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              Jack would probably be more touched by “You matter” than “I love you”.  He’s heard the latter so much, after all, but to hear he’s had a lasting impact on someone else’s life?

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First few episodes of Yugioh: Wow, Yugi has some weird hair.

Last few episodes of Yugioh: Wait, Yugi has weird hair?  Since when?

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>How to Play )

Aon: >>How to Play )

Gehn: >>>How to Play )

Koual: >>>>How to Play )

Saki: >>>>>How to Play )


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Koual: Quick Overview: Bazaar )

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I’m very, very sorry, Mr. Kujo, but we appear to be missing the picture of Sarde’s Stand.  We’re not entirely certain where it went—adjusting to this ‘alternate dimension’ thing has been a bit of an adjustment, even for the Speedwagon Foundation, and given that he was a Foundation Employee he could have come in and removed the picture of his Stand before we realized exactly how…untrustworthy the man was.

Don’t mince words.  The guy’s a bastard, pure and simple, and Josephine’s been warning you for years.  If I’d had any idea of the lengths the guy was willing to go and how insane he was, even the word of a Speedwagon wouldn’t have stopped me from Ora’ing his ass.  Mercia and a new Joestar kid are counting on you, so don’t let them down.

…Right, Mr. Kujo.  We’ll pull in our interns, and we’ll find this picture or at least get someone on sketching.


Stand User: Gordon Sarde

Power: D

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: E

Precision: E

Potential: D



Incognito’s power is not in direct combat.  In fact, it excels most when no fight takes place.  Despite this, it is considered one of the great assets of the Speedwagon Foundation most dangerous enemy Stands in existence, simply because there is very little way of defending against it.  As with many, it is better to target the User himself.

The power was hailed as a humane way of dealing with rogue or evil Stand Users—you could let them live on and potentially be a boon to society.  However, it clearly has a dark side as Sarde’s insanity has demonstrated.   

Goodbye to Yesterday-If the Stand touches you, it can ‘stamp’ over part of your identity.  For example, it can erase a distinctive birthmark or make you forget a childhood memory.  The effect is cumulative, though if you can somehow break away, the countdown will start over.  The Stand is stronger (i.e. has a higher Power ranking) when it actively focuses on using this ability, but this also decreases the User’s awareness.  If it reaches the end point, it can completely rewrite your identity, to the point that even those closest to you may not recognize you despite your resemblance.  It doesn’t fully change your appearance (for example, Josephine retained the red hair), but it’s a kind of mental influence—those looking at you won’t recognize you.  It may completely alter personality, and those in your new identity (for example, memories of a family to which you never really belonged) will share the same false memories of a shared past that never truly existed.  It doesn’t erase the fact that you existed—those in your old life will still remember you existed and that you disappeared one day, but the likelihood of you being found is very low.  Sarde cannot control the outcome, but since he’s not likely to be attacked by someone to whom he’s now a stranger, there’s no real need to do so.  The only known ‘antidote’, so to speak, is apparently Crazy Diamond’s ability to fix things, but as Josuke would have to know a) that this is someone affected by Incognito and b) who they used to be, it is unlikely that this is widely applicable.  The fact that he was able to find his daughter itself is remarkable, given Goodbye to Yesterday’s own defensive memory/recognition altering mechanism.

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*If they found a spaceship, Xander would get super excited and hit all the buttons, possibly getting them killed.  The Pharaoh would be super cautious for traps and spend forever studying it.  He might never make a move, though.

