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Sep. 3rd, 2017 10:18 pm
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No research required!
(I had a marine bio class)

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Universe Optional
Summary: Kakyoin can't sleep.
Word Count: 250
Rating: Gen

       “Why marine life?” Kakyoin whispers, staring at the ceiling.
       There’s a grumble from the next bed.  “Go to sleep, Noriaki.”
       He holds his breath for a second.  Despite how predictable Jotaro seems, he’s actually master of the unexpected.  “I can’t,” he confesses, and for one awful second stretched to infinity, the silence is accusing.  Then…
       “Did you know there’s a species of crab that will have a heart attack if you chase it too long?”
       Instantly Kakyoin sits up, eyes wide.  “You’re making that up.”
       “Nope.”  One of Jotaro’s huge hands comes to rest on the cap placed above his face.  The rest of him doesn’t move.  Then, again: “Did you know that most tidal pools are somewhat unique in their species composition, even ones only a meter apart?”
       The only interest Kakyoin usually has for this sort of thing is as an amateur artist, but he turns on his stomach, fluffing his pillow, facing his friend.  “Wow,” he breathes.
       He can hear Jotaro’s grin—and it’s actually a grin and not a smirk, for once—in the deep voice.  “Did you know that octopi can learn puzzle solutions by watching another octopus complete the puzzle?”
       “That’s really cool,” he says, eyes sparkling, and then a thought occurs to him.  “You know, if you talk about all your marine knowledge tomorrow, it’ll annoy Polnareff.”
       “Challenge accepted, jerk.”  Now it’s an affectionate smile.  Jotaro puts his hand back to his side.  “Get some sleep.”
       "Good night, Jotaro," Kakyoin whispers, already relaxing.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Chapter Summary:
Josuke starts planning a counter attack.
Word Count: 1650
Rating: Gen



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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Universe Optional
Summary: When I first saw Subnautica, I thought 'Jotaro would lose his mind over this game', so here we are.  Fun Fact: I want to get Subnautica and name the Cyclops 'Star Platinum' for reasons.
Word Count: 404
Rating: Gen

          Kakyoin’s been looking forward to getting home and playing some games all day.  He plans on just a few hours before he makes food, or maybe just order out (again) if he loses track of time.
          Jotaro never complains.  He actually prefers fast food and ramen, as far as Kakyoin can tell, which is exactly why Kakyoin insists on being the cook of the couple, to make sure Jotaro has something like a balanced diet, even if he has to trick the man into it.
          Along those lines, Kakyoin wouldn’t normally encourage something like this, but he doesn’t feel like putting the effort in after the day he’s had.
          He walks in and sees…a white coat, hanging up on one of the pegs.  Usually Jotaro’s late.  He loses track of time working with all the animals and often works overtime.  Which at least helps their financial situation, but doesn’t do much for socialization.  “Jojo?”
          “’m here,” a voice calls out, and he follows the voice to the computer room.
          Jotaro’s hunched over the computer, and by the way he’s clenching his jaw he’s angry.  “What’s wrong?”            He takes in the underwater scene.  It doesn’t look like Earth, from what little Kakyoin can tell through his amateur knowledge gleaned from listening to his boyfriend talk.
          “I died,” Jotaro answers, morose.  “I lost a lot of stuff.”
          The game Kakyoin had been looking forward to was actually on the computer, but he can grab his handheld, and it’s so rare to see his boyfriend play a game that he’s really tempted to just watch.
          “You’re home early,” he points out.
          Jojo grunts.  “Bullshit politics.  Some sorta inspection thing; apparently I’m not the best PR and they’re running low staff.  I just hope they don’t neglect any of the animals.”
          Kakyoin embraces his boyfriend from behind, pressing a kiss to Jotaro’s ear.  “Well, if they do, you’re the one to make sure they take responsibility for themselves.”
          The brunet freezes, hands stilling, and Kakyoin can see the slight flush on the tops of Jotaro’s ears.  Immediately, his day is improving.
          “Tell me about the game,” he asks, and Jotaro’s character respawns in what looks like a small floating metallic sphere, and he starts explaining.  He isn’t obviously excited, but the fact that he’s more talkative than normal says it all.  Especially since his “doesn’t play anything” super serious nerd of a boyfriend is actually playing a game.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure meant to occur in the same universe as O Christmas Tree and the posted Possible Timeline
Summary: Faster to read.
Word Count: 50
Rating: Gen

