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Fun fact: I was just going to allude to this, and then Cordy just randomly calls up Xander and is like "this is getting shown on-screen.  I didn't have a cool enough part on either show.  The least you can do is let me have my time on the stage here", and I was like...well, fair point.  (sometimes my characters do things i don't expect and I just go with it.)
Also, it's kinda interesting that it got written in first person, because I think that's legit the first time for this 'verse.
That's a huge failure on the part of Angel.  I would've loved just a dropped line about how she calls Xander or vice versa, because it would be a big moment of growth for both of them.  Because yes, it's a failed relationship, and I think both of them would acknowledge that, and Xander would probably be too embarrassed to talk to her for a while, but eventually he'd get over himself because they both still love each other, just not in the same way.  Not in a romantic way.  If he felt he could gossip or vent with anyone, Xander would probably go with Cordy, because she's not there, and she's actually proven her mature self to not tell too many secrets.  Buffy was such a teenage show because when relationships ended they weren't brought up again unless it could serve as more angst/drama.  But if anyone, I think Xander would be the type to still be friends with and die for his exes (assuming they weren't killed/dusted for attempting to nom him on the first date).
P.S. Apparently I've been forgetting ratings for a while through incomplete copy/paste...luckily I lurk at The Sunnydale Herald and noticed they were labeling the fics 'not rated', so thanks there!  also is that a P4 Death card?  Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more /grins

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover
Summary: Cordy spends most of her phone's minutes calling her ex.  It's one of her better life choices.
Word Count: 1843
Rating: Teen


That's actually a larger list than he thinks. )


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By the way, there's a good reason why Krista's a little insecure at times.  Xander helps her get over it, eventually.  It's not simply for the lulz or for fanfic cutesy tropes or whatever.  If you want a hint...just think about the fact that she's related to Cordelia.
Just a hint.
PS: this fic was not sponsored by the Cheese Man.

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander, despite what his teenage self might have thought, doesn't want just a pretty doll.
Word Count: 250
Rating: Gen

         “So, I’ve been told by a little sparrow that you’ve started wearing those deadly heels for me.  Any truth to that rumor?”  Knight appears behind her, putting a hand on her shoulder and kissing her hair before he moves past.
         “I-I-what?”  She hadn’t been expecting him.
         “Well, if it’s the truth, I should let you know that I couldn’t care less.  If people asked me who Superwoman was, I’d just smile and zip my lips for secret identities’ sake, but I’d know she’s right here in front of me.  You could show up in jeans and a t-shirt tomorrow and I’d still know the truth.”  He leans against the wall, crossing his legs and beaming.
         She tries not to, but she can’t stop herself from smiling in response at his utter silliness.  “That’s really cheesy.”
         “Good for me, I love cheese.  And I’ve got plenty of it.  Not even lying, here, that’s a literal one.  I got a plate of tasting cheeses waiting for us out on the veranda and I kinda don’t want to eat all of it on my own.  I could.  Cheese is awesome.  But I’m pretty sure my stomach wouldn’t be thanking me later.”
         “You are such a dork!” she says, grinning, but pulls off the shoes and joins him, slipping her hand into his.
         “And you somehow didn’t notice that before now.  I’m kinda worried about your observational skills,” he jokes, but pulls her closer, hand warm in his, and she could not be happier.

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Happy Christmas or other assorted holidays!
(or, if you celebrate nothing, have a great day just because!)
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, how deadly are your branches (fun fact: I only know this song in German...)

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure sorta universe optional
Summary: Jolyne has her dad help with the Christmas tree.
Word Count: 475
Rating: Gen
Notes: Originally this was written for the universe where Jolyne is Buffy, but I realized I didn't actually use her name or do anything super clearly tied to it.  The 'on the ground too' is a reference to Joyce.  If so, not sure where Dawn is--maybe she's asleep?  Or Xander's taking her last minute shopping, or something?  Does not take place on Christmas.  The party isn't written; maybe a holiday fic for next year?  I like the flow, all the dialogue (much snark), etc.  Also based on real-life events.  First year with an artificial tree and it turns out I'm allergic.