*Xander’s still not allowed near most magic.  Though eventually Willow speculates that it’s because he’s incompatible with a different type of magic than his own.
*Haru’s favorite book is The Scarlet Pimpernel.  It’s too literary for Xander.  He enjoys the Shadow comics, but they’re occasionally a little dark for him.  He also likes ones with the Flash and Green Lantern as friends.  Xander occasionally jokes that he’s the Flash because he’s always eating, and Haru is the Green Lantern because he’s kind of alien.
*That’s not to say that Haru doesn’t eat.  Though he sometimes forgets to do that if he gets into something.  Generally, though, they eat enough for one and a half teenagers.  Xander just eats more on a relative scale.
*Xander’s asked Willow a lot of questions, but he hasn’t asked about lacy lingerie, generator.  (He’d blush just thinking about it.  The Pharaoh might, when he’s getting over the shyness, just bluntly ask without realizing the question he’s asking.)
*It’s also obvious who dressed them this morning.  Haru will put on more jewelry, close-fitting clothes, black.  He’s also fond of purple and gold/yellow.  Xander will wear geeky t-shirts, button-up shirts, plaid, or Hawaiian.  (He’s been accused of fashion-blindness, but the same doesn’t go for the Pharaoh.  Cordy usually likes dealing with Haru better.)
*Xander was going to go for the soldier thing, but Haru managed to talk him into going for the ancient Egyptian warrior thing by saying he’d work one of Xander’s shifts instead.  Haru’s drawn to Egyptian stuff, but since Auntie isn’t doing research on Egyptians, he didn’t really get much of a chance to be exposed to that kind of stuff.
*Kind of forgot to include this earlier.  Ankhmet is Andrew, a High priest, and he goes for High Priest status again in this lifetime.

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*Xander shares more about his crushes.  It takes a little while for him to realize that Haru’s first crush is actually Marcus from B5.  He’s taken to teasing the other about it.  (His first reaction was ‘no way’ but that didn’t last long, because  it didn’t necessarily mean that he was, since they’re brothers.  Even when they had nothing else, they had each other, so they’re seriously close.  So his next step, acceptance, as shown with how he deals with his female friends, is to tease mercilessly.  He’s also still capable of some thoughtless comments, but he gets mentally smacked over the head for it, so he’s easing out of it.  He's still vaguely fascinated with the idea of being attracted to more than one gender and has trouble wrapping his brain around how it works.)
*He’s getting Haru over his shyness.  Which he may regret, later on.
*Haru’s still a teen capable of stupid in the moment decisions, though.  Often, he’ll blame Xander, and then they’ll get into a squabble.  Willow says to just ignore them at that point.  They usually don’t figure out for a while.
*Both of them are ridiculously protective of people.  Even with all the complaining about Angel, while he’s on the good side, they’d protect him.  With the powers, Xander likes the spotlight, but even he’d give it up to help get people out while Buffy takes center stage.
*Xander’s favorite holiday is Christmas, since he loves the memories of camping outside in the snow with the Pharaoh for company.  He’s tempted to do that again, since they didn’t get to do it for long (3 years), but doesn’t want to worry his Aunt.
*Haru’s favorite holiday is Halloween.  He’s strangely obsessed with pumpkins.  He also likes the costumes, but is a little sad that they have to share one.  He wants them both to wear different clothes.
*Neither one of them can cook.  In fact, they shouldn’t be let near any ovens anytime in the near or far future.
*It’s part of why they’re so close to Willow.  Haru confided he was worried about all the artificial stuff Xander was putting into his body, so Willow learned to bake and bribe Xander away from the other stuff with her treats.  It’s working a little especially well.
*Haru has a secret sweet tooth, but he tends to grab snacks when no one’s around to see.
*As they’ve grown, they get the idea that they’re not normal.  They still can’t imagine what it’s like, not having someone to share your mind with.  They’ve developed an interest over time in seeing the differences.
*The thought of being alone and of quiet terrifies them.  They’ve both had nightmares about it.  Their first psychologist talked about curing them.  Sometimes they drive each other crazy and won’t talk to each other, but they hate the idea.

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If you want to seriously depress yourself, think about mashing up the Innocent Sin ending with, well, anything.  In this case, Yugioh.  Persona 2 spoiler )~Dreamer~

