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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure meant to occur in the same universe as O Christmas Tree and the posted Possible Timeline
Summary: Faster to read.
Word Count: 50
Rating: Gen

          She can tell exactly what the hotel workers think when she walks in with her dad.  He, of course, doesn’t bother to clear anything up and just marches past them like they aren’t there.  She gives them a little wave, which startles them.  She tries not to be too amused.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure meant to occur in the same universe as O Christmas Tree and the posted Possible Timeline
Summary: Out of all the people Buffy expected to see in LA, her bio-dad wasn't one of them.
Word Count: 892
Rating: Gen

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Happy Christmas or other assorted holidays!
(or, if you celebrate nothing, have a great day just because!)
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, how deadly are your branches (fun fact: I only know this song in German...)

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure sorta universe optional
Summary: Jolyne has her dad help with the Christmas tree.
Word Count: 475
Rating: Gen
Notes: Originally this was written for the universe where Jolyne is Buffy, but I realized I didn't actually use her name or do anything super clearly tied to it.  The 'on the ground too' is a reference to Joyce.  If so, not sure where Dawn is--maybe she's asleep?  Or Xander's taking her last minute shopping, or something?  Does not take place on Christmas.  The party isn't written; maybe a holiday fic for next year?  I like the flow, all the dialogue (much snark), etc.  Also based on real-life events.  First year with an artificial tree and it turns out I'm allergic.

          “Come on, Dad!  Come on!  We have to get the tree ready!”  It’s been ages since she wandered in and poked her Dad like this.  She was a kid herself, but she’s feeling younger than she has in a while.
          Jotaro grumbles into his pillow, but she keeps poking, unworried.
          “Isn’t it too early?”  He’s finally audible.
          “Nope!” she responds cheerfully.  “It’s 10:30.  You’re not a high schooler, which is clearly the only excuse.  You’re just lucky I waited this long, neglecting my daughterly duties to bother you way too early in the morning.  Up, up, tree, tree!”
          He growls and grabs his hat off the nightstand by his bed, but he sits up.  “Fine.”
          He looks like he’s on autopilot as he helps her get the tree down from the attic and holds pieces to help her set it up.  She can’t resist.  “By the way, everyone’s supposed to come for a Christmas Eve party.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
          He yawns.  “How’s this supposed to go?”
          She blinks.  “Haven’t you ever used an artificial tree before?”
          “The old man insisted on a real tree every year, so no.  When he was there, it was a big production, but it’s not quite the same in Japan.”
          She gasps in shock.  “Heathen!”
          Green eyes blink in her direction.  “I don’t understand you sometimes.”
          “That’s okay,” she responds, hugging him, and he responds as much as he can.
          They finish setting it up, and they sit down to get a little coffee.  He doesn’t stir much, but does hold out a hand when she offers freshly made coffee and toast.  And she gasps.
          There’s red, bumpy, raised skin on his arm, little circles and lines.  “Are you okay?”  Even as she asks, she remembers seeing someone in the store, telling anyone that will listen about her ‘allergies’.  And that’s honestly what it looks like.  “Are you allergic?  Are you breathing?”
          “Clearly, I’m not breathing.  I’m dead.”  The sarcasm’s annoying, but his voice sounds normal enough for a sleep-deprived Jotaro.
          She punches his shoulder, and he grimaces but doesn’t move.  “Sorry.”
          “Like you knew.”  He sighs.  “I guess I won’t help decorate.”
          “Are you sure it’s fine having it around?”  That’s the last thing she wants, her dad on the ground, too.  She shakes the idea out of her head.
          “It feels like it left some sort of residue, or something.  Touch is probably the problem.  Unless it’s a Stand, in which case, feel free to punch it through the nearest wall.” 
          She can’t help the laugh, but glares at him for not taking this seriously enough.  He shrugs in response.  She’s going to keep an eye on him, but she can relax a little.  “Well, I should’ve known that only a Grinch would be allergic to Christmas.”
          "Cute," he snarls, but fluffs her hair anyway.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU, Follows off Cold Starlight
Summary: When Jolyne sees her mother in prison, it's not easy for anyone.
Word Count: 484

                First comes the hate.  Then, once the talk of Stands, the astonishing realization that her mother knows about all these weird things that keep happening, begins to sink in, it’s the snakeskin pants that get her attention.

