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If no one saw it, the comment about Eclipse parties being Woodstock for nerds was fantastic.  It was a cool experience, hence CELEBRATIN' WIT FIC OH YEAH.
Not sure what universe this occurs in, other than Clay and Klavier meet in this fic and Edgeworth is actually a prosecutor in this one.  Also, not sure where this occurs, but since Japanifornia is a really weird location anyway we're ignoring that.

Main Points:
Ace Attorney universe optional
Summary: People Park is filled with people viewing the eclipse.
Word Count: 1248
Rating: Gen
Notes: (the party which may include SO MANY TAGS DEAR EVERYTHING)



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Happy 4th!  Times may seem dark now, but remember that the United States is built on hope.  I hope you're with family with whom you feel safe, even if it's a chosen family, and you're having a blast and can carve out a little slice of sane and normal in these times.
This is a reference to real Cap, who is that hope.  (I ignore canon when it's dumb.  Such as with Nick Spencer, who apparently hasn't realized that stories are powerful and as a certain someone says, that means you've got a responsibility.  I'll avoid being vulgar and just say that I sincerely hope your actions will come around and bite you in the butt.)

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel Crossover AU (Self-Made Hero: The Infinity Mirror)
Summary: A little teaser for the Buffy we'll get in The Infinity Mirror.  She's the Buffy from the asylum, only she's not exactly crazy.  She remembers events that have happened to her in different dimensions and can't always keep track of what universe she's currently in or whose memories are which.
Word Count: 595
Rating: Gen

           Buffy stops eating a pancake midway through, completely oblivious to the syrup escaping and dripping onto the table.  If she’d noticed Xander’s eyes follow every drop, she probably would have realized the sacrilege that it is, but she’s too busy following the thought.  “I remember something else,” she says slowly, trying to get used to the idea that someone would actually listen to anything she says and not just dismiss it as lies.  And with the way Xander leans forward, actively waiting on her word, now, she has that listener.  “In another dimension, I’m Lady Liberty, I guess.”
           Xander quirks an eyebrow in an awfully familiar way that she actively recognizes from Tony, now that she thinks about it.  “Captain America,” she elaborates, because, oh yeah, that’s right, her male counterparts get a cooler name.  “They made me change my real name.”  She doesn’t remember what to; it’s horribly clichéd no matter what era it’s from.
           That’s the frown Tony makes when he’s horribly offended and about to ruin someone’s day.  “That’s all very super sexist.  Bet they sanitized the movies.”
           “I’m sure they sanitized everything, but…”  Now that she thinks about it, it’s natural for her to feel a kinship to a guy who wanted to help and was given powers but was thrown into a fight without too much preparation or support.  And then found himself way out of his depth, but kept trying anyway.  And then she processes the idea of Xander, of Tony, discussing something as being sexist while looking offended, and she snorts.  Very unladylike.
           He steals a bit of her bacon while she’s not looking, which earns a death glare.  Still, stuff like that, it tends to be a distraction so she doesn’t look too close at something else, so…  “You definitely weren’t one of the worst Tonys.  But then, Howard was locked up for being a jerk a while ago and Jarvis practically raised you, so…”
           He flashes one of the patented camera smiles at her and relaxes a little.  Then he winces.
           “What?  Are you all right?” she asks.  He might think she’s oblivious to the migraines, but when he keeps having to take aspirin a lot, she notices.
           “Just a memory flash.  Not a full personality,” he reassures her before looking thoughtful.  “I could make you your shield, you know.”
           Now it’s her turn to frown.  “There’s no vibranium in this dimension, and I don’t think others would take too kindly to you entering their world just to obtain some.”
           “Where we’re going, we don’t need vibranium,” Xander says in a good imitation of Doc Brown, and his smile turns smug and catlike when that startles a laugh out of her.  “See?  Made you laugh.”  And there’s Xander, Captain of Team Morale.  “I made the Exoskel.  Bet I could whip something up.”
           “I’m not going to take that bet.  I’m not stupid.  I technically don’t have any money.”  And now that she’s opening her mind up to that, doesn’t this feel just familiar?
           “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.”  Before she can open her mouth to complain, he holds up a placating hand.  “If nothing else, call it services rendered for saving the world.  I am of the extreme and just opinion that those fat idiots of the Council should’ve thought about hazard pay before they gave themselves an lazy man’s salary.”
           If she thinks about the pay like being a soldier, it rankles less, so she shuts up as Xander goes on another wild story complete with gestures and just lets herself relax.  With pancakes.