*They smell different.  Xander smells like sawdust, because he half-heartedly whittles.  Haru smells like the desert sands.
*They also tend to stand/sit differently.  Haru has better posture.  That’s how Willow usually tells the difference if they’re not talking.
*Haru’s left wrist also often acts up, so much so that he’s got a brace on hand just in case.  Xander’s never does.  (It was one of the wounds in the final fight, and for whatever reason, it stayed.)
*They have a habit of finishing each other’s sentences, or, if they’re feeling lazily, passing things along for the other to say for them.  Despite the amount of effort it actually takes to change.  (Not much.)
*Their instincts are good.  Usually.  When they’re off, they’re way off.  Usually if they’re tired or distracted (thus not paying attention).
*Haru’s surprisingly a gender equality guy.  They get in the biggest arguments over the careless things Xander says like that.
*They agree about their mother.  They wanted to get her away from the abuse, too, but she didn’t want to go.  The last thing she did was slap him, but it just hurts their heart.  They’d probably accept any present she sent with a smile, no matter how much it didn’t fit.
*Neither of them deal well with rejection or being abandoned.
*Sometimes Haru gets depressed.  Xander’s prone to that, too, and listening to country music (which Haru can’t deal with), but he forces a smile on his face and keeps bugging his twin until Haru reemerges.  Haru’s generally seen as the strong, mature one, but Xander tries to stay upbeat because he knows it affects Haru, and he doesn’t like causing pain to twinnie.  Also because it’s a lot of work dragging Haru out when he’s in a mood.
*Sometimes they play the game of seeing if people will realize that they’re the other.  They’ve figured out how to pretend to be the other, to the point of mimicking voice and vocal patterns.
*Haru tends to start a lot of things and not finish them, though.  He’s interested by all knowledge, too, and gets a little flighty.  Choosing a major is going to be very difficult for him.  He’s not immediately good at everything, either, and sometimes ends up monopolizing their time studying, since he’s occasionally perfectionistic when it comes to grades.
*Xander’s a little lazy, but sometimes it bugs him and he actually finishes what Haru began.  Just as his twin occasionally acts as the one who keeps him in line, when Haru gets to the point where he’s trying to do too much at once, he gets them to calm down and take one thing at a time.
*At these points, too, he only ends up getting about 4 hours of sleep for the body, but it works for him.  One of them can sleep and actually get decent refreshment, so as long as they both get a fair amount of that time asleep, and their body gets at least 4 hours, they’re perfectly awake.  Xander sometimes ends up goofing off in the middle of the night, when the other has been hogging the body.
*He will force the other to stop excessively studying and spend time with their friends.  At the very least, go study with Willow!

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Why are you writing this in here?  We already have a perfectly serviceable set of notes on Star Platinum.

What?  No one said I couldn’t contribute!  Unless this is an anti-Slayer thing.  I thought some stuff would be interesting!

…You have a good point.

Buffy’s Notes on Star Platinum

Stand User: Jotaro Kujo

Appearance: Tarzan.  If you see a Tarzan, chance are, you’re fine.  Unless, you know, you’re evil.  In which case, watch out.  But then, he’s not the only one you have to watch out for!

Strength: Never thought I’d end up wrestling a soul projection thingie, but it was kind of cool.  From what we can tell, I’m as strong as Star Platinum, if not a little stronger.  Take that, Jane.

Speed and Precision: Unfortunately, I’m slower than he is, and definitely don’t have quite the control.  It’d be nice to not have to keep buying mugs of coffee, but hey, you can’t have everything.  I’m working on the speed part.  It’s important, because most vampires are faster than I am, and they’re not as fast as Star Platinum, and it would probably save me some clothes and bruises.

…Oh, hey, it says here that this Stand can stop time.  (Seriously, Stand is such a weird name for a thing, but apparently one of Xander’s relatives is responsible, so that makes sense.)  That might explain some things.  We might need to have the “You’re not supposed to be self-sacrificing” lecture again that everyone ignores, if only for tradition’s sake.

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Headcanons: Yosuke has the guitar and an impressive game collection, but mostly those are for show anymore.  It’s been ages since he’s tried to play.  Since he got ‘kicked to the boonies’.  The guitar was kind of more for himself, especially since only Katsuragi really got it, while the games were the social thing.  His circle of ‘friends’ played quite a few (and, well, never returned some of the ones they ‘borrowed’, but he considered it a worthwhile price for ‘friendship’, just so he wasn’t quite so lonely).  He’s been a little depressive since he came out to Inaba, though he hides it well behind the smile.  The frustration of keeping that smile on no matter what started building up until it lashed out.  He really does like it, being nice to people, helping them out.  That’s not a lie.  But doing it so much and never getting a thank-you (in fact, getting spat on in return) gets a little frustrating after a while.  And he had nothing really to distract him, besides hitting on Yukiko (and failing) and Saki (and failing) and forming a friendship with Chie (and partially succeeding, but it’s more abusive to start with than anything).