Her mother’s always had a…questionable sense of fashion.  Between the coats (which she still doesn’t understand) and the hat (which never comes off, so that’s just about as weird), she wouldn’t be put on the front page of any magazine, unless you count one of those weird marine biology ones.

                Then again, it’s doubtful her mother even cares.  Because not caring would be a lot like her, actually.
                “I was hoping it’d skip you,” Jouko is explaining, voice its usual blunt, low tone.  “But then, the bloodline isn’t that kind.  On the other hand, you’ll be able to fight back, now, so that’s something.”
                She nearly gets angry but then notices that Jouko-san is breathing harder than usual, and she hasn’t pulled out her stand or prepared for battle.  She sees a hint of white cloth peeking out from behind the collar, and leaps forward, tugging at it.
                The skin pales slightly.  Not that it can, too much.  Even for a woman who spends most of her time in the freaking sun, she’s still light-skinned.  She sways and fixes her daughter with a green-eyed glare, but it’s not enough to make her ignore her discovery.
                “You’re hurt.”  It might’ve put them in danger.  That’s why she’s angry.
                Jouko-san manages a slight smile.  It’s a dangerous smile, one that Jolyne’s never seen.  She prefers it to the usual.  “It wouldn’t surprise you to learn that I managed to make many enemies.  One in particular tried to hurt me through you—he’s the reason you’re in here right now, and he has a Stand.  We have to go, because the next step in his plan was to kill you.”
                And then Jolyne realizes that she’s been wrong all along.  This, more than a family, might ruin her mother’s job, forever.  She’s making herself a target, of not just these Stand Users but the government who’d been kind enough to issue her a permanent immigrant visa.  Making the choice with the same decisiveness as ever.  No hesitation as to whether Jolyne is even worth it.  The delay’s probably due to the injury her mother was trying to hide.
                She’s ready to sacrifice herself for her own child.  If that’s not love, Jolyne doesn’t understand the emotion any better than her own mother.
                And then Jouko manages to get a laugh from her, too.  “It’s a good thing your father isn’t here.  He’s useless in a normal fight, let alone one against Stand Users.”
                “I think we’ll manage,” Jolyne states, letting the violence in her smile match her mother’s.
                (Like many of the things Jolyne is so certain about, she’s wrong about that, too.  But that’s a story for another day.)
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Jotaro = Jouko (female) in this 'verse.  And predictably doesn't give a shit about gender.  (It honestly doesn't change that much for our protag of Part III.  Or Part VI, for that matter.  Also, no idea why Jolyne's still got her mother's last name.  It just rolls off the tongue better.)

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary: Jolyne Kujo hates her mother.
Word Count: 323

               Jolyne Kujo hates her mother.
               It’s a fact of which she’s completely and utterly certain.  The woman abandoned her and her father, disappeared without a word one day.  She’d had some kind of discussion with Dad before she left, but neither of them discussed anything with Jolyne.
               But sometimes she’ll be staring at the stars, and the lines will blur.  She’ll catch herself thinking about how that’s a woman who wouldn’t abandon her life, her job, just for family.  Who wouldn’t become a housewife.  And to be honest, she has a hard time imagining Jouko compromising, putting on that apron and cooking (she’s a disaster in the kitchen, honestly).
               A woman who refuses to be seen as just a woman.  Who’ll swear (that’s where Jolyne learned most of her curse words, much to her father’s distress) and who used to smoke (and, as far as Jolyne can tell, quit because she got bored) and who’ll refuse to back down from a fight.
               A delinquent girl.  That’s who Jolyne is, tattoos and all.  When she actually bothers to look back on the stubborn, rebellious streak, it isn’t hard to see the familial origin, but that hurts to think about calmly.  It’s much easier to be angry.
               (That’s also an honestly earned legacy.  Which she could probably guess when she thinks about it, which she doesn’t.  Ever.)
               Because it brings up questions of whether a woman so independent, so wild and fierce and free, untamed by civilization, bluntly uncompromising in the face of everything the world could throw at her, could ever love.  Those are just ties keeping you down, right?
               So the answer is of course not, she says, as sure as the thought that she hates her mother.
               (It turns out that neither of these facts are as certain as she thinks, but it takes getting thrown in jail and seeing things that turn her world upside down before she finds the truth.)
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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Summary:  Timeline.  If I don't get to writing this, someone else could use these notes.