          She can tell exactly what the hotel workers think when she walks in with her dad.  He, of course, doesn’t bother to clear anything up and just marches past them like they aren’t there.  She gives them a little wave, which startles them.  She tries not to be too amused.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure meant to occur in the same universe as O Christmas Tree and the posted Possible Timeline
Summary: Out of all the people Buffy expected to see in LA, her bio-dad wasn't one of them.
Word Count: 892
Rating: Gen

madimpossibledreamer: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) (ace)

Jotaro and Kakyoin are opposites.  Star may cuddle but he’s not the type to want sex, while Jotaro gets embarrassed at any type of affection but doesn’t get ruffled easily by sex.  Hierophant Green loves to invade people, so sex would just be a natural extension of that, while Kakyoin is the type to be overly affectionate and tease to ruffle feathers.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU (where the joestars & friends play innocent sin online) iso//sq
Summary: Kakyoin doesn't know how to deal with this.
Word Count: 393
Rating: Gen

         “So…you’re a girl.”
         “Sorta,” Jotaro responds with a bland tone.  It’s common for him to say things in a bland tone, but there’s actually differences in the bland tone.  For instance, right now he’s wondering why the hell Kakyoin’s making a big deal about this tinged with an undercurrent of irritation if it keeps up (Kakyoin’s heard him use it a couple of times on his mother, a sweet lady named Holly who he’s heard next to nothing about because while Jotaro isn’t normally talkative he clams up when it’s about his mom).
         “But you have tits.”  He’s not usually vulgar, but sometimes it’s the only way to get across to Jotaro.
         That earns an amused smile.  Sort of a ‘well, you earned a brief reprieve, don’t screw it up’.  “Yep.”
         Kakyoin tries, a couple times, to think of a response that won’t get him hit.  Eventually he settles on, “I’m confused,” because honesty is a big part of their friendship, and it’s very true.  He’s having a sexual crisis, actually, because he’s gay but apparently Jotaro isn’t a guy and he likes Jotaro anyway.  Still.  Probably.
         The hot voice helps.
         Jotaro shrugs.  He’s exhuding a ‘don’t wanna talk about it’ air now, but he gets that this is a conversation they need to have.  “I don’t really care.  I don’t particularly like pronouns but if you gotta—and I know it’s inconvenient not to—male pronouns are fine.  I’m not exactly a girl and I don’t like people referring to me as one, but it’s true I’m not exactly a guy, either.  I could have an operation pretty quick if I cared enough.  The old man wouldn’t mind paying for it.  I just…I get that there are people out there who lose their shit over stuff like this.  That it’s a big deal for some people.  I don’t really care.  That being said, anybody assuming that I’m small and weak, just ‘cause I was born with certain parts…”  The look on Jotaro’s face is predatory and dangerous and the world realigns a little again.  There’s a part of his friend that’s cruel, sometimes, and it’s fine because it makes him feel normal.  “I’m Jotaro.  I want people to remember that, not anything else.”
         “You’re certainly memorable,” Kakyoin offers, and the brilliant, fond, even sweet smile he gets in return was worth it.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU (where the joestars & friends play innocent sin online) iso//sq
Summary: Kakyoin finally gets to talk to his crush.
Word Count: 420
Rating: Gen