Playing those games, even doing more than glance at them, reminds him of the big city, of the ‘friendships’ he lost.  (If you have to be alone, you can do it in a crowd of people just as well as anywhere else.)  He even lost his temper and broke one of his favorites one day, only to immediately feel awful about it.  He has yet to buy a new copy.  Too painful.  Honestly Souji might be the one that buys him a new one.

He looks back on that as he’s starting to get more comfortable with himself and thinks that’s utterly pathetic.  He really could’ve asked for more, but he was scared to do so then.

He starts breaking those out with Souji.  It’s a sign he really’s started accepting Kanji when he invites the other to come play some of his games.  Chie’s generally terrible, but play a fighting game and she somehow manages to be good.  It’s not quite just button mashing, which makes him confused and Chie yells at him and they yell at each other.

He hasn’t asked Yukiko yet, though.  He’s afraid she’ll take it as yet another date offer (which, to be honest, it’s not entirely a ‘girly’ thing but he’d actually like that as a date) and turn him down again.

(She might end up playing if they ever do another massive sleepover in the Inn, though.)


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*Haru has a really good singing voice.

*Haru was the stripper in Oxnard, though he went a little more Egyptian with it and so wore a little more than your average stripper.  Probably.  Xander really didn’t want to think about it, so he was dishwasher-slash-occasional bartender.  The Pharaoh’s not that bothered by nakedness.  Xander has nightmares about it.

*This is actually one of Haru’s mistakes.  He’s good at it.  He enjoys it.  For the first time, people aren’t looking at him like he’s some sort of two-headed freak.  (They do have nightmares about having two heads, actually.)  He’s in control, choosing his songs and outfits and he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to.  He doesn’t think about the consequences, though.  That if he’s caught, his Aunt might lose custody (and probably much more than that).  That he might lose his friends, everything he’s ever known.  He’s angry that it might be considered wrong, because he’s not being taken advantage of, and he guesses that that’s the first thing that people might think.  He doesn’t think about the practical, legal consequences.  It doesn’t just involves him, it involves everyone he cares about.  He comes to this realization, and he’s horrified at first, but he calmly owns up to it.  Asks, but doesn’t demand, doesn’t beg.  “I’m done with stripping.  Well, I might put on a private show, if I ever get a date again, and I might enter dancing contests or something, but this is a chapter in my life that is closing.”

*They’re both afraid of clowns, though.

*(If your character was responsible for the death of xir best friend, how would xe feel?) Not kidding, that’s actually a question.
Xander couldn't do it.  Haru had to take over and save them.  Xander was thinking about it, but Haru was the one who actually moved the stake into Jesse's body.  He feels awful about it and projects some of it onto the other vampires.  Haru no more likes vampires than Xander, but is more willing to take them as fairly untrusted allies.  He likes to say he's fine, but the nightmares don't help his case.  Xander talked about Jesse at first, but Willow's reaction every time he does convince him it's a bad idea, and Haru's not much better.  He doesn't like hurting either of them, so he actually started a journal.  Whenever he's tempted to talk about jesse, he writes it down instead.  Occasionally he talks to his aunt, when she's there.

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*Jesse stole a car for joyriding when they were 14.  Haru lectured Xander a lot about it when he realized what had happened, but as no one got hurt he wasn’t that angry.
*Xander is straight.  Haru is bisexual.
*Sharing the body is instinctual by this point.  They’re some of the few who can switch on command.  In general, they’re not your usual multiple personality.
*Along those lines, there’s a book written about him.  One of the only promises his first psychologist kept, actually—keeping his name out of it.  Still, he has to keep his head down.
*Xander’s better at dealing with people.  Generally.  Haru takes the bullies (usually by talking at them until they’re confused), while Xander is better at keeping up with their friends.  Haru’s usually a little more intellectual in approach, but Xander’s been pushing him out more often lately so that he can socialize more.  “You’re becoming a shut-in!”  The Pharaoh sticks out his tongue in response.
*They’re missing the magic of old.  One of the first things he figures out (once they learn of his past) is to call the ceremonial armor of Horus, golden and gleaming, and the sword, but that’s all they get for a while.  Eventually, they get the ability to channel some of their power into songs, but it’s generally to strengthen allies or weaken enemies.  Andrew gets better combat magic than he does.  Both Andrew and Willow can tap into his magic, though, which.
Oh, dear.  That fits, but oh, dear.
Willow does so without his permission, so he’s tired all the time, but he doesn’t realize what she’s doing.  Her addiction is actually slowly killing him, but they don’t know.  Xander is less affected, since the magic isn’t his, but he’s still tired.