-Unfortunately, we have to fudge with dates again.  Otherwise, it’s entirely plausible.  (Jolyne born 1992, Buffy born 19 January 1981, Jotaro born January 20-Feb 18 1970)  He had her when he was ~22, so if we go with that, he would have had to have been born 1959…nope, so pushing it forward.  It’d no longer be of the 90’s.  Not focusing on this much, though.

-Buffy was born Jolyne Kujo.  (Divorce when she was seven (1999) (keeping the 19th January date), 1998, and very sick; Jotaro was off helping Josuke.  Joyce called him, drunk, and got Josuke instead.)

-1999, while sick and half-dying from (likely) gaining a latent Stand, Buffy witnesses her cousin’s mysterious death in a hospital.

-After Joyce got the divorce, Jolyne was really sad, but Joyce distracted her with “would you like to choose a new name?”  Jolyne was really excited and didn’t realize what that meant.  They had her name legally changed.

-2001 Joyce re-marries.  Buffy isn’t particularly approving, and in frustration, Hank tells her that Jotaro abandoned her.  Coupled with Jotaro’s “Hurt her and you’ll regret it” call, Hank convinces Joyce to get a restraining order.

-Same year, Joyce shortly calls Jotaro to tell him about the restraining order and that Buffy no longer wants anything to do with him.

-Spring 2007 Buffy becomes the next Slayer.

-Summer 2007 Hank and Joyce Summers send Buffy to the mental institution.  They do not tell Jotaro.

-Summer-Autumn 2007 Hank divorces Joyce and tells her that it’s Buffy’s fault.  Joyce, having some gumption of her own, follows him and learns that he’s been carrying on an affair with his secretary.  She tells Buffy that she was the one who divorced Hank and about the affair, feeling that her daughter might otherwise suffer a relapse into ‘insanity’.  They do not tell Jotaro.  Buffy feels guilty anyway.

-Autumn 2007 Welcome to the Hellmouth.

-2008 Jolyne drowns.

-2008 Joyce says that Buffy just doesn’t like Ted because she thinks that Buffy doesn’t trust her judgement anymore.

-Summer 2009, between Season 2 and 3 Joyce drunk calls Jotaro and tells him that their daughter has run away from home.  She tells him about Hank leaving, about the Slayer thing, that she’s had the restraining order revoked, and begs him tearily to find Jolyne.  Jotaro can’t make out much her drunken rambling, but can translate enough of it.  He gets the paperwork necessary to work at several of the aquariums of Los Angeles ready but does not submit any of it.  He finds his daughter.

-They talk.  Buffy springs the Slayer stuff on him, certain that he’ll turn her away or tell her she’s a freak like Joyce and Hank did.  He does none of those things.  “You’re still my daughter.  And if you want me there, I’ll be there.”  She cries and hits him until she falls asleep.  He takes the punches stoicly.

-Jotaro talks more than Buffy’s ever heard him talk.  He tells her that he’ll stay if she wants him to and that he won’t call her mother until she’s ready, since she’ll insist they come back immediately.

-When they return, Joyce is shocked at how well he took it until they get to the ‘vampires are real’ part of the conversation.   She then states that obviously, he’s where the freakiness came from.  Buffy stomps right back out again.

-Josuke, now age 24-25, volunteers to take over most of the active Stand User chasing duties.  After he visits his grand-niece.

-Joyce apologizes for yelling drunkenly at Josuke over the phone all those years ago and offers him hot cocoa in apology.  “I was wondering, but now I know that you fell in love with her hot chocolate!” Josuke exclaims and then blushes.  Jotaro smirks.

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Okay, I lied.  It's not going to be a major plot point in Shadowed Suspicion, though.  And it's an alternative path, since I came up with a better version that fits more.  But, yes, my brain would not shut up about the similarities between Jolyne and Buffy.  Aaaand some others, but we'll get there when we get there.
Hope you're doing well, friends!