        It’s not long until Polnareff gets him playing the game on his own, mostly because yeah, he actually is a gamer at heart, and also he has a ridiculous crush on the owner of the voice which Polnareff finds hilarious.  He’ll be lucky if he stops hearing about that before he dies.  And at least Polnareff’s shifts have been overscheduled for a bit, mostly because the Frenchman has a bad habit of calling in sick once too often.
        He’s gotten to level 9, so he’s gotten through the starting districts of Mikage-cho and has begun to not feel like quite such a beginner.  He’s having difficulties deciding between whether he wants to wield a sword or staff, but is leaning toward staff if only so he can be different from his friend.  Plus, when he rolled really well on a rare sword even if it was a beginning sword the Frenchman hadn’t stopped whining for a few hours, and it’s hard enough to stop that from happening on a regular basis as it is.
        Polnareff gets on long enough to introduce the two (with an innuendo; Kakyoin’s just glad that there’s no facecam so Star can’t see the tips of his ears blushing): “Hey, this is my friend; he’s a virgin at MMORPGS, so take it easy with him, okay?”  He winks at Kakyoin and leaves the room, throwing stuff into his basic pillowcase that he takes to work every day, swearing at that, too.  Kakyoin breathes in quietly as he adjusts the mike and tries to remind himself that he’s the responsible adult of the two roommates and shouldn’t hurl objects at someone even if they’re freaking immature.
        There’s an expectant silence, and Kakyoin feels his heart hammering away in his rib cage, before the guy speaks.  “So, Midori.  And you’re a…Herald.  How’d you end up with a loser friend like that useless Cavalier?”
        Kakyoin nearly doesn’t respond.  He’s got the worst case of butterflies.  He did enough reading on classes and the rest of the game so he doesn’t look like a complete idiot when he plays (ignoring Polnareff who swears no one needs manuals ever).  But on the other hand, this is a guy he really wants to impress and he has to start somewhere, so he responds.  He doesn’t really have the time to think out how he’s gonna say this.  “Probably the same way I’m hoping to become friends with you?”
        That bark of laughter is the single greatest thing he’s heard in his life.

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You know you have a problem when your crossovers begin to have crossovers.
I don't think I'm going to have a big story here, for once. Just some fun side stuff with playing games. Thus, I don't think there's going to be any Coma Players amongst the Jojo's crew or anything. It may not even take place in the same universe as the mainverse iso crew, though the created characters might show up at some point. It's like the Endrance|Elk thing.  Continuity is an unanswered question.  It's just playing around, both with the characters and with the game mechanics themselves.
They're also going to be more like vaguely connected drabbles than one storyline with all the blanks filled in and a clear passage of time.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU (where the joestars & friends play innocent sin online)
Summary: Polnareff wants Kakyoin to join him in an MMORPG, and Kakyoin gets to hear from one of the people that plays iso with Jean-Pierre.
Word Count: 430
Rating: Gen

          “Come on, Kakyoin, there’s this game you should play. You’re always playing on your console, but you should try actually playing with other people for once.” Polnareff, the social butterfly, probably can’t contemplate actually having fun doing things on his own. He doesn’t like being around most people, doesn’t like the way they tend to look at him, or worse, the way they stop so easily when he just puts up the littlest amount of a false front. Maybe he despises them. It’s hard to tell.
          The logo of the game is vaguely familiar when Polnareff clicks on it. Kakyoin vaguely remembers having seen it before, mostly when the Frenchman had deleted a bunch of Actually Important Stuff to download the thing. He should probably be happy it wasn’t a virus gained from visiting porn sites, considering that the man is kinda reckless with the computer they share.
          “At least I get a perk to deal with living with you. I can access the Japan-only servers,” the man explains as he signs in the game and then a colorful knight-looking character. Kakyoin rolls his eyes and turns the page of his book. As if Polnareff is the one who truly suffers. Well, it’s not like Kakyoin minds. Which is weird.
          He gets sidetracked reading, and only remembers that he’s supposed to be learning all about this new game that he should play (he’s convinced it’s because it would benefit his friend somehow) when the loud, bombastic commentary becomes even worse than usual. Polnareff swears colorfully in French, Kakyoin’s sure without even knowing the language, and then follows that up with a “You’re always cheating, Star.”
          “Am not,” a smug voice replies, and Kakyoin feels his heart skip a beat. That voice, it’s…
          He’s falling in love with some gamer he can’t even see just based on the sound of a sexy voice. This is his social life, right now. He hadn’t really been bothered about reality until this moment when he realizes it’s just that absurd and he’s probably going to buy a game subscription just to hear more of that voice.
          “You just suck at the game.” The speaker punctuates that statement with yet another well-placed strike, and Polnareff’s character dies, and his friend carefully places down the controller like they talked about because Kakyoin really can’t afford to keep buying them replacements, and just stalks off. Most likely to hit a wall or something.
          Hopefully not to break out his fencing equipment, because the last time that happened not at the training facility their landlord threw a fit.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Universe Optional
Summary: Jotaro and Kakyoin go book shopping.  (inspired by a vaguely remembered scene from the brief period where I got 7th Stand User to work though that might've been with Avdol whatever it's been a bit just read the fic and stop reading this note)
Word Count: 350
Rating: Gen