          “Come on, Dad!  Come on!  We have to get the tree ready!”  It’s been ages since she wandered in and poked her Dad like this.  She was a kid herself, but she’s feeling younger than she has in a while.
          Jotaro grumbles into his pillow, but she keeps poking, unworried.
          “Isn’t it too early?”  He’s finally audible.
          “Nope!” she responds cheerfully.  “It’s 10:30.  You’re not a high schooler, which is clearly the only excuse.  You’re just lucky I waited this long, neglecting my daughterly duties to bother you way too early in the morning.  Up, up, tree, tree!”
          He growls and grabs his hat off the nightstand by his bed, but he sits up.  “Fine.”
          He looks like he’s on autopilot as he helps her get the tree down from the attic and holds pieces to help her set it up.  She can’t resist.  “By the way, everyone’s supposed to come for a Christmas Eve party.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
          He yawns.  “How’s this supposed to go?”
          She blinks.  “Haven’t you ever used an artificial tree before?”
          “The old man insisted on a real tree every year, so no.  When he was there, it was a big production, but it’s not quite the same in Japan.”
          She gasps in shock.  “Heathen!”
          Green eyes blink in her direction.  “I don’t understand you sometimes.”
          “That’s okay,” she responds, hugging him, and he responds as much as he can.
          They finish setting it up, and they sit down to get a little coffee.  He doesn’t stir much, but does hold out a hand when she offers freshly made coffee and toast.  And she gasps.
          There’s red, bumpy, raised skin on his arm, little circles and lines.  “Are you okay?”  Even as she asks, she remembers seeing someone in the store, telling anyone that will listen about her ‘allergies’.  And that’s honestly what it looks like.  “Are you allergic?  Are you breathing?”
          “Clearly, I’m not breathing.  I’m dead.”  The sarcasm’s annoying, but his voice sounds normal enough for a sleep-deprived Jotaro.
          She punches his shoulder, and he grimaces but doesn’t move.  “Sorry.”
          “Like you knew.”  He sighs.  “I guess I won’t help decorate.”
          “Are you sure it’s fine having it around?”  That’s the last thing she wants, her dad on the ground, too.  She shakes the idea out of her head.
          “It feels like it left some sort of residue, or something.  Touch is probably the problem.  Unless it’s a Stand, in which case, feel free to punch it through the nearest wall.” 
          She can’t help the laugh, but glares at him for not taking this seriously enough.  He shrugs in response.  She’s going to keep an eye on him, but she can relax a little.  “Well, I should’ve known that only a Grinch would be allergic to Christmas.”
          "Cute," he snarls, but fluffs her hair anyway.

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Have more fluff, and happy Thanksgiving (or just...think about all the awesome things in your life, because I guarantee you there's something because you're great, reader-san)!

Main Points:
Shadowed Suspicion, universe optional, Fluff
Summary: Johan's thankful for how his life is.
Word Count: 525
Rating: Gen