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Summary:  Right after the events of the movie, Buffy returns home.
Word Count: 670
Rating: Gen


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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  short one
Word Count: 30
Rating: Gen

            He’s starting to drift again.  He starts mumbling.  “English was never my favorite subject in school.  But I learned it, for you and your mom.”
           “Hurry up, Josuke,” she growls.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  short one
Word Count: 75
Rating: Gen

            It’s another silence, but he’s definitely awake, so she’s not worried yet.  And then she hears his fingers, fumbling in the dark.
            She turns on the light and he curses in Japanese, eventually fishing out what looks like…
            A pack of cigarettes?
            “When you’re wounded?” she asks.  She’s not very happy about that.
            “I’m also stressed,” he snaps back, but the way his fingers are trembling…this is what Jotaro Kujo looks like when he’s scared.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  Jolyne has questions
Word Count: 200
Rating: Gen

            Jotaro doesn’t answer her question, but he does break the silence for a question of his own.  “I’ve lost a lot of blood, and I’m getting cold.  I’ll explain everything, but we need to keep me alive long enough to do that.  Can you get a blanket from the closet?”
            R-right.  Easy enough.  He smiles at her when she comes back and covers him up, blood soaking through, and it’s clear his mind is slowly starting to drift.
            “Why don’t you explain some of it now?” she asks desperately.  Anything to keep him awake and focusing on something.
            “Well, first…” he concentrates, and a giant ghostly jungle warrior breaks out of him.  “…can you see…”  He trails off, studying her face.  “Ah.”  Then, “…I had hoped…but I was fooling myself.”
            “I’m not crazy?”  She doesn’t realize she’s asking the question until she’s asked it, and it makes sense, now.  Connecting that to what she’s been seeing for days, weeks.
            “Nope.”  A tired smirk, but he’s definitely feeling better.
            “…You could have warned me?”  She’s angry, but reminds herself that this isn’t the best time.  When he’s not dying, maybe.
            “Could have,” he grunts.  “Didn’t.”
            “Obviously.”  Later, she tells her temper.


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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  Jotaro reports in.
Word Count: 270
Rating: Gen

            Jotaro is businesslike when they finally get the phone working, almost as if he isn’t hurt.  “The User was a bigger handful than we thought,” was his assessment, and Jolyne filed that question away for later when her father wasn’t dying.  That being said, the person on the other end of the line is anything but calm.
            “We’re sending a doctor and Josuke right away,” the person from the ‘Foundation’ promises.
            “Yare yare daze,” her father mutters, quieter than usual, and Jolyne breaks.
            “They’re trying to save your life!  The least you can do is be grateful!”
            The line goes deadly silent, and it’s almost a full minute before the unfamiliar voice speaks up again, sounding faint.  “Um.  Excuse me, Dr. Kujo.  Who was that?”
            “My daughter,” Jotaro growls, and there’s another silence.
            “Oh, um.  Does she know, then?”
            “She will,” her father promises them out, and it brings her hope.  He’s not that happy about it, but if he’s involved in something that would get him this hurt, of course he wouldn’t want her to know about it, would he?
            “Right.”  There’s another awkward silence, then the man tells her, “Keep him awake, no matter how ornery he gets about it.  If he falls asleep, that could be bad.”
            “I can do that.”  It’ll give her some strange perverse pleasure to do, after all these years of pain.  They weren’t awful, and she’s grateful for them, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t cry about being abandoned again more times than could be counted.  The man hangs up, and Jotaro sighs into the darkness.
            And she realizes something.  “Uncle Josuke?”

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At first, I wasn't sure where all these drabbles about Jotaro were coming from until I realized that I was trying to get into Jotaro's head so I could write him well for Shadowed Suspicion.  Subconscious, sometimes you have pretty good ideas.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  Unfortunately, that conversation's just going to have to wait.
Word Count: 555
Rating: Gen
Warning: Jojo's typical woundage.