           Kakyoin feels a twinge of guilt as he peruses the book stands eagerly.  Joestar-san had insisted that none of them was to go anywhere alone in case of Stand attack, so Kakyoin asked Jotaro if he’d wanted to go along. He’d gotten a big, expressive shrug in return, but Jojo had stood up, so he’d assumed it had been a yes.  From the way that Jotaro’s standing now, though…not even looking at the stalls, or the stands…what had he even been thinking, bringing a delinquent book shopping?
           He starts slightly as Jotaro clears his throat.  Several of the other customers shiver a little, intimidated.
           “Y-yes, Jojo?” he asks, looking back over his shoulder. 
           Jotaro tugs his cap down to cover his face a little.  “See if there’s any mysteries, Shonen Jump, or books about marine life.”
           For a moment, Kakyoin’s brain short-circuits.  “I-I’m sorry?”
           “It’s not the end of the world if you can’t find them,” Jotaro states gruffly, clearly embarrassed.  “It’d just be something to keep us from getting bored.”
           It’s all he can do to keep the wide grin off his face.  He’s been trying to learn more about his rescuer for ages, so the chance to do so is amazing.  “Any particular authors?  I don’t know that much about the mystery genre.”  He spots a children’s marine life book and almost ignores it, but then realizes it follows the letter of Jotaro’s request and he can find a mystery, somewhere in this haphazard collection, to make up for it.
           Jotaro’s begun mumbling into his cap, which is a little funny.  “My favorite is Columbo, so if you can find any of those.  Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple isn’t bad, though.  Honestly I’ll read any well-written mystery.”  He’s embarrassed, and Kakyoin’s first instinct is to tease him, but he doesn’t give in to that instinct.  Jojo is his first friend.  He might as well be nice.
           “I’ll look,” he promises, and is grateful he’s looking back because he sees the slightest of smiles cross the fellow student’s face before he glances away and hides his face with the hat.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Universe Optional
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 60
Rating: Gen
Warning: It’s Jojo’s, so dudes of ambiguous sexuality ahead.

            “Remember the beginning, where I was scared to even talk to you?”
            Jotaro grunts.  “I prefer now.”
            “What, you don’t like your men strong and silent?” Kakyoin teases, and then is struck by the image of Jotaro dating himself and cannot contain the giggle.
            “Yare yare,” Jotaro shakes his head.  “You have too much of an imagination, you green twig.”

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 75
Rating: Gen

         Jotaro Kujo understands that his minor of psychology has nothing to do with marine biology.  He was hooked the minute he heard synesthesia described, on the ‘visiting scholar lecture’ he was dragged to by a visiting Holly.  He’s driven to understand.
         They don’t have all the answers.  Discovering ‘why’ is a distant dream.  It still lingers, tantalizing, and it’s not like he’s not used to more questions than answers in a universe populated by Stands.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo Pantheon?  I don't know what to name this universe.  What does everyone think of Drama Pantheon?  Still probably crack.  Or something.
Word Count:
Rating: Gen

          Kakyoin finishes stocking the shelf and wipes the sweat off his brow.  Who knew that many cans could be that heavy?  (Well, Polnareff, considering he foisted this off on Kakyoin ‘as payment for having to cover for your shift this weekend’ and was always complaining about the task, but still.)  And he walks down the aisle and turns the corner and…
          And there’s Death, leaning as casually as a tank can against an aisle, turning the pages of what looks like a children’s marine life coloring book. 
          “What are you doing here?” he hisses.
          Jotaro glances up and is about to respond, but then Polnareff’s voice joins them, and Kakyoin feels like screaming.  The world is conspiring against him.
          “Who’s this hunk?  Don’t tell me that story about a date was true, mon fruend!”
          It takes Kakyoin a moment to realize what Polnareff has said.  Wide-eyed, he turns to Death, who discreetly shakes his head.  Thank goodness.  It’s nice having a friend, and funerals suck.

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Happy Christmas or other assorted holidays!
(or, if you celebrate nothing, have a great day just because!)
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, how deadly are your branches (fun fact: I only know this song in German...)

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure sorta universe optional
Summary: Jolyne has her dad help with the Christmas tree.
Word Count: 475
Rating: Gen
Notes: Originally this was written for the universe where Jolyne is Buffy, but I realized I didn't actually use her name or do anything super clearly tied to it.  The 'on the ground too' is a reference to Joyce.  If so, not sure where Dawn is--maybe she's asleep?  Or Xander's taking her last minute shopping, or something?  Does not take place on Christmas.  The party isn't written; maybe a holiday fic for next year?  I like the flow, all the dialogue (much snark), etc.  Also based on real-life events.  First year with an artificial tree and it turns out I'm allergic.