            “I’m thankful,” Johan says without looking up as the door opens behind him.  He doesn’t move from his position on the porch, smiling into the sunset as the wind ruffles his hair a little.  Not even as the body settles in behind him, and a hand reaches over his shoulder to intertwine in his own.
            “Even for my mother who apparently can match yours in immaturity and started the food fight at the table?” the accented voice asks.
            “Mhmm,” Jojo responds, leaning back into the embrace.  It feels good.  Like home.
            Fitz chuckles, running his free hand through brunet hair.  “And for Buffy eating all the mayonnaise meaning that Josephine had to go on a food run to make sure you had enough to make the deviled eggs?”
            “Yep,” Johan nearly purrs in contentment.
            “And for Dawn sneaking away during the middle and eating most of the pie?”
            “Oh, I’m pretty sure she’s figuring out that was a terrible idea about now,” Jojo grins.
            “And Willow talking about Anya and how she would’ve said this is a ‘sacrificial feast?’” the blond asks and finally gets a slight sign of tension in the shoulders.
            “Man, I miss her.  I mean, not that you’re not great.  You are.  If she was here…” Johan chuckles and turns to look in Fitz’s eyes.  The angle is awkward, but it’s an important moment.  “If she was here, she’d be happy.  A little confused, too, but she’d start talking about how she should’ve realized and been more supportive and would’ve found a dozen magazines for me and demanded we kiss in front of her and maybe begged for a threesome because it’d be different.”  He squeezes his boyfriend’s hand.  “But yeah, I’m even happy about that being brought up, because she was a good person and deserves to be remembered.”
            “And that crazy game, whatever it was?”  Fitz has some sort of point, probably.
            But he’s perfectly content to be here, continuing this potentially aimless conversation in the light of a good day and a beautiful sunset, in the arms of someone who loves him.  Even if there isn’t a point, it’s not the end of the world.  He’d know.
            “With Mom, Grandpa, and Uncle Kakyoin?  Mario Kart.  Screaming at each other is how you play.  We enjoy it, really.”
            “And—” the blond begins, and he shakes his head, leaning back further into the chest behind him.
            “And a boyfriend who keeps asking weird questions.  All of it.”
            He feels the chuckle more than hears it, and the soft kiss at the top of his head, too.
            “It’s a good life.  My family is crazy and I love them all.  And you know, I have so much, that maybe sometimes I take for granted, but it’s awesome and I need to embrace that.  I don’t know what it’ll be like next year.  Maybe next apocalypse season’s the worst.  But I am blessed with everyone who has my back and great times and shows and one of the bestest families that exist and so many great friends and a boyfriend that I can’t even begin to explain how amazing he is.”

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Main Points: Persona 4 Playthrough Mild AU
Chapter Summary: You finally get to learn what happened to that bicycle.

Word Count: 600
Rating: T

gift(s) )

madimpossibledreamer: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) (ace)
Main Points:
Yugioh Reunion!Verse
Chapter Summary: Anzu goes to talk to her oldest, bestest friend.

Word Count: 1621
Rating: teen

madimpossibledreamer: Jiraiya|Yosuke jumping and using a throwing star (Default)
Main Points:
Persona 4 Universe Optional; Part 2 (will make more sense if you've read part I, but can be read as standalone
Chapter Summary:
Time passes, but Souji's still Souji.
Word Count: 858
Rating: teen
...I amuse myself sometimes.  (I'm such a dork.)

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Everyday's great at your Junes!

Main Points:
Persona 4 Universe Optional; Part I of a 2-part that is also completely optional (i.e. can be standalone)
Chapter Summary:
Souji's quieter than normal when they're hanging out.
Word Count: 1079
Rating: ...there's not really that much, not even cursing?  It's just fluff.  friend!ship.  Is that a thing?  It is now.  (Part II will be ship!ship, so, read if you wanna.)
also for the p4 geeks among us, note that the days line up (i.e. the first day of play, 4/11, is a Monday.  guess what today is, both day of the week and day of the month of april)

>... )


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Main Points:
Ace Attorney universe optional.  Much more optimistic than the previous two.
Summary: Apollo wants to help Klavier.
Word Count: 495
Rating: Gen
Follows off In the Wake, though you don't need to read that to understand this.

            "I'M APOLLO JUSTICE, AND I'M FINE!"  He realizes immediately after yelling it that Klavier has no idea what he's doing, just sitting there with a raised eyebrow, and scowls.  "You know what, never mind."

            Klavier blinks.  Apollo's not sure why a normal version of surprised looks so strange on the guy.  He feels a soft touch on his arm, so much more tentative than anything the rock star has done before, and looks back to find Klavier actually has his serious face on.  He's actually taking this seriously.  "I'm not sure why, but this is important to you, ja, mein Freund?  So it's important to me as well.  What am I supposed to do, here?"

            Apollo feels the resistance for another second before letting it all out in one deep breath.  "Okay, I say it first, then you say it.  Your name, of course, not mine.  At the top of your lungs.  I find it helps."  He takes another deep breath, because he's going to need it for this.  "I'M APOLLO JUSTICE, AND I'M FINE!"

            The prosecutor nods.  "I'M KLAVIER GAVIN, AND I'M FINE!"  The look on his face is that of someone concentrating very hard, not sure of what they're doing and trying not to mess it up.  It's kind of endearing.  The prosecutor breathes in, and it's then that both of them hear Ema.