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Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Strange and Chris finally go on their date.
Word Count: 445
Rating: Gen

          In the end, she goes with simple—a nice silk blue button-up shirt that brings out the grey in her eyes nicely, a grey skirt that’s dressy and fun to twirl and not too confining because she hates pencil skirts with a passion, a blue silk scarf, and some rather beautiful grey dress boots that she’s tempted to use on a daily basis until she remember the ichor present in some of the idiotic monsters that love to attack Earth.
          The Mirror World only protects architecture and people, not clothing.  Unfortunately.
          She doesn’t miss the impressed surprise from Chris as she opens the door when he knocks.  He’s suddenly shy and dumbfounded again and it’s a nice feeling.
          The Cloak is sulking, but is slightly mollified by the fact that it’s Chris.  Wang is doing her library work from the Sanctum Sanctorum, as there’s been no others assigned to this Sanctum yet and no one feels comfortable with leaving one unguarded so soon after—
          She swallows.  After Dormammu.
          Chris notices her sudden tension and takes her hand, lacing his fingers through her own.  It’s more reassuring than she remembered.
          She’s glad that he chose to do their little date after Valentine’s.  She’s not sure she can handle the crowds yet.  At least she’s admitting that now.  And that, rather than driving her anywhere, he’d opted for ‘a romantic walk’.  She’s sure that it’s a concession to her fear of cars, now, and equally grateful that he’s not saying a word about it.
          He brings her up to date on the latest hospital gossip, which includes West looking stupid all of her own volution.  He listens patiently and doesn’t interrupt as she explains several of the creatures she’s fought since then, though his grip on her hand tightens slightly.  He’s more at ease with the few stories she has of some of the novices at Kamar Taj.  Actually asks about possibly visiting, to which she smiles shyly.  “Well, it’s not like I don’t visit you at work often enough,” she responds dryly.
          They have to stop at the park for Chris to sit in one of the benches long enough to stop giggling helplessly.
          And then they reach their destination, and one of her eyebrows raises.  “Santiago’s?  Really?”
          “It’s expensive, I remember, though my salary has gone up since you…retired?”  He almost swallows the last word, but she waves him on.  “I have been eating ramen for a few days to save the room,” he admits, and that earns one of Strange’s deep, resonant laughs, and they step forward together, ready for the world, and Palmer thinks he’s never seen anything more beautiful.
          (Strange privately agrees.)

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Title subject to change.  Brain not functioning.

Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Strange and Pepper are shopping together for Steph's date with Chris.
Word Count: 265
Rating: Gen

          “So, why the shopping trip?” Pepper asks directly.  That earns her ducking around the corner to stare at the redhead.
          He looks slightly embarrassed.  “You don’t have to say if you don’t want to.”
          “Dr. Christopher Palmer asked me on a date again,” she answers finally.  There’s no reason to have Pepper at odds with her, and given the threat of Mordo, she can use all the reliable (or semi-reliable, in the case of Stark) allies she can get.
          “I thought you were a cute couple,” he responds instantly, then expands, “…when we met at the Gala.”
          “I’m reliably informed that I was, and still am to a lesser degree, an asshole.”  Her words are more bitter than she expects.  It’s probably guilt.
          “There’s a lot of that going around,” Pepper responds under his breath.  Then he adds, stronger and more reassuring, “You both were charming, too, though.  It’s the idea that you’re both capable of honesty, sometimes.  When you’re motivated.  You do care, when you’re given enough incentive.”
          “That’s quite the compliment.  Comparing me to Antonia Stark.  I’m overwhelmed.”  Her voice is dry, near-emotionless, but to her surprise she’s not lying.  Pepper’s honest words do boost her ego, just a little.
          “If the shoe fits…” he shrugs.  “Speaking of which, how are you for footwear?”
          “Does such a thing exist as dress boots?  I’ve grown rather fond of them.”  Plus, should another dimension attack or whatever else might lie in store…happen while on the date, it’s nice to be ready for it.
          Pepper’s eyes light up and he drags Dr. Strange to another aisle.