            She’s fallen asleep in the textbook when she hears the sound of a key scrabbling at the door.  She sits up and blinks.  It wasn’t this dark before—did one of the lights go out?
            The person who comes in is definitely her dad, and she relaxes for a moment.  Before she realizes something.
            Jotaro can be very quiet, sometimes, but usually when he doesn’t care his stride is quick and powerful.  He’s not moving with anywhere near the speed nor the loudness, and he even stumbles a little.
            “D-dad?”  The word bursts out of her mouth before she realizes, and his head jerks up in her direction, faster than the rest of him is moving.
            “Jo—”  He’s cut off by a coughing fit.  It sounds wet and painful, and yeah, there’s definitely something wrong.  Then he’s asking questions, and he’s asking in Japanese and Jolyne doesn’t know the proper answers.
            “English,” she demands, trying not to completely break down.
            He nods, more exhausted than she’s ever seen him.  She can’t see much, but what she can see is scaring her.  She goes for the switch and he shakes his head at her.  “You’ll only worry more, and I need your help right now.”  Instantly, she’s at his side, supporting what she can of a six foot four giant of a man, and she gets the slightest glimpse of one of the weird, out of place, unreal things, but it’s out of the corner of her eye and she’s got more important things to worry about right now.
            That wetness spreading into her side, she realizes, is probably blood.  She should be terrified out of her mind right now, but her Dad needs her.  “Sofa,” he manages, head dipping down a little on her shoulder.
            Should you even be moving? she wants to ask, but instead she does as he requests and they make their slow, hesitant way over to their destination.  “I’m calling an ambulance,” she states firmly once she’s deposited her cargo, and he looks up with some alarm.  It’s more emotion and strength than she’s gotten out of him recently.
            “No, my regular doctors will do just fine.  Jolyne, please.  My phone—on the table.  It’s in there.”  And maybe even more words than she’s gotten from him in a row.  She hesitates.
            “Jolyne, do you trust me?”  It’s almost like he’s singing.  It’s subtle, but the emotion is there, coloring every note with the paints of the world.
            She loves her father, yes, but he abandoned her.  And yet…
            Maybe this is why.  He sent you those songs.  He’s never loved you any less, a voice whispers.  It’s quieter than all the other words, some of them sounding like her aunt and cousins, but it’s powerful, a steady beat in the chaos.
            “I…think so.”  It’s not as sure as she wants, but from the widening of green eyes ringed with blood visible only at this distance in the poor light, it’s more than he had been expecting.
            “…Then trust me now.  I promise you, I’m not going to die.  I’ll fight with everything I have.”  This, too, is a song in everything but name, and it’s stronger now, with that intimidating, gentle strength that she realizes has always been a part of the father she knew, and she never realized.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  Jolyne needs to talk to her dad.
Word Count: 435
Rating: Gen

            Jotaro is in town.  He doesn’t tend to send songs to her when he’s in town, so that’s not the worrying thing this time.  No, it’s the fact that he called her mom to let her know that he’d be in town (her relatives call it cruel, while her mom says it’s just considerate) but hasn’t been in contact since.  Usually he’ll at least call to say “I’ve arrived” or something.  It’s not usually a long phone conversation (calls with him usually aren’t) but it happens.
            Still, what matters is that he’s in town, and she really needs to talk to him.  She’s been seeing things lately, things that don’t make sense.  It’s not a conversation she wants to have over the phone, but even if she is going crazy, her father’s unemotional manner would be a relief for that, even if what he has to tell her, in the end, is that she’s insane.  It’s easier to deal with than Mom crying about how her girl is touched in the head (she thinks) so she heads to the hotel after school.  It takes an overly emotional retelling of the divorce to get the desk clerk to let her go up, and she’ll giggle about that later and probably tell Jotaro to amuse him, but she gets there.
            And then she realizes that she didn’t think this through.  At all.
            She calls a friend to tell her mother that she’s staying over to study and it might go late.  Sandy probably thinks that it’s a cover for her going on a date with Romeo, but she’ll make up some romantic story about that later.  Her father comes home really late sometimes, so she’s not sure what she thought would be different here.
            She’s bored, so goes through his things with only a twinge of guilt.  She doesn’t figure out the password on his computer, so stops eventually.  There’s notes on sharks scrawled in a messy hand and somewhat neater notes in Japanese that she can’t decipher.  He doesn’t really have that much with him, so it’s a little boring, but then, he always did pack light.  She’s amused to see that he has several of the same hat sitting in the closet (so that really isn’t attached to his hair; she’s wondered), but there are other things, like the first aid kit that he apparently takes with him everywhere, that are a little more concerning.
            Eventually she settles down to struggle through the marine books he has.  They’re very technical, but she manages to drudge up enough from memory that she can struggle through them.