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*He’d thought that they’d been two in one body since they were born.  It’s not until later that they learn that Xander became Xander & Haru when they were 3.

*His Aunt took him in rather than let his father put him in an asylum.

*His Aunt is an archaeologist, and once she met Joyce she became one of the Summers’ first friends in the town.  She sometimes goes on expeditions but has been cutting back.

*Xander/Haru feels guilty about this.  He knows it’s for him & that she doesn’t mind the sacrifice because she actually cares about him.  (She’s more involved than any of the parents in the show.)  He knows she misses it, though.

*He is required to visit a psychologist, though.  The first one was mean & working for his father.  They soon switched.

*He (or Xander) did something when they were in 4th grade that resulted in everyone pretty much ignoring him for a few months.  They seem to have forgotten, but he never did.  (He forgave everyone pretty quickly, though.  He’s the type to think it’s his fault before looking at anyone else.)

*He’s generally the more level-headed one.

*He’s also the academic one.

*That’s not to say that he doesn’t get fed up.  He does.  When he gets frustrated, and doesn’t have the strength to bottle it inside anymore, he’s a little scary.  Usually, Xander then takes over so he can just sulk in their mind, rather than getting worse and hurting their body or something in the real world.

*The two geek out over things a lot, though, especially when he can go into detail on the plot, writing, and such.

*They usually treat each other as twins, though through the influence of a few others they’ve also taken to referring to each other as ‘Other Me’.

*The Pharaoh chose his own name when they were 5 (Ace?-rel to Alexander, Akos-white falcon Haru-derived from Hor (horus)?) Haru, I think.  It amuses me.  He had help from his Aunt, though.  She’d been visiting to figure out how to save him from his father.  She probably studies Japanese history, then.

*Haru’s voice is deeper.

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Labs are the most annoying thing ever when everything that could go wrong (well, aside from an explosion, I suppose, so that's something) goes wrong.

*Still no name for this guy.  (Khamet? Mahu?  Meriptah?
Nanefer-ka-ptah?  I like Khamet.  There’s a weird thing, then, with Ankhmet, but then, it probably wasn’t that strange to them back then.  Certain name constructions are just more common.

*Had an elder brother, Nebmakhet (Jesse), who was a better warrior than he was a strategist or pharaoh.  Got killed in a campaign he waged to win a Nubian princess Maia (Cordy).  Khamet then had to deal with the aftermath during his reign.  (He was there, too, barely made it out.)

* Masaharta (Wesley) was an advisor brought in during his brother’s reign.  He didn’t last the battle either (though he fought valiantly).

*Mahumose (Giles) was the Head Scribe.  Where Xander sought refuge in TV shows and comic books, he sought out rare scrolls and his Head Scribe’s storytelling talents.  If he ever couldn’t be found, he was hiding in the “library”.  He also often sought out the Head Scribe’s advice, despite the fact that the man was not, strictly speaking, an advisor.  They were closer than he & his father.

*Mayati (Willow) was a royal witch and his best friend.  She was only of noble blood.

*Muyet (Buffy) and Nebet (Dawn) had distinguished themselves in his security but they weren’t close.

*He also had a sister, Nefret, and a wife, Inhapi.  (Dedyet makes me laugh.  She has to be a thing.)

*Magic is a thing.  So is fighting demons.  And they’re a lot more lively than the Council will have you believe.

*Actually, he’s got a history with the Council.  They came in being jerkish and acting like they owned the place, saying that they could save the day, and he threw them out on their butts.  It saved his land & people, but will cost his life.

*He was the second son, so he got to be a lot more lax.  Run around the streets, bug the Royal Scribe, let his curiosity get the better of him.  He saved the world (or people) a few times.  Boredom and refusal to let innocents get hurt.