            They exchange a glance, and Apollo would be amused by how terrified Gavin suddenly looks if he wasn't in the mood to be yelled at by Ema and pelted by snacks either.  "Run."

            They run several blocks away from the courthouse, and then they finally stop, Klavier flopping to lean against a wall of warm brick, Apollo bending over to breathe heavily.  He's not sure when it happens, but suddenly the two of them are laughing harder than he remembered either of them laughing before and they can't stop.  They're laughing so hard that Apollo's vision might be swimming a little, but even then he's pretty sure he can see tears at the corner of Gavin's eyes too.  Finally he stands up straight and he feels a hand use his shoulder for support as his friend does the same.

            The smile this time is a genuine smile.  Tinged with a little sadness, maybe, but it's grateful and as happy as it could be in the circumstances.  "Danke, Herr Justice.  I do feel better now."

            "Well, I'm glad, because I don't particularly want to repeat running from Ema for my life, thanks."  He sounds grumpy, but somehow Klavier sees past that and sees it for the 'you're welcome' that it really is.  He just grins in return.

            "The Fräulein Detective has a lot of frustration, and unfortunately she likes to take that out on other people," Klavier observes.

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Stupid professor throwing stuff at us we've never seen.  Sorry. 

Main Points:
Ace Attorney, universe optional
Summary: Apollo invites Klavier to an unusual Valentine's date.
Word Count: 345
Rating: Gen

            “Danke, Schatz.”  Klavier presses a kiss to the top of Apollo’s head, holding the door to his car open like it’s some sort of chariot.  (Actually, if the price tag is any indication, it sort of is.)  Apollo flushes, trying to banish images of friendly smiles and those tanned hands filling up bowls and that stupid apron.
            “I wouldn’t have thought this was the sort of way you would’ve wanted to spend Valentine’s,” he admits quietly.  He thinks about repeating himself, wonders if it’s even worth it, but by the suddenly quiet, thoughtful man climbing into the driver’s seat, he knows that Gavin has heard him.
            They drive for a while in a quiet, comfortable, expectant silence, and then Klavier speaks.  “Actually, it’s amazing.  I wish I had thought of it.”  He begins humming something under his breath as he turns the vehicle smoothly, and Apollo’s yet again served as a muse.  The defense isn’t sure how he feels about this, your Honor, but I’ll figure it out.
            “It’s perfect, really.  Your typical romancing—well, you are hardly a typical love, are you?  You deserve something special, something you’ll enjoy.  And we are lucky, very much so, but what about all those out there?”  He gestures briefly, before putting his hand back firmly on the wheel.  (It had been a little bit of a surprise to learn that Klavier was actually a firm believer in vehicle safety, which didn’t fit the image of a former rock star but fit the man Apollo had come to know.)  He pauses, then chuckles quietly.  “And, also, I had been worrying about security.  The fans are most persistent today of all days.”
            It explained a lot, and Apollo can’t help the laugh that starts until it grows out of control, him holding his side and with tears in his eyes.  Klavier glances over, a smile in his eyes, and bites his lip.  “TV at mine?”
            Nothing sounds as good after a good day’s work than lazing around in pajamas and watching shows, so Apollo nods, still unable to talk.

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Jotaro is trans (and does what he wants)
Summary: The Crusaders react. 
Word Count: 255
Rating: Gen
Notes: I guess pre-drabble the Reveal happened.  Not sure how it went down.  Given Mariah, etc, not sure I want to know either.  I know the title isn't exactly from the song, but it felt right.  I don't argue with my muses.  Much.  Mostly Jotaro and Kakyoin being adorable friends.