          “Come on, Dad!  Come on!  We have to get the tree ready!”  It’s been ages since she wandered in and poked her Dad like this.  She was a kid herself, but she’s feeling younger than she has in a while.
          Jotaro grumbles into his pillow, but she keeps poking, unworried.
          “Isn’t it too early?”  He’s finally audible.
          “Nope!” she responds cheerfully.  “It’s 10:30.  You’re not a high schooler, which is clearly the only excuse.  You’re just lucky I waited this long, neglecting my daughterly duties to bother you way too early in the morning.  Up, up, tree, tree!”
          He growls and grabs his hat off the nightstand by his bed, but he sits up.  “Fine.”
          He looks like he’s on autopilot as he helps her get the tree down from the attic and holds pieces to help her set it up.  She can’t resist.  “By the way, everyone’s supposed to come for a Christmas Eve party.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
          He yawns.  “How’s this supposed to go?”
          She blinks.  “Haven’t you ever used an artificial tree before?”
          “The old man insisted on a real tree every year, so no.  When he was there, it was a big production, but it’s not quite the same in Japan.”
          She gasps in shock.  “Heathen!”
          Green eyes blink in her direction.  “I don’t understand you sometimes.”
          “That’s okay,” she responds, hugging him, and he responds as much as he can.
          They finish setting it up, and they sit down to get a little coffee.  He doesn’t stir much, but does hold out a hand when she offers freshly made coffee and toast.  And she gasps.
          There’s red, bumpy, raised skin on his arm, little circles and lines.  “Are you okay?”  Even as she asks, she remembers seeing someone in the store, telling anyone that will listen about her ‘allergies’.  And that’s honestly what it looks like.  “Are you allergic?  Are you breathing?”
          “Clearly, I’m not breathing.  I’m dead.”  The sarcasm’s annoying, but his voice sounds normal enough for a sleep-deprived Jotaro.
          She punches his shoulder, and he grimaces but doesn’t move.  “Sorry.”
          “Like you knew.”  He sighs.  “I guess I won’t help decorate.”
          “Are you sure it’s fine having it around?”  That’s the last thing she wants, her dad on the ground, too.  She shakes the idea out of her head.
          “It feels like it left some sort of residue, or something.  Touch is probably the problem.  Unless it’s a Stand, in which case, feel free to punch it through the nearest wall.” 
          She can’t help the laugh, but glares at him for not taking this seriously enough.  He shrugs in response.  She’s going to keep an eye on him, but she can relax a little.  “Well, I should’ve known that only a Grinch would be allergic to Christmas.”
          "Cute," he snarls, but fluffs her hair anyway.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo Pantheon?  I don't know what to name this universe.  What does everyone think of Dramaverse Pantheon?  Still probably crack.  Or something.
Summary: Joseph is about as useful as he was in SDC.  (He'll be more awesome later on, assuming I ever get that far.)
Word Count: 600
Rating: Gen
Notes: I'd apologize for the Joseph but it's not like he's racist in canon or anything oh wait so it just kinda happened that he ended up looking down on humans instead of the Japanese.  That being said, he's still rude to both Kakyoin and Jotaro and I do not approve.
'wisdom' )
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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo Pantheon?  I don't know what to name this universe.  What does everyone think of Dramaverse Pantheon?  Still probably crack.  Or something.
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 100
Rating: Gen

            They walk until they reach a Torii.  Jotaro narrows his eyes at the gate, then at Kakyoin, and begins speaking in an unknown language, gesturing in a way that speaks of power.  His human form flickers, the outline turning black.  The only part of him visible, as Kakyoin glances over, is the green eyes still bright, intelligent, and intimidating.
            Then a portal opens, like all the anime Kakyoin has watched, like all the games he’s played, but more real.  Obviously, considering that’s real life, but.  The colors are more vibrant.  “Come on,” Death growls.
            Jotaro steps through, and Kakyoin follows. 

