.”
        It earns just the slightest of tugs on the side of Narukami’s mouth.  Which is more emotion than he usually shows.  “You couldn’t just write that into your memory?” he asks, curious, and the brunet pauses.
        “Huh.  Yeah, I probably could.  I never considered it before.  That could’ve been really useful in college,” he states thoughtfully, before shrugging.  “But then, rewriting people is always dangerous, so I shouldn’t do it casually like that.”
        Yuu blinks.  Hanamura hadn’t discussed that before.  Then again, wasn’t that what this was about?  Learning both the man and the skills?
        The brunet picks up the beaten orange messenger bag from the locker with his name and nods.  “Okay, lead on, Captain.”

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Main Points:
Persona 4 New Days
Chapter Summary:
The pageant.  (spoilers: technically haven't made it to this point in my New Days playthrough!)
Word Count: 435
Rating: teen
Notes:  Still second person.  Still not to that point in my New Days Playthrough.

            You cling to this ‘girl’ persona for all you’re worth.  It’s the only thing keeping you sane.  “If you wanted to date anyone here, who would it be?”
            The representative is about to speak, but Yosuke shakes his head.  “I’ve got this,” he states with determination.  It’s the same sort of confidence he gets in battle, channeled, nervous surety that always gets your heart racing.
            This scares you a little.
            He stares straight at you.  “Seta.”
            Instantly, there’s protest.  Chie kicks him, if his yelp is any indication, and hisses, “That’s not funny!”
            He waves it all away.  “This isn’t a joke.  Believe me,” he takes a deep breath, then continues, “…I might be a jerk sometimes, but I’d like to think I’m not that cruel.”  He rubs his leg a little.  “I’ve had a long time to think about this.  Actually, I was hoping that this exact situation would come up when I put in the suggestion for the Group Date Café in the first place.  Guy or girl, I don’t care.  I realized, well…”  He rubs the back of his head a little, the tips of his ears glowing red.  “Aside from the guy thing, you’re exactly my type.  You’re an amazing cook.  And that’s, like, eight-tenths of the battle right there.”
            He winks.  Your mouth’s been open a while.  You’re really hoping that you don’t look like a complete idiot.
            “You’re funny.  You’re shy, though when you start talking you open up and it’s amazing to see.  You’re really intelligent and you do sports and you play my stupid obscure games and read the same manga and I don’t feel like such a loser, you know?  You’re responsible and talented and everyone looks up to you, even some of the senpai.  You’ve got a huge heart and you’re an amazing hero, and you’ve seen everything that makes me feel like I’m worthless and still like me for me, and someone that amazing doesn’t come around too often.”
            By this point, Chie and Yukiko are listening with rapt attention, and even Daisuke’s impressed.
            Yosuke meets your eyes, and for the first time you catch that he, too, is nervous.  “So, I guess I’ll say it again.  I’d date you, Seta.”
            You smile for what feels like the first time in months and reach out a hand, and he takes it.
            “So, this really is a group date, now,” Yosuke jokes, beaming ear to ear, like this was all his idea (which you now know it really kind of was).  It’s far too goofy to be smug, though, and you’re wearing a matching grin.

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Main Points:
Persona 4 New Days
Chapter Summary:
The pageant.  (spoilers: technically haven't made it to this point in my New Days playthrough!)
Word Count: 175
Rating: teen
Notes: You should know by now to expect this second person stuff.  SORT OF SPOILERS though I didn't make any of the spoilers super explicit

            You feel like you’ve never been more disappointed in your life as the girls crowd around Yosuke, furious about the pageant thing.
            That’s it, you think.  You’re not saving him from their wrath.
            No matter how convincing his protests sound.
            He runs a hand through his hair and grits his teeth.  “Chie, for the last time, I didn’t sign you up for the stupid pageant.”
            “A likely story!  You’re just afraid of my kicks.”  Chie hops from foot to foot to demonstrate.
            “And my fan,” a frosty voice with a polite veneer adds.
            “Partner, help?”  You ignore him, and he turns to Naoto.  “You’re a detective.  What are the chances of me clearing my name?”
            “Slim.”  Naoto looks more panicked than murdery.
            “Aww, come on!  Who can blame Yosuke for wanting to see such bear-eutiful ladies competing claw to claw to win hearts?”
            Chie and Yukiko turn to Teddie, eyes lighting with an unholy fire.  “What was that?”
            The bear begins slowly backing away, sensing the danger.
            “Senpai, your odds have just improved,” Naoto remarks.
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DANCES *I PASSED I PASSED* and good luck all of you with all of your things!!

