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I do actually kind of ship it, but Xander!muse's insisting that they don't actually work out.  (They do attempt, though--that offhanded reference to Xander having taken Andrew out on a date was more than just rumor.  In the end, though, he is a man cursed [and occasionally blessed] with an eidetic memory.  With several geniuses with eidetic memory.  As much as he tries to let go of the past, the past won't let go of him.)  Other universes (like the fractured pharaoh one), sure.  Not in this lifetime.

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: It's the first time Xander's talked to Andrew since Sunnydale fell.  Of course, he ends up hiring the warlock.
Word Count: 414
Rating: Gen

         “I don’t blame you for Anya.”
         Andrew screams.  He glances back to find Xander standing there, with only his helmet removed.  He’d flown in.
         Wow.  He really is a superhero.  It’s one thing to know it intellectually, maybe see him in the suit once or twice, but it’s entirely different to be joined by him on the tenth floor of their temporary HQ.  And, of course, he’d still been dealing with Warren’s ghost and being a supervillain (how dumb is that?) and…
         “Has anyone told you the eyepatch is sexy?” he blurts, because he’s pretty sure the answer is no, and, well.  Seeing Xander hurting with everyone’s reactions was slowly breaking his heart.
         He can see Xander’s brain stutter.  “Uhhh.  No.  Thanks, though.”
         “I’m really so—” he tries to say, but a gloved hand waves in his direction.
         “Like I said.  Don’t blame you.  I’d have to be mad at her for being a hero in the end, and I think that would break me, so you’re off the hook.”  He swaggers over to where Andrew is standing and leans against the railing.  Andrew thinks about saying something, worrying about it, but then realizes that this is a guy who can fly so even if he falls it’s not a big deal.  It’s a little uncomfortable, but not in a way that he isn’t enjoying.
         “We were all worried,” he confesses softly, unaware that he’s even going to say words until they’re out of his mouth, and Knight chuckles slightly.
         “Well, I’m okay.  Just had a few things to get together.  Visit an old friend.”  He pauses.  “I don’t think I ever told you, that thing with the leech?  Inspired.  Also terrifying.”
         “How’d you get out of that one?” Andrew asks, curious.
         “Lucky for me, I knew there was a vampire nest nearby.  Just yelled enough until they came and accidentally got it on themselves instead of me when they were trying to crack my shell crab-style.  Barely had enough to fly home.”  He smiles.  “Thanks for the flirting, by the way.  I’m not in the mood now and I wasn’t then, but it still helped me feel better.”
         Andrew grins.  That means he might—maybe—have a chance, though he might not deserve it.  Still, that also means Knight might not mind having him around, which means—“That offer of a job still open?”
         “Always recruiting,” Xander grins, slings an arm around Andrew’s shoulders, and together they walk toward the stairs.

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Some day I might actually go through the huge list of Knight's relationships and how they've changed.  For now...

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Andrew is caught by one of his heroes.
Word Count: 933
Rating: Gen

The Knight

Jun. 12th, 2017 10:27 pm
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I had this concept and I felt all nice and original.  And then I read Extremis.
...Soooo, yeah, it's not original, but whatever, I'm still gonna run with it.  If you haven't read it, I recommend it.

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel Crossover AU (Self-Made Hero: The Infinity Mirror)
Summary: Giles finds the third of his recruits.
Word Count: 700
Rating: Gen