            “This is why I’m not obvious about it.  People acting like that just make me want to punch something.”
            Kakyoin laughs again, having finally joined them.  “But, Jotaro-kun, if Star Platinum is a reflection of who you are inside, you always want to punch something.”
            The dangerous smirk Jotaro gets on his face is not one that bodes well to anyone.  “People are idiots a lot.”  He looks back up at his friend, thoughtfully.  Kakyoin seems to have gotten over the initial shock.  “Where were you?”
            “I went into the town and bought a medical kit.”  Upon a raised eyebrow, the man continues, “…with bandages.”
            It’s touching, really.  The smile disappears from his face, and he nods shortly.  “Thanks.”
            “Jotaro!” Gramps is yelling again.  Really, it’s most of what he does.  For now.  He’d been pretty amazing when he was younger, but then, he’d been the one telling all the stories, so Jotaro had always been a little cautious about calling them one hundred percent factual.  At least Kakyoin is understanding him again and just nods back as he carefully passes the kit over.
            “I promise, I didn’t write any threatening messages on this one,” Kakyoin states carefully in Japanese, knowing that the others will have a less full understanding of anything they say.
            “Yare yare.”  Jotaro shakes his head and begins heading a little ways out into the desert sands—within shouting distance, but he’s not going to do this in front of the Frenchman at the very least.  “Scream loudly if you’re dying.”

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Okay, apparently it’s a headcanon that Apollo spends more time at Klavier’s office than, well, pretty much anywhere else.  Maybe it’s because Klavier would bug him a little but let him actually get work done, and Phoenix wouldn’t.  Step it up, Hobo!Nick.

Main Points:
Ace Attorney universe optional, Fluff
Summary: Probably faster to read it.  Possible Klavier/Apollo flirting; it's difficult to tell whether they're in a relationship or not so, you know, whatever you want!
Word Count: 35
Rating: Gen


            “Out of all the offices in the world, you have to walk into mine.”

            Apollo’s barely entered when he’s greeted.  He rolls his eyes.  “You realize this is why no one takes you seriously, right?”

It's You

Dec. 12th, 2015 11:51 pm
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Main Points:
Continuation of Lucky Strike 'verse, the Supernatural/Shadowed Suspicions (Buffy/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fanfic) Crossover AU.
Summary: Things work out in the end.
Word Count: 365
Notes: Fluff!
Rating: T

            “I’ll come when it’s been fifteen minutes. Use the button if you need me.” At least, that’s probably what she said, though for all Dean knows she could have been warning him about the secret alien invasion on the moon. He steps into the room, and she ceases to exist.
            Xander’s lying there in the bed, and he looks terrible. Dean’s breath is gone, and he’s not sure when it disappeared.
Wayward Son is also sitting in the chair by the bed holding one of Jojo’s hands, and even a glare and a wish for his Stand to come back to him doesn’t work the way it should. It’s only the thought that he’s going to tell Xander how he really feels that gets the stand to disappear, and Dean takes its place as the brunet grumbles and stirs. When the chocolate eyes open and meet his own, though, a sweet smile void of fear or anger or hurt crosses the goofy face. “Dean.”
            Dean wants to lead up to it, to say something else, but the words that come out of his mouth are, “You mean a lot to me, and it’s time I stopped running like a baby every time we start getting close.”
            “Does this mean I can stop checking the revolving relationship door to know whether we’re dating this week?” Xander asks, and Dean freezes and has to remind himself that Xander’s probably really hopped up on hospital-grade painkillers. And that, even if it hurts, that blunt honesty might—no, would—turn out to be good for them, right now.
            “If you’re willing to give me that chance.” This is a little unreal, but Xander’s warm, alive hand is in his own, and suddenly, he’s at peace. Everything is fine.
            “You’re worth it,” Xander mutters sleepily, already starting to drift off, and Dean grins. The chick-flick moment is over. Now, they can just live. Be.
            They’ve already bent the rules for him once. As long as he’s not in the way, he’s pretty sure they’ll be all right with it if he falls asleep in this chair. And if not, well, too bad, because he doesn’t want to let go, now.
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He may start out as empty for you to fill the protag's shoes as you see fit by your actions, but he certainly doesn't end that way.

Main Points: Persona 4 AU
Chapter Summary: Souji isn't good at everything, but when he puts his mind to it he is The Fool, capable of anything.

Word Count: 325
Rating: T
Note:  Dancing All Night is what this is leading up to, but nothing's spoiled that you don't find out in the first five or ten minutes of the game (going by memory, anyway) so I wouldn't say it's spoiler heavy.  Fluff fluff fluff.