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This references, Jotaro-san by MiniNephthys, which became added to my headcanon the second I read it.  It's really good.  Go read it if you haven't.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  Jolyne gets into her first fight.
Word Count: 195
Rating: Gen

            The incident is almost forgotten by the time the worrisome song comes through.  It’s not like he’s utterly consistent when he sends things, but it’s fairly regular.  He’s begun to call, sometimes, and it’s nowhere near as stoic or formal as his notes, but he’s still less expressive than when he sings.
            This song is delayed for several days, but that’s not all that unusual.  What’s really worrisome is once it finally arrives.  She begins to listen, and it’s clear something is desperately wrong.  She wouldn’t have noticed it if she hadn’t grown accustomed to listening to his voice, trying to gauge mood and where he is in the world by the tone.
            This time he’s clearly in pain.  Something happened.
            He doesn’t mention it in the phone call several days later.  The tone is utterly unbothered, but then, he would act like that, wouldn’t he, if he was hurt.  Another memory surfaces, this time of Uncle Josuke, who she hasn’t seen in years, mentioning something about it being dangerous around Jotaro Kujo.  What does it mean?  Something’s going on.  From that day forward, Jolyne makes it her mission to find out what it is.

Teen Blues

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  Jolyne gets into her first fight.
Word Count: 350
Rating: Gen

            Jotaro is why she suddenly develops an interest in choir.  She tries out, only to be rejected.  It’s only after she leaves that she realizes something—while the notes on the page made little sense to her, she often finds herself singing (or at least humming) Jotaro’s songs to herself after hearing them once.  She doesn’t bother trying again, though.
            She gets into a fight before she hears his voice again.  Her mother calls him, and her throat suddenly feels tight.  She likes where they’re at right now.  What if they lose this, whatever it is?
            He answers after not too long.  Her mother’s the one who explains the situation, not Jolyne, no matter how much Jolyne’s terrified and wants to explain it herself.
            Her mother hands the phone off, and Jolyne can’t speak.
            "Hello?”  It’s…yes, it’s his voice.  She couldn’t not recognize it.
            “D-dad.”  What if he hates her?  What if.
            “Hello, Jolyne.”  His voice sounds amused, and somewhat proud.  It’s a shock to realize that the voice she’d thought was emotionless years before suddenly is easy to read.  Once she begins to look for it, she begins to see the ripples in the usually calm, still waters, and even begins to suspect that there is a disturbance in the depths.  “I’m glad you stood up for yourself, but you shouldn’t make your mother worry like that.”
            He’s always been the one talking to her.  She’s rarely the one who gets to speak back.  “I couldn’t let them hurt someone like that.”
            “Yare yare daze.”  He pauses.  “Well, the good news is, they’ve seen what you can do.  You were pretty good in the fight, right?”
            “…Yes?”  She’s not sure where this is going.
            “Now, all you might have to do is glare.  It’s more effective.”  He’s speaking from experience, and she nearly bursts out laughing.
            “I’ll try not to worry Mom or make a reputation for myself,” she answers, but it’s like it’s an inside joke between the two of them, and she’s smiling inside.
            “You do that.”  There’s a smile in his voice as he hangs up.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  The music turns out to be an unexpected way for Jotaro to connect with his daughter.
Word Count: 175
Rating: Gen

            Getting an audio file in her email becomes so common that she accidentally downloads a virus once.  The next computer is paid for (by her father?) but he doesn’t mention a word about it in his emails.  He really says very little, just enough to let her know that it really is him, and it’s his music that really connects them both.  Even when he can’t be there for her, the recordings are there even when he can’t be, and despite herself she starts to treasure them.
            Her first mp3 player is filled to the brim with music, all sung by her father.  At school, she gets teased about having a crush on the singer, and while she flushes, she’s suddenly irrationally angry.  They don’t know anything about her Dad, so why are they assuming things?
            It takes a long introspection, but she realizes that she wants him to be proud of her.  And while she doesn’t want to be with him, not in that way (ugh), she very possibly might want to be him.