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I planned this to wind up today. I swear I did.
Then Pepper insisted on showing up... aaand that made the main couple of this run not show up. On the fic. On Valentine's day.
ah well, happy Valentine's Day!

Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Strange has to get ready for her date.
Word Count: 625
Rating: Gen

candles in the storm )


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Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Chris clarifies his intentions.
Word Count: 935
Rating: Gen



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Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Chris goes to talk to Strange.
Word Count: 795
Rating: Gen

madimpossibledreamer: Sherlock holding his violin. (creative)
Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: Chris evaluates his Valentine's plans.
Word Count: 585
Rating: Gen
Note: here Dr Strange refers to the setting not the person as she is Ms. Not Appearing in this Fic (yet)

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Happy Christmas or other assorted holidays!
(or, if you celebrate nothing, have a great day just because!)
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, how deadly are your branches (fun fact: I only know this song in German...)

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure sorta universe optional
Summary: Jolyne has her dad help with the Christmas tree.
Word Count: 475
Rating: Gen
Notes: Originally this was written for the universe where Jolyne is Buffy, but I realized I didn't actually use her name or do anything super clearly tied to it.  The 'on the ground too' is a reference to Joyce.  If so, not sure where Dawn is--maybe she's asleep?  Or Xander's taking her last minute shopping, or something?  Does not take place on Christmas.  The party isn't written; maybe a holiday fic for next year?  I like the flow, all the dialogue (much snark), etc.  Also based on real-life events.  First year with an artificial tree and it turns out I'm allergic.

          “Come on, Dad!  Come on!  We have to get the tree ready!”  It’s been ages since she wandered in and poked her Dad like this.  She was a kid herself, but she’s feeling younger than she has in a while.
          Jotaro grumbles into his pillow, but she keeps poking, unworried.
          “Isn’t it too early?”  He’s finally audible.
          “Nope!” she responds cheerfully.  “It’s 10:30.  You’re not a high schooler, which is clearly the only excuse.  You’re just lucky I waited this long, neglecting my daughterly duties to bother you way too early in the morning.  Up, up, tree, tree!”
          He growls and grabs his hat off the nightstand by his bed, but he sits up.  “Fine.”
          He looks like he’s on autopilot as he helps her get the tree down from the attic and holds pieces to help her set it up.  She can’t resist.  “By the way, everyone’s supposed to come for a Christmas Eve party.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
          He yawns.  “How’s this supposed to go?”
          She blinks.  “Haven’t you ever used an artificial tree before?”
          “The old man insisted on a real tree every year, so no.  When he was there, it was a big production, but it’s not quite the same in Japan.”
          She gasps in shock.  “Heathen!”
          Green eyes blink in her direction.  “I don’t understand you sometimes.”
          “That’s okay,” she responds, hugging him, and he responds as much as he can.
          They finish setting it up, and they sit down to get a little coffee.  He doesn’t stir much, but does hold out a hand when she offers freshly made coffee and toast.  And she gasps.
          There’s red, bumpy, raised skin on his arm, little circles and lines.  “Are you okay?”  Even as she asks, she remembers seeing someone in the store, telling anyone that will listen about her ‘allergies’.  And that’s honestly what it looks like.  “Are you allergic?  Are you breathing?”
          “Clearly, I’m not breathing.  I’m dead.”  The sarcasm’s annoying, but his voice sounds normal enough for a sleep-deprived Jotaro.
          She punches his shoulder, and he grimaces but doesn’t move.  “Sorry.”
          “Like you knew.”  He sighs.  “I guess I won’t help decorate.”
          “Are you sure it’s fine having it around?”  That’s the last thing she wants, her dad on the ground, too.  She shakes the idea out of her head.
          “It feels like it left some sort of residue, or something.  Touch is probably the problem.  Unless it’s a Stand, in which case, feel free to punch it through the nearest wall.” 
          She can’t help the laugh, but glares at him for not taking this seriously enough.  He shrugs in response.  She’s going to keep an eye on him, but she can relax a little.  “Well, I should’ve known that only a Grinch would be allergic to Christmas.”
          "Cute," he snarls, but fluffs her hair anyway.

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Have more fluff, and happy Thanksgiving (or just...think about all the awesome things in your life, because I guarantee you there's something because you're great, reader-san)!