            Slowly, slowly, he’s learning how to do it, to repeat and memorize steps and movement.  Yosuke wasn’t wrong.  Fighting did have things in common with dancing, despite how dissimilar the two might seem.  It’s just that, in fighting, it’s entirely instinctual, in Souji’s experience.  You don’t use the same exact moves in every fight.

            One day, though, he’s tired and reacting mostly on instinct, and he ends up following the moves without even really thinking about it. There’s just enough energy to put feeling into dancing, and he vaguely finds himself enjoying it, waking up just a little.  When he opens his eyes, he finds Yosuke’s staring at him with shock and pride and awe.  It takes him a moment, which is impressive because Souji’s rarely seen The Magician entirely speechless.

            When at last the brunet finally does react, he strides over very, very quickly, nestles both hands in grey hair, and pulls him into one of the most intense kisses he’s ever had in his life.  If pressed, Souji would swear there were actual sparks.

            When Yosuke pulls away, Seta’s head is utterly void of thoughts, and his lips won’t stop tingling.  He can’t help but blink at the star, who, unfortunately, other than the slight blush and trace of the same daze, looks unaffected.  The Prince breaks out into a grin and pulls Souji close again into something very much like a hug, murmuring into his collar bone, “That was amazing.  You need to do that on stage.  Though, hopefully, the audience will be impressed but not that impressed, because I wouldn’t be happy.”

            This close, Souji can hear Yosuke’s sped up heart rate and breath, and takes some comfort in the idea that he’s not alone.  He smiles and finally is able to move, placing hands on Yosuke’s arm and back.  He’s earned this respite, brief as it might be from the polite yet no less demanding taskdriver the Magician had become.

Arcade Life

Dec. 4th, 2015 11:33 pm
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Main Points: Persona 4 AU
Chapter Summary: For a dance lesson, not much dancing is getting done.

Word Count: 250
Rating: T
Note:  The souji/yosuke tag is for what is probably flirting but certainly isn't any stronger than in the actual game or anime.  Dancing All Night is what this is leading up to, but nothing's spoiled that you don't find out in the first five or ten minutes of the game (going by memory, anyway) so I wouldn't say it's spoiler heavy.  The fluff is strong with this one.

            “Okay, so, what do you know about dancing?” Yosuke asks quietly.  He hasn’t let go of Souji’s hand yet.

            Souji’s a little surprised, but not displeased.  If asked, he would’ve said that Yosuke would be a more hands-on sort of teacher, not spending time talking like this, but he misses his boyfriend, so just sitting and talking like this, even if admittedly it isn’t accomplishing much, is nice.

            “I used to spend a lot of time at the dancing games at the arcade,” he admits.  He’s a little embarrassed, even if he can’t explain why.  But Yosuke’s grinning.

            “Me too!” he exclaims with enthusiasm.  “You used to barely be able to pry me out of one.  My parents practically hated them.  I think that’s half of why Dad came up with the idea of Arcana Life and pitched it to Junes.  I could dance, and instead of spending money I could make it.  I wasn’t allowed to go after they started having AL songs in the arcades, though.”  He looks depressed for all of two seconds before grinning again.  “I bet you spent a little more time in there after they got our songs in.  Pity they were worried about me being recognized and getting mobbed by crazy fans, or we could’ve met earlier.  Not that, you know, it wasn’t good as it was, and I’ll shut up now.”

            Souji smiles and squeezes the brunet’s hand, figuring he doesn’t really need to say a word with his face so expressive.

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Main Points: Persona 4 AU
Chapter Summary: The Prince of Junes tries to help prepare Souji for LMB.

Word Count: 300
Rating: T
Note:  The souji/yosuke tag is for what is probably flirting but certainly isn't any stronger than in the actual game or anime.  Dancing All Night is what this is leading up to, but nothing's spoiled that you don't find out in the first five or ten minutes of the game (going by memory, anyway) so I wouldn't say it's spoiler heavy.  The fluff is strong with this one.
(The face in the emoticon could not be better picked.  That face, right there?  That is my face.  All unimpressed zombie.)