Feb. 18th, 2016 10:23 pm
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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary:  The music turns out to be an unexpected way for Jotaro to connect with his daughter.
Word Count: 450
Rating: Gen

            Years pass.  Jolyne grows up.  The divorce happens, and she begins to believe he doesn’t love her.  Has never loved anyone.  Her heart begins to harden.  He’s always gone, never there.  If he loved her, he’d spend more time with her than with those stupid sharks.
            Mom’s friends and family all tell her how lucky she is to have that man out of her life, out of Mom’s life.  She begins to believe them, almost, if not for the way that Mom just looks sad, sometimes, and tells her that Jotaro is a good man, really.  Could her mother believe in a man that was evil?  Or had she fallen into the trap, somehow?
            And then, out of the blue, an email from her father.  She nearly deletes on principle, but curiosity gets the better of her.  Besides, if he’s really distant, she can tell herself and everyone else that she was right.

                      I’m sure you’ve grown.  It’s been a busy time.  I’d tell you about it, but I don’t want to bore you.
                      I remember how you used to want to hear me sing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve changed your mind.  If you write back and say that you no longer want to hear from me, that’s fine.  But I want to hear that from you, yourself, not your mother’s family.
                                  Dr Jotaro Kujo”

            Jolyne grits her teeth.  How dare he—
            But.  There’s an attachment.  That’s it, if it’s a video about whales, she’s getting a restraining order—you can get those against family, not just crazy stalkers, right?
            She opens it, and it’s some kind of audio file.  It doesn’t seem to be working.  There’s just a bunch of silence.  Typical.  She’s about to close it, when.
            That voice.  That singing voice.  She recognizes it, half forgotten in wishful dreams of a family that she’d thought never existed.  Despite herself, it takes her breath away.
            Here’s the man, the stoic stranger who never showed any emotion.  Not even a ‘please don’t tell me to piss off, I’m your father and want to be in your life’.  And yet, in his voice…
            It’s Japanese.  Maybe so that she can’t understand the lyrics.  But that’s genuine emotion in his voice, sadness and guilt and love, all wrapped together with something else indescribable shining through.  He’s much more expressive when he sings, she remembers, drudging that little fact up through her memory.
            “You’re not getting away with that so easily,” she writes back.  “You’ve been gone all the time, and you want me to absolve you from further responsibility?  Not a chance.”
            She imagines she can see him smile, over there on the other side of the world.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary: Jolyne hearing her father sing changes a lot of things, but most of them aren't apparent right away.
Word Count: 95
Rating: Gen

            Sometimes she’s awake.  Very rarely.  Then, he’ll read.  Once, Jolyne begs him to sing, forgetting that she’s not supposed to know.  He instantly stiffens, and she realizes her mistake, but it’s too late to take back the words.  Then Daddy chuckles.  “I don’t like to sing with people listening,” he explains, and she can’t stop her crestfallen look.  He tugs the hat down over his eyes.  “Yare yare.  …But for you, I’ll make an exception.”

            She’s happy enough she starts bouncing, but quiets down once he starts singing.  It would be almost sacrilege to interrupt.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU
Summary: Jolyne hearing her father sing changes a lot of things, but most of them aren't apparent right away.
Word Count: 505
Rating: Gen