Main Points:
Shadowed Suspicion, universe optional, Fluff
Summary: Johan's thankful for how his life is.
Word Count: 525
Rating: Gen

            “I’m thankful,” Johan says without looking up as the door opens behind him.  He doesn’t move from his position on the porch, smiling into the sunset as the wind ruffles his hair a little.  Not even as the body settles in behind him, and a hand reaches over his shoulder to intertwine in his own.
            “Even for my mother who apparently can match yours in immaturity and started the food fight at the table?” the accented voice asks.
            “Mhmm,” Jojo responds, leaning back into the embrace.  It feels good.  Like home.
            Fitz chuckles, running his free hand through brunet hair.  “And for Buffy eating all the mayonnaise meaning that Josephine had to go on a food run to make sure you had enough to make the deviled eggs?”
            “Yep,” Johan nearly purrs in contentment.
            “And for Dawn sneaking away during the middle and eating most of the pie?”
            “Oh, I’m pretty sure she’s figuring out that was a terrible idea about now,” Jojo grins.
            “And Willow talking about Anya and how she would’ve said this is a ‘sacrificial feast?’” the blond asks and finally gets a slight sign of tension in the shoulders.
            “Man, I miss her.  I mean, not that you’re not great.  You are.  If she was here…” Johan chuckles and turns to look in Fitz’s eyes.  The angle is awkward, but it’s an important moment.  “If she was here, she’d be happy.  A little confused, too, but she’d start talking about how she should’ve realized and been more supportive and would’ve found a dozen magazines for me and demanded we kiss in front of her and maybe begged for a threesome because it’d be different.”  He squeezes his boyfriend’s hand.  “But yeah, I’m even happy about that being brought up, because she was a good person and deserves to be remembered.”
            “And that crazy game, whatever it was?”  Fitz has some sort of point, probably.
            But he’s perfectly content to be here, continuing this potentially aimless conversation in the light of a good day and a beautiful sunset, in the arms of someone who loves him.  Even if there isn’t a point, it’s not the end of the world.  He’d know.
            “With Mom, Grandpa, and Uncle Kakyoin?  Mario Kart.  Screaming at each other is how you play.  We enjoy it, really.”
            “And—” the blond begins, and he shakes his head, leaning back further into the chest behind him.
            “And a boyfriend who keeps asking weird questions.  All of it.”
            He feels the chuckle more than hears it, and the soft kiss at the top of his head, too.
            “It’s a good life.  My family is crazy and I love them all.  And you know, I have so much, that maybe sometimes I take for granted, but it’s awesome and I need to embrace that.  I don’t know what it’ll be like next year.  Maybe next apocalypse season’s the worst.  But I am blessed with everyone who has my back and great times and shows and one of the bestest families that exist and so many great friends and a boyfriend that I can’t even begin to explain how amazing he is.”

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Happy Halloween to all!

Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU
Chapter IV of Turnabout In Law
Summary: Edgeworth and Wright visit the Eerie Mansion (aka the Lemures Mansion) and do some investigating.
First case of Edgeworth & Wright!
Word Count: 1982
Rating: T

Part IV )


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like the taste of apple pie in my youth
happy 4th, all!

Main Points:

Yugioh Universe Optional
Chapter Summary: Rebecca's homesick.

Word Count: 595
Rating: teen.  ensemble piece i am not tagging everyone because most barely show up