            “You know, I get why Rise wants me to help out with all this.  There’s only so much a single idol can do to get everybody stage-ready.  At the same time, though, pairing the two of us doesn’t seem like it’s going to be very productive.”  Yosuke’s biting his lip, staring at Souji without really seeing him.

            Still, the grey-haired student can’t help but pout.  “What do you mean?”

            It takes a moment for the words to register, at which point Yosuke flushes.  “I didn’t…you jerk, that’s not what I meant and you know it.”  The slug on the shoulder hurts a little, but Yosuke’s not really putting his strength into it.  “I’m not implying you’re not, you know, good at dancing or anything.  I’m just saying, you know, the two of us.  Getting distracted is definitely a possibility.  Sometimes I wonder whether Rise’s the voyeur type.”

            Souji frowns.  “What do you mean?”

            “Dude, you don’t read any manga, do you?  Some of the stuff she says is pretty fishy.  Yeah, practicing at the studio is convenient for both of us, now that you’re in the city and I’m doing another Junes event, but Rise could also wander in at any time.”  The brunet rolls his eyes, but there’s a hint of a smirk.

            Souji shudders.  “Witch Detective was enough for me.”  If he never even has to think about the book again, it’ll be too soon.  Unfortunately, it seems to be stuck in his brain, popping up at the oddest moments, like a parasite.

            That definitely brings out the smirk in full force.  “Yeah, but that’s an actual book with paragraphs.  Nerd.”  The faux insult is accompanied by the smirk softening to an affectionate grin and Yosuke reaching out a hand.  “Let’s see what we can do, huh, Partner?”

madimpossibledreamer: Interior of early TARDIS (early tardis)
P4 reference via title because why not.
I wish this happened more in the show, but that would require more self-aware teens which to my surprise wasn't most of them.  Us.  At the time.  /em shrug
Hope this makes someone smile.  It's really silly, which is why I like it, but I was watching the Stephen Colbert Get Lucky video again.  It's one of those where it always makes me feel better, because, seriously, how can you not smile with that video?  (If you haven't seen it, try to find it somewhere.  It'll be worth your while.)

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Buffy's not like the other Slayers, but sometimes she forgets that.
Word Count: 465
Rating: Gen 

            Buffy’s walking away.  She has to do this alone.  She’s the Slayer, after all, the one girl in all the world.

            Xander’s voice shouldn’t stop her.  He doesn’t understand what it’s like to be chosen, to have the whole world on his shoulders.  She’d do her duty, do it alone, except…

            “You’re not alone, Buff.  You never have been.”

            She turns back, and the look in those brown eyes isn’t longing or jealous or…or any of the things that she normally associates with her Xander-shaped friend.

            They’re determined.  There’s love there, yes, but not a kind she recognizes.  There’s understanding, an understanding that she could have sworn she’d never seen in him before, could never see in anyone because they’re not her, how could they understand?  And yet…

            He smiles.  It’s a little goofy, because it’s Xander, but it’s serious and strong and supportive.  “I…Okay, I might be a bit of an idiot, because I can’t fight like you can and so the only thing I can really do is provide moral support thereby delectable goodies and cheerful words and snoring in books I can’t read, and I try to pay attention and make sure you’ve made with the thinking through of things because if you don’t put enough thought into it you’re dead and I just…I don’t want you to get hurt, and there’s not that much I can do, so I get muchly enthusiastic with what I can do.  And maybe I could put things better.  And I really do try, but sometimes things go straight from my brain to my mouth without the filter.  But you have to know that.”  He stops, stares at the ground, thinking, then back up to her with that same serious, loyal look from before.  “You have to know that as long as you’ve thought about it, I’m there for you.  Willow too, but you seem to need a reminder more often.  And if after the thinking you’re still going full steam ahead, know that if you go and be stupid without me, I will hide your supply of chocolate and really, everyone will just suffer.  So don’t.”

            Buffy grins and those really, really aren’t tears in her eyes.  She likes this version of Xander.  Not that the goofy one isn’t fun too.  It’s when he’s being a little too much of a guy that he’s a pain, but.  Well, they’re all working on it and growing up, and yeah, she really, really needs a reminder now and then that she’s not alone.  She nearly goes for a hug, but.