            Jolyne is very young when she first hears her father sing.
            He thinks she’s asleep.  Jolyne may be young, but she’s a clever girl.  She’s figured out that he works very late, so late that even he begins to get tired, and wakes up very early and leaves again.  She attempts to wake up early, but it’s very hard, so she stays up instead.  Long enough that she’s yawning deeply the next day, but it’s worth it because occasionally she hears him come in.  No matter how late it is or how tired he is, he’ll come into her room.
            Some people would be scared, but a towering giant is all she’s known of him, and he’s only ever gentle with her.  He’ll sit down on her bed, and sometimes he’ll tell her about what he did during the day, about dolphin this or fish that.  Jolyne decides her favorite stories are the ones about the octopus, because it’s silly and likes to escape or eat all the fish.
            Jolyne suspects that the octopus is Daddy’s second favorite, too.  His absolute favorite is the dolphins, but the octopus is intelligent, too.
            His voice is deep, but it’s pretty, just like the music Mama likes.  She especially likes it when he speaks in Japanese, even though she can’t understand a word he’s saying.  It’s lyrical, like a song.
            Sometimes he’ll pat her on the head.  He’s fallen asleep there, before, sitting on her bed, and she’ll hear his breath even out.  She’ll match her breath to his and pretend she can see little glowing butterflies appear, giggling quietly so she doesn’t wake him up.
            Usually, he’ll wake up and slip out before morning, but the times when he doesn’t are the best, because the way he smiles at her, it’s obvious that he loves her like all other dads, and those moments of doubt slip away.  And he’ll beg Mama for chocolate pancakes, as much as Mama complains about them not being healthy, and then he’ll put fish and dolphin sprinkles on his and Jolyne’s too, and for a little while they’ll feel like an actual family.
            One day he comes in, and he doesn’t sit on her bed.  She’d almost freak out about someone else being in the house, but no one’s as tall as Daddy.  He’s quiet, which is usual, but this time he’s quiet enough Jolyne’s not sure whether he’s fallen asleep or left.
            And then he starts singing.  Jolyne has to think hard to will every muscle not to move.  She’s never heard him sing before, ever.  She’s not even sure Mama has heard him sing.
            It’s quiet at first, almost quiet enough that she can’t make out the words, but then it gets louder and it’s beautiful.
            Daddy has a very good singing voice.  He shouldn’t have to hide it.
            She can’t understand what he’s saying.  It’s in Japanese.  When he’s done, he walks over, kisses her hair, mutters something in Japanese, and leaves.
            When he sings soon becomes Jolyne’s favorite.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure drabble
Summary: THIS IS A LITTLE MORE BITTERSWEET THAN THE LAST ONE.  The Kujo family, in fleeting photographs of time.
Word Count: 540
Rating: Gen

            Kujo Jotaro knows that this won’t last.  Even with his wife brilliant, understanding, kind, he knows what’s coming.  The storm cloud on the horizon isn’t DIO anymore, but when he tried to explain the temporality of what might be, she refused to believe, refused to have anyone else, and he feels it’s fated in his bones.

            He loves her.  It’s not the fairytale romance his mother pictures it as, but it’s great.  He found a woman who doesn’t annoy him.  She’s funny, beautiful.  She doesn’t take his silences as dismissal but happily joins him, cup in hand, unafraid.  He can make her laugh.

            She’s already beginning to become unhappy.  The end is starting, and he can stop time, but not forever.  Sooner or later, it will resume, and he wouldn’t want the silent world of timestop, anyway.  That’s a museum of the dead, not a world to live in.

            She knows that he has to be away, but thinks it’s a life he chose, to always be studying things abroad, rather than settling down at a nice aquarium close to home on a permanent rather than semi-permanent basis.  The money helps, but it won’t fill the void of his absence.

            She doesn’t know that he’s off saving the world.  Kind of like a superhero from one of the old man’s comic books, really.  Even if she did know, it would only blunt the pain, and bring something new.  Fear for him, fear that he would die.  The Foundation would bring her news of his death, but the ocean, after all, is still a dangerous place.  Explanations are too easy to come by.

            He treasures every moment, even Jolyne tugging off his beloved hat and wearing it proudly.  He takes a picture and almost sends it to Josuke.  (He does send it, later, when Josuke’s filling up his voicemail with complaints of ‘I’ve never seen my grand-niece!’  It doesn’t shut his uncle up.  The next twelve messages are about how adorable she is.  Jotaro almost smiles.)

            He knows what’s coming, and because of that he locks the memories in his mind for later.  It’s not sentimentality, but practicality.  Enjoy it while you can, and keep what remains inside your heart, a source of strength.  He could try to stop, but even if he stopped going after rogue Stand Users, the secrecy, the things he never says, would still build up in time.  Eating away at what he has.  He knows it will be gone, eventually, but it’s all right.  In the meantime, he can lie in the living room floor, worn out from pretending to be a shark and chasing Jolyne around, and she can cuddle up next to him and tell him how he’s the best daddy ever, and for a little while, he can believe that’s true.

            He knows it’s not.  He is himself.  But he is definitely going to do the best job he can, and if that means practically abandoning them to keep them safe, that’s what he’ll do.  He hopes Jolyne, at least, will understand in time.  He doubts it.

            He falls asleep, only waking briefly as his wife brings in a blanket and covers them up, and for a while, they can be a family.


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