                “Rebecca?  What’s wrong?”
                She glances up, instantly tries to get rid of all traces of the homesickness on her face, but from his frown it didn’t work.  “Where are the others?”
                Yugi gestures vaguely, somewhere up ahead.  “Rebecca.”  That voice is sterner than the Yugi she knows.  Probably the Pharaoh.  She doesn't care too much for him, but he's not going anywhere anytime soon.
               “I’m…missing the celebrations, I guess.”  It’s odd.  It’s not one of those things she would’ve thought would be high on her list, particularly with how much time she spends with her Grandfather, rather than in America, but she finds herself missing it now.
               Yugi looks confused for a full minute before he asks, hesitantly, “Oh, yeah…isn’t today some big holiday in America?”
               She rolls her eyes, pokes at him.  With the speed he gets out of the way, she wouldn’t be surprised if he’s ticklish.  Only the Independence Day, jeez.  Is all this stuff I hear about Japanese schools being so much better just lies?”
               Yugi looks flustered, but he doesn’t get to respond, because an idea strikes him.  “Stay there!” he calls, and runs off as fast as his short Muto legs can carry him.  She doesn’t get a question out before he’s gone.
                He returns with a glowstick and proudly hands it to her.  “I know it’s not exactly fireworks, or…whatever else, but…it’s something.”
                “How much did that cost?” she asks, digging around in her bag, but he quickly stops her.
               “You’re my friend.  And my friends deserve to be happy.”  The words themselves may be cliché, but…he means them, with all his heart, and there’s a power behind them that she would’ve missed, before he’d shown her what it meant to have a friend, to put your heart into whatever you did.  If there was one person good at demonstrating that, it’s Yugi Muto.
               “Téa’s lucky,” she states, and giggles a little as he turns bright red.  “But…I think I really needed a friend, so thank you for being such a good friend.”
               “You’ll always have a friend.  You’re not alone, Rebecca,” he says with that same fervor, and the smile he gives lights up the night as beautifully bright as memories of fireworks.
               (Later, Joey learns that it’s a holiday and promptly insists that they go to Burger World, rather than one of the restaurants in Kaibaland, as it’s ‘more American’.  He might’ve just been looking for an excuse not to give Kaiba any more of his money, but the way that he—all of them, really, even Téa when she’s not worrying about a potential rival—worry about her, welcoming her into the group as if she’s one of them, which involves a level of ‘take care of friends’ she hadn’t even guessed existed—well, it’s heartwarming.
               Mai shows up, and is welcomed with the same open arms.  How she always knows exactly where to show up is a bit of a mystery.  Somehow, it hadn’t occurred to Joey that he was flat-out broke, but between Mai, Téa, and Yugi they manage to scrape together enough to pay for the meal, which seems oddly fitting.  Tristan’s caught between admiring a new girl that Rebecca’s never met before, who seems like a little bit of an airhead and likes to speak in third person, and Joey’s sister, Serenity, who’s fairly quiet but definitely interested in all the stories being thrown around.  She’s not sure when the moment exactly hits, but it feels like home, and she’s beaming by the point her Grandpa and Grandpa Muto walk in.)

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The Gift, continued.  And no, you still don't get to know what happened to Yosuke's bike.
Happy B-day Yosuke!

Main Points: Persona 4 Playthrough Mild AU
Chapter Summary: Souji arrives to pick up Yosuke.

Word Count: 1302
Rating: T, Yosuke swears in his head

madimpossibledreamer: Izanagi|Souji in full costume holding out a hand (izanagi|souji)
Main Points:
Persona 4 Arcana Life
Chapter Summary: The Shadow fight.

Word Count: 610
Rating: teen, but, you know, it's a Shadow.  /shrug  Yosuke's Shadow does have a few profanities.
Notes: 2nd person, Shadow pov.

On the Reversed Magician, from

Reversed )


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Main Points:
Persona 4 Arcana Life
Chapter Summary: Yosuke's Shadow is not happy.

Word Count: 1257
Rating: teen, but, you know, it's a Shadow.  /shrug  It being Yosuke's Shadow, there's a lot of swearing in this particular one.
Notes: 2nd person, pretty sure this Shadow is half Persona already, and is just that much more maladjusted for all that.



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Main Points:
Persona 4 or Yugioh
Chapter Summary: It's short, so it doesn't really need anything, but the similarities struck me, and it's cool to see how much it fits. 
Playing around with the fact that this 2nd person fic could be read from the POV of Souji Seta|Yu Narukami or Yuugi Moto.
Try it out (assuming you know the characters, that is!)
Word Count: 370
Rating: teen