Main Points:
Persona 4 New Days
Chapter Summary:
Things go back to (sort of) normal?
Word Count: 120
Rating: teen
Notes: The second person is part of the Velvet Room.  It's just there.

            You’d almost imagine the conversation never happened.  There are a few days where Yosuke’s a little more hesitant to swing his arm around your shoulders, but that passes and it’s like nothing’s changed.  It’s nice.  It’s frustrating.
            He doesn’t ask you if he’s the last person to know, though by now he must be reading the signs.  It’s only by his behavior—subtle changes, but he’s putting more thought into his actions sometimes.  Which is disconcerting.  Weird.
            He doesn’t tease Kanji—not about that, anyway.  Not much in the grand scheme of things, honestly, but.
            He doesn’t make any more jokes about the girls, and he certainly doesn’t call you late at night to talk about girls in your class.

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Read yesterday, plus my stomach's been acting up all day...I might have a sneaky migraine or I might have just gotten sick due to stress.

Main Points:
Persona 4 New Days
Chapter Summary:
Yosuke wants to make sure protag is okay.  Protag is not okay.
Word Count: 375
Rating: teen
Notes: The second person never left

            “Let him in.”
            “Are you sure?”  The way he’s looking at you, Dojima knows what’s going on.
            “I’m not leaving until I know he’s okay,” Yosuke states firmly.  He shrinks a little from Dojima’s glare but stands firm.
            You bring him up to your room and close the door.  You sit on your bed, cross-legged, and stare at the wall.  Only when the silence becomes uncomfortable and Yosuke shifts, about to break it, do you speak.
            “I’m gay,” you state bluntly, and to his credit Yosuke doesn’t miss the point or try to joke it off.  He’s really quiet, though.  “So excuse me if I don’t join you in freaking out about Kanji.”  It comes out more bitter than you’d like.
            “Crap, I’m sorry.”  Well, that’s better than you hoped, anyway.  He puts a hand on your shoulder and it’s a little more than you can handle right now.  “I’d say I was joking around, that I didn’t mean a lot of the things I said, but that probably just means I shouldn’t have said them, huh?”  That’s…surprisingly thoughtful.  And mature.  “I-I want to say the thought of a guy flirting with me doesn’t freak me out, but…you’re my best friend.  I’m a pathetic friend, huh?”
            Usually, you’d defend him with more vigour, but right now you’re feeling lousy and all you can manage is shaking your head.
            Unfortunately, when Yosuke’s decided to stop being oblivious, he’s actually pretty observant.  He pauses and then stares.  “U-um.  You’ve been flirting with me for a while, haven’t you?”
            You make a frustrated groaning-sort of noise, and fight the urge to flop dramatically on your bed.
            “How long?”  He still hasn’t removed the hand.
            “Since I thought you asked me out on the second day of class,” you answer.  He can be persistent when he wants to be and you don’t want to find out his interrogation techniques.
            He blinks.  “S-Souji, that’s…”
            “I know,” you growl and try not to cry.
            He sighs, then pats you.  “Well, I’ll try to be better about it, and we’l rescue Kanji like all the others, so—try not to worry about it.  Try and get some sleep, okay?”  He leaves, closing the door behind him.
            Sleep is a long time coming.

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backdating because I'm posting before I go to bed but technically could not make it before now.
Today has been one of the most stressful days...two finals and a term paper that I kept finding issues with.  So many last minute quote issues.  I slid in a minute before the deadline.  (of course, he could've looked at my past attempts because SO MANY)
I got to social link which was good but also probably bad, because while I needed the mental recharge to even complete the freaking thing, I also ended up using up more time than I should have
I'm just going to go cry in a corner don't mind me

Main Points:
Persona 4 New Days
Chapter Summary:
Protag has had enough.
Word Count: 40
Rating: teen
Notes: The second person has returned

            You hear the doorbell ring, and Nanako’s light steps pad hesitantly up the stairs to your room.  “U-um, Dad wants to know if you want to see Yosuke.”
            You sigh.  No, not really. “I’ll be down in just a minute.”


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