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Warning: Long, possibly spoilery, ranty in parts.  Lots of quotes, but then, that's how I live my life, really.  My thoughts on the Orichalcos arc (Waking the Dragons?).
There are some moments that change a person for all time.  -Bilbo


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Xander gets possessed all the time, so Yugioh gave me an idea.  I wrestled with it for a bit before deciding he wasn’t going to get Yami, though.  Mainly because Yugi’s the only one I can see in the role.  They have their similarities-both are willing to do anything to save their friends.  Both are sometimes overlooked, more than they should be, and they’re both the Heart of their respective groups.  (You might say Yugi doesn’t get overlooked, since he’s the main character, but more often than not Yami’s stealing the show.)  Yugi’s capable of the same smart-aleck remarks, though Xander does it a lot more than Yugi does.  And Xander’s the White Knight, though it takes him a bit to grow out of his teenage selfishness.  (Yugi’s capable of that, too, but a lot less.  He matured faster.)

Xander’s idealistic, but he’s not truly innocent, and that’s one of the main differences.  Yugi has to be there to balance out Yami, Yin to his Yang.  Xander’s good but I don’t know if he could rein in Yami in the same way.  (Also Xander reminds me of Joey more.  Sometimes.) 

A way to an AU other than Halloween intrigued me.  As did Yami, early on, not quite understanding that he’s a separate entity than Yugi and going that’s my grandfather, those are my friends.  The boundary grew, but there are still moments where Yami thinks he’s Yugi without even realizing it.  So playing with that seemed like a cool idea.

Also, Ancient Egypt.  I am a sucker for Ancient Egypt.  When I first saw the Mummy movies I watched them about a dozen times and legit went to the library to check out apparently dry books on Egypt.  But I devoured them.  I still have a few random ones sitting around.  And yeah, okay, so the mission contacts in Egypt in the Secret World aren’t that impressive, compared to Kingsmouth, but I still love the place.

I’ve got some ideas I’m running around in my head.  I might brainstorm on here, just to get some ideas out there.  Be warned, they’re not fully developed, but.  If anyone’s interested in the process, well, here ya go.  (If not, ah well, at least I’m conversationally talking about my ideas which usually gets me slightly further than just thinking about them?  It’s weird.)


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Agents have been unable to find important manuscripts that have been shelved not more than ten minutes earlier.  Nobody’s died in the field yet, but the number of mishaps are alarming.  Trains are being missed.  Lunches (and coffee) have been spilled.  Miscommunication abounds.  Technology has ceased to function for no clear reason.  Snowstorms have appeared out of nowhere in London, trapping agents indoors.  A note about this has already been mislaid.  No one panic, but on the other hand, don’t think you’re invincible either.  Something’s going on.  It’s entirely possible that it’s a Stand.  Fortunately, Koichi and his partner are arriving to take a look, so until then, hang tight and do not let your emotions get the better of you.  That’s already resulted in a broken hand, and really, we don’t want a repeat of that incident.

Bye Bye Beautiful (B3)

Stand User: Josephine Joestar

Power: A

Speed: B

Range: D

Durability: B

Precision: B

Potential: C



Bye Bye Beautiful, or B3, taps deep into ancient stories of Sidhe (which Buffy has met and assures me are not nice).  Beautiful, but deadly, and able to trod the faery paths (which were not meant for mortals). 

Sidhe woman in flowing green and yellow dress with wings

Bye Bye Beautiful allows its user to pass through different ‘portals’/doorways and walk through a different one, effectively teleporting in combat.  This isn’t a power of B3, but Josephine also knows Hamon, though she didn’t get the cheat sheet like her son.

Dark Chest of Wonders— The opening of the connection between the ‘doorways’.  (These doorways don’t even really have to work or open, just be, symbolically, a doorway.)  To pass through and fall into the trap, the target has to be the same size as the doorway they’re going to pass through.  B3 doesn’t allow only one doorway to open, so a passage must be created (and escape must be possible), but Josephine can manipulate the length of the hallway to make it more difficult to reach the end goal or to disorient.  Alternatively (though this is risky), B3 can open two doors and close the first once all have passed through the opening.  This is inherently unstable and could collapse at any time.

We’ll Be Waiting – What lays in the passageway between doorways is a dangerous and Lovecraftian world.  Josephine, Kakyoin, and Jotaro seem unworried about these things being set loose on the world, potentially because the doorways don’t tend to be open for long.  Exposure to this world might explain Josephine’s mental state.  The Joestars are our patrons.  Do not write things like this in official documents.  Thanks for the vote of confidence, boys!  I really am a wonder, aren’t I?