            You fear becoming irrelevant.  You’ve saved the world, and for some, that would be a welcome relief.  And for a little while, it is comforting.  There’s nothing riding on your next action, no villains attempting to destroy everything.  And not having your friends constantly in danger is a blessing.
            Then you realize you miss it.  The good-bye was painful enough; you don’t realize how difficult being normal is until it’s a little time has passed, and then the thought strikes you.
            What if your friends don’t need you anymore?  What if that’s the price to pay, for all the good times you shared?  What happens when all of you grow up?  Will the tides of the world sweep you apart, or will you just gradually lose contact until they fade away and become nothing more than memories of your youth, fleeting and beautiful as the cherry blossoms, not real beings by your side?
            You realize you hate the idea with a bitter passion.  The idea of a cold world before you met them, silent and dark, is abhorrent.  They ask you what is wrong, and you smile and decline to comment.
            The night finds you staring gloomily out into the waters, hugging your legs to your chest, as you try not to cry from the only insight the moon reflected gives.
            You start as one familiar voice joins you, then another.  You hide the tears as you realize you were never alone, not in life and certainly not in your fears.  They, too, felt the terror of the widening chasm, and you’ve somehow forgotten their strength, they who had had your back and stood by your side through every danger.  You might have been the one who held them together, but they’re hardly passive, either.  They care enough and with determination that has saved the world they’re teaching you again something you’ve somehow forgotten—that together, you are capable of anything.
            You smile a real smile as each joins you, slotting back into a place into your heart until the puzzle is complete and warm and beating again.  As the laughter warms the night and banishes the darkness, you reflect on truth: that bonds between people are the true power.

madimpossibledreamer: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) (ace)

Headcanons: Yosuke has the guitar and an impressive game collection, but mostly those are for show anymore.  It’s been ages since he’s tried to play.  Since he got ‘kicked to the boonies’.  The guitar was kind of more for himself, especially since only Katsuragi really got it, while the games were the social thing.  His circle of ‘friends’ played quite a few (and, well, never returned some of the ones they ‘borrowed’, but he considered it a worthwhile price for ‘friendship’, just so he wasn’t quite so lonely).  He’s been a little depressive since he came out to Inaba, though he hides it well behind the smile.  The frustration of keeping that smile on no matter what started building up until it lashed out.  He really does like it, being nice to people, helping them out.  That’s not a lie.  But doing it so much and never getting a thank-you (in fact, getting spat on in return) gets a little frustrating after a while.  And he had nothing really to distract him, besides hitting on Yukiko (and failing) and Saki (and failing) and forming a friendship with Chie (and partially succeeding, but it’s more abusive to start with than anything).

Playing those games, even doing more than glance at them, reminds him of the big city, of the ‘friendships’ he lost.  (If you have to be alone, you can do it in a crowd of people just as well as anywhere else.)  He even lost his temper and broke one of his favorites one day, only to immediately feel awful about it.  He has yet to buy a new copy.  Too painful.  Honestly Souji might be the one that buys him a new one.

He looks back on that as he’s starting to get more comfortable with himself and thinks that’s utterly pathetic.  He really could’ve asked for more, but he was scared to do so then.

He starts breaking those out with Souji.  It’s a sign he really’s started accepting Kanji when he invites the other to come play some of his games.  Chie’s generally terrible, but play a fighting game and she somehow manages to be good.  It’s not quite just button mashing, which makes him confused and Chie yells at him and they yell at each other.

He hasn’t asked Yukiko yet, though.  He’s afraid she’ll take it as yet another date offer (which, to be honest, it’s not entirely a ‘girly’ thing but he’d actually like that as a date) and turn him down again.

(She might end up playing if they ever do another massive sleepover in the Inn, though.)


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Main Points:
Persona 4 Universe Optional; Part 2 (will make more sense if you've read part I, but can be read as standalone
Chapter Summary:
Time passes, but Souji's still Souji.
Word Count: 858
Rating: teen
...I amuse myself sometimes.  (I'm such a dork.)

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Everyday's great at your Junes!

Main Points:
Persona 4 Universe Optional; Part I of a 2-part that is also completely optional (i.e. can be standalone)
Chapter Summary:
Souji's quieter than normal when they're hanging out.
Word Count: 1079
Rating: ...there's not really that much, not even cursing?  It's just fluff.  friend!ship.  Is that a thing?  It is now.  (Part II will be ship!ship, so, read if you wanna.)
also for the p4 geeks among us, note that the days line up (i.e. the first day of play, 4/11, is a Monday.  guess what today is, both day of the week and day of the month of april)

>... )


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Main Points:
Shadowed Suspicion, universe optional
Summary: Fitz and Xander wanted another go around on the ship train.  (Actually, they kind of had two.  But that's for tomorrow.)  Just being silly and domestic, really.
Word Count: 320
Rating: Teen (for general flirting)
Note: spoilers for Jojo's real name




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