            Wait.  “You know where my chocolate supply is?”  Not even Joyce knows that.

            “I know where Willow’s is, too,” he confides, and then laughs freely and begins to run as she starts to chase him, giggling herself.

madimpossibledreamer: Izanagi|Souji in full costume holding out a hand (izanagi|souji)
Again, in the absence of anybody telling me this can't be a drabble, it is one.  Bwahaha.
At least I'm feeling a bit better.  Also, I was hyper earlier.  Weird.
Team dynamics, fluff, Nanako.  I really like how I captured Yosuke's voice here.  I dunno.  I just like it.
Back to studying.

Main Points:
Persona 4 universe optional
Summary: So, Sister Complex, huh?
Word Count: 300
Rating: Gen (one swear word courtesy of Yosuke)

“So, Sister Complex Kingpin…”  Souji nearly sighs, but he sees the look on Yosuke’s face.  “Don’t say you agree with it.”

“Well…”  That’s all the brunet has to say before he’s getting hit in warning.  He jokingly hits back, and they’re both careful about it, but they know they can take a punch, too.  More thoughtfully (and carefully) the brunet continues, “Well, it’s not as if there’s anything wrong with protecting your sibling, or anything like that.  And if nothing else, Nanako is adorable.  She could easily get adopted by anybody with a heart.”

Nanako is looking over with a sweet, happy look, and Yosuke blushes.  “Argh, I didn’t know you were listening, Nanako-chan!  Don’t tell your dad practically anything I say.  I like not being arrested.”

She giggles and turns back to Magical Detective, and Yosuke practically breathes a sigh of relief and lowers his voice.  “The only real weird thing here, if you ask me, is how quickly you got attached, but like I said, Nanako’s Nanako.  And you’re a weird guy, so it fits.”

“But we’re not even…I mean, we’re not that closely related.”  Souji can’t believe he’s arguing against this, and from the bemused, sympathetic look on his friend’s face, Yosuke can’t quite either.

“Blood doesn’t mean everything,” Hanamura states simply.  “I mean, Ted’s my annoying baby brother now, if you listen to Mom or Dad.  And let me tell you, Mom lets him get away with everything.  And, if you think about it,” he adds, brightening, “…Chie’s practically my sister.  My bossy, violent older sister, who’s always taking my stuff without asking.  And man, she gives me crap about everything.  I’m the cool middle kid.”

Souji can’t help but smile at Yosuke’s knowing, mischievous grin.  He’s got a point.  “Well, you do squabble like siblings.”

Storm King

Mar. 12th, 2015 08:42 pm
madimpossibledreamer: Jiraiya|Yosuke jumping and using a throwing star (jiraiya|yosuke)
Main Points: Persona 4 Playthrough Mild AU
Chapter Summary:
Souji and Yosuke are caught in the rain.
Word Count: 1,653
Rating: Teen
Note:  ...Relatively spoiler-free, actually.  Aside from who's in the team and stuff.  SO MUCH FLUFF SO MUCH  Also Yosuke being a Jojo's nerd, but what else is new?  Also, I want to nickname Souji Souj, even though it makes no sense and probably would never happen in Japan.  (If it bugs you, let me know, I can change it.)  Clear timeline unsure, hints at a few Golden events but nothing super spoilery.


Storm King Souji )
madimpossibledreamer: Jiraiya|Yosuke jumping and using a throwing star (jiraiya|yosuke)
Main Points: Persona 4 Playthrough Mild AU
Chapter Summary:
They deal with Chie's problem.
Word Count: 2,573
Rating: K
Note:  ...Relatively spoiler-free, actually.  Aside from who's in the team and stuff.  Naoto's shadow spoilers (brief, but still there).  Souji/Yosuke definitely a thing this chapter, and possibly pre-Chie/Yukiko?  Also, JJBA reference.  So, I guess, maybe kind of spoilers but not any more spoilery than the opening for Battle Tendency?


>Do you seek the truth? )



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