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Summary:  Timeline.  If I don't get to writing this, someone else could use these notes.

-Unfortunately, we have to fudge with dates again.  Otherwise, it’s entirely plausible.  (Jolyne born 1992, Buffy born 19 January 1981, Jotaro born January 20-Feb 18 1970)  He had her when he was ~22, so if we go with that, he would have had to have been born 1959…nope, so pushing it forward.  It’d no longer be of the 90’s.  Not focusing on this much, though.

-Buffy was born Jolyne Kujo.  (Divorce when she was seven (1999) (keeping the 19th January date), 1998, and very sick; Jotaro was off helping Josuke.  Joyce called him, drunk, and got Josuke instead.)

-1999, while sick and half-dying from (likely) gaining a latent Stand, Buffy witnesses her cousin’s mysterious death in a hospital.

-After Joyce got the divorce, Jolyne was really sad, but Joyce distracted her with “would you like to choose a new name?”  Jolyne was really excited and didn’t realize what that meant.  They had her name legally changed.

-2001 Joyce re-marries.  Buffy isn’t particularly approving, and in frustration, Hank tells her that Jotaro abandoned her.  Coupled with Jotaro’s “Hurt her and you’ll regret it” call, Hank convinces Joyce to get a restraining order.

-Same year, Joyce shortly calls Jotaro to tell him about the restraining order and that Buffy no longer wants anything to do with him.

-Spring 2007 Buffy becomes the next Slayer.

-Summer 2007 Hank and Joyce Summers send Buffy to the mental institution.  They do not tell Jotaro.

-Summer-Autumn 2007 Hank divorces Joyce and tells her that it’s Buffy’s fault.  Joyce, having some gumption of her own, follows him and learns that he’s been carrying on an affair with his secretary.  She tells Buffy that she was the one who divorced Hank and about the affair, feeling that her daughter might otherwise suffer a relapse into ‘insanity’.  They do not tell Jotaro.  Buffy feels guilty anyway.

-Autumn 2007 Welcome to the Hellmouth.

-2008 Jolyne drowns.

-2008 Joyce says that Buffy just doesn’t like Ted because she thinks that Buffy doesn’t trust her judgement anymore.

-Summer 2009, between Season 2 and 3 Joyce drunk calls Jotaro and tells him that their daughter has run away from home.  She tells him about Hank leaving, about the Slayer thing, that she’s had the restraining order revoked, and begs him tearily to find Jolyne.  Jotaro can’t make out much her drunken rambling, but can translate enough of it.  He gets the paperwork necessary to work at several of the aquariums of Los Angeles ready but does not submit any of it.  He finds his daughter.

-They talk.  Buffy springs the Slayer stuff on him, certain that he’ll turn her away or tell her she’s a freak like Joyce and Hank did.  He does none of those things.  “You’re still my daughter.  And if you want me there, I’ll be there.”  She cries and hits him until she falls asleep.  He takes the punches stoicly.

-Jotaro talks more than Buffy’s ever heard him talk.  He tells her that he’ll stay if she wants him to and that he won’t call her mother until she’s ready, since she’ll insist they come back immediately.

-When they return, Joyce is shocked at how well he took it until they get to the ‘vampires are real’ part of the conversation.   She then states that obviously, he’s where the freakiness came from.  Buffy stomps right back out again.

-Josuke, now age 24-25, volunteers to take over most of the active Stand User chasing duties.  After he visits his grand-niece.

-Joyce apologizes for yelling drunkenly at Josuke over the phone all those years ago and offers him hot cocoa in apology.  “I was wondering, but now I know that you fell in love with her hot chocolate!” Josuke exclaims and then blushes.  Jotaro smirks.


Jan. 21st, 2016 10:09 pm
madimpossibledreamer: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) (ace)
Okay.  This would be hilarious, but I cannot write it for the life of me.  Usually if I get ideas I want to write them, but I'm not good at 80-90% comedy.
Could someone write one of the Buffy characters dressing as a Stand for the INFAMOUS HALLOWEEN?  It would be hilarious.  And potentially disasterous.  Which would also be funny.
I that I have this in my head, it's not going away, and it's great.
madimpossibledreamer: Sherlock holding his violin. (creative)
Strong cleaning agents + poorly ventilated space.  Even I know not to do that, and I DON'T do that for a living.


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