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo Pantheon?  I don't know what to name this universe.  What does everyone think of Dramaverse Pantheon?  Still probably crack.  Or something.
Summary: Death and Kakyoin talk as they walk.
Word Count: 675
Rating: Gen

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo Pantheon?  I don't know what to name this universe.  Still probably crack.  Or something.
Summary: The stranger follows Kakyoin home.
Word Count: 1023
Rating: Gen
Notes: Yeah, the line about being dead?  That's pretty much what this entire thing was written for, though I was having too much fun to let it go.  Also the butter knife.  That line I actually read in OVA Jotaro's voice.  It was pretty great.

A Fundamental Misunderstanding )

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo Pantheon?  I don't know what to name this universe.
Summary: Kakyoin's walking down the street when he sees a stranger.
Word Count: 300
Rating: Gen
Notes: May be crack.  Written entirely for a line in the next part.  Also written during finals week at about 2 in the morning after studying.

            Maybe he’s being rude, but it isn’t often that Kakyoin sees such a good-looking guy, particularly on the way from carrying back groceries.  So maybe he’s staring a little.
            There’s no way anyone got that ripped naturally, of course, but that doesn’t mean he can’t admire a piece of art.  And, well, it’s not quite on the level of muscles on muscles you see sometimes in bodybuilding competitions.  The man’s practically a Greek god sculpted from the stone (and that’s a bad train of thought, as it leads to naked bodies which he needs to not be picturing in the middle of a street), with a jawline and massive towering height to match.
            The outfit, particularly the double belt, is a little weird, but the hat hides the hair (like the tantalizing tease of a strip show and he’s really losing it, keep it together), and the trenchcoat (which oddly resembles a gakuran, but surely this giant can’t be any younger than Kakyoin) just accentuates the height and probably swishes in an awesome manner when he walks.
            He isn’t walking right now, though.  He’s standing, hands casually in his pockets (why is that indifference so attractive?), people-watching.
            Kakyoin thinks.
            Okay, maybe he’s waiting for someone, who knows.  Not Kakyoin.
            Then piercing green eyes turn in his direction, and Kakyoin freezes, mind bailing on him completely.  “Are you looking at me?” he asks, voice gruff and low, pitched exactly to carry to Kakyoin’s ears.
            “Sorry!” he squeaks in probably the highest voice possible, and bolts, accidentally dropping his groceries in his haste to escape the embarrassment.
            “Hey, wait!” the powerful voice calls out, but that just urges him on until he reaches his apartment and locks the door.  Kakyoin turns his back on the door and slides down it, legs jelly.

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Random use of guilt trips and subsequently reading about Moffat doesn't make for a happy bunny.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure universe optional
Summary: Jotaro knows something's wrong.  (aftermath of Death 13)
Word Count: 270
Rating: Gen

               Kakyoin does not jump when footsteps approach.  Not at all.  When he spins around, though, it’s a little too fast.  The world shifts around him dizzyingly.
               “Hey!” And there are strong hands to steady him.  It’s comforting, but Kakyoin doesn’t want to rely on them too heavily.
               “Is there something wrong?” he asks with effort.
               “Yeah,” Jotaro is frowning deeper than usual, looking him over.  He’s…worried?  “There was a Stand attack, wasn’t there?”
               Kakyoin starts, and there’s no hiding it given that Jotaro has yet to move away.  His eyes are probably gigantic.  I-is Jotaro remembering?
               “It made us all distrust each other.  Played on our minds.  That’s why you seemed so off.  You knew and you couldn’t get us to listen.”
               Kakyoin’s shoulders slump a little.  He tries not to look disappointed.  It isn’t as if Jotaro’s wrong, but it would’ve been nice to actually talk about it.
               “I can’t figure out how the Stand User got so close—unless it’s a long range type, or maybe, after that damn orangutan, it was a raptor or someth-”
               Jotaro is…well, it’s not babbling, but it’s more than he ever talks.  It’s almost adorable.  He really is worried.  And cares.  And that’s what Kakyoin needs right now.  “Jojo, stop.  I took care of it.”
               That gets Jotaro’s attention.  There’s a hint of hesitation, like he wants to ask if Kakyoin’s sure but doesn’t want to imply he couldn’t take care of it.  He settles on, “By yourself.  Because we wouldn’t help.”
               “That wasn’t your fault-” he begins and is interrupted by a yawn.
               “Sleep, Noriaki.  If anything happens, I’ll wake you up.  I’ve got your back.”
               And for the first time in a little while, Kakyoin’s comfortable with doing exactly that.


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