         Alexander Jessie Knight is dying.
         At any other time, the media would be having a field day.  Because Knight is news.  Because he just quietly burst onto the scene, to the point he makes Athena jokes.  And once he was there, well.
         The world apparently can’t get enough.  They just love the schizophrenic nature he has behind the camera, the fact that sometimes you might get Xander, joking and flirty but quiet and respectful and humble, and sometimes you might get Tony (not that the world understands that) who loves the camera and shows off and does all the stunts that people read tabloids for.  Everyone always wants the newest Knight tech.  The stock shares only continue to grow in value.  He wins so many awards, is the focus of so many articles.  Knight Innovations was declared one of the best places to work worldwide in all years since its creation.  He and Kris were declared one of greatest Power Couples of the Age.
         Admittedly, it’s probably an unhealthy obsession for Andrew to be reading every single thing and have his picture of Xander shirtless on his wall but he’s pretty sure Xander knows and hasn’t yelled at him yet, so he figures that’s permission.
         Point is, usually, the world would care.  Especially since happens to be at the same time that Miss Chase has died.
         But the thing is, Miss Chase has died.  Everyone’s dying.  It’s the end of the world, and Andrew knows enough magic to know that they don’t have much chance.
         But he’s selfish, and he’s pretty certain he loves Xander, and if anyone can engineer their way out of this situation, it’s Xander, so he’s putting all his hopes with Xander.
         They’d been working on nanotech.  It’s not completed yet.  May have side effects or even kill Xander.  But given the choices, it’s a chance of death, which is better than the certainty of death.
         It had happened months ago.  Xander had gotten wounded by a demon lord.  It hadn’t mattered, not right away.  It became obvious about a week ago that there was poison or a curse or something slowly eating away at Xander’s brain.  At least, it had been slow, but something seemed to trigger it.  The first clue was his boss collapsing in the middle of the building, hands to his head, but Knight was prone to migraines, so it hadn’t been as worrying as it should’ve been.  Since then, his condition had deteriorated significantly, to the point he was now in a coma.
         “Sorry about this,” he says, and then injects the nanites into Xander’s blood, and given the sudden screaming and twisting it hurts, but Andrew can’t bring himself to feel guilty.
         And then the proximity alarms go off.
         “Star?” he asks cautiously, having never given the same protocols as, for example, Kris.
         Instantly the AI answers, worried.  “Yes, Mr. Wells.”
         “You should probably suit him up.  I’ll go deal with the visitors.”
         He’s sure she notices his voice shake.  She’s an AI with the ability to analyze every single tremor.  She doesn’t call him on it.  “I’ll get Ranger One ready for a house party.”
         When the world explodes like a supernova and then collapses down into the dark, Xander’s still unconscious.  He only wakes later, with Willow kneeling above him.  “This isn’t your world,” she explains before he can even say anything, and he just smiles vacantly at her and yawns.
         “Uhm.  Okay.”
         “Welcome back,” Oz says quietly, and he nods back, super happy.  He really hadn’t been kidding about stealing the werewolf, minus the fact that he’d at the very least respect relationships and wouldn’t have dared.
         “The multiverse is in danger,” Giles says somewhat distantly as he walks into the room.  “I’m gathering a team to help save it.”
         And that’s just begging for a specific response.  Unfortunately, he has no cigars handy, but he can at least say the requisite line.  “I love it when a plan comes together.”
         That gets a mad grin from Willow and amused eyes from Oz, and it’s almost enough to distract him from the fact that he’s hearing Star’s explanation of his world ending without him in his head.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Kris doesn't want to sit on the sidelines.
Word Count: 343
Rating: Gen
Notes: Yep, Kris plays yugioh.

         “I want a suit,” Kris announces during a meeting of the ITK portion of Knight Innovations.  It had absolutely nothing to do with whatever her boyfriend and Andrew had been discussing seconds before, but now she has his complete and undivided attention.
         “Uhm, Xander, are you sure that’s…” Andrew begins, and Xander rolls his chair away from the Head of Testing Department (aka the Magic Department for those In the Know) and resident Head Chef, eyes wide.
         “I am not being your average superhero girlfriend,” she states firmly.
         Xander smiles slightly.  It’s a touch worried, but the way his eyes narrow at her, he’s already seeing the possibilities, drawing up schematics in his head.  If he hasn’t already.  …Given that he’s Knight, he probably has at least five different possibilities already in his head and is just pulling them up mentally.  “And see, me?  This is a person in a relationship who is not being a man with no sense of self-preservation.”  He blinks.  “That sentence made no sense, but y’know.  In terms of suit design, what were you thinking?”
         She beams, then frowns.  “Well, I already have possible names.  Warwolf or Sky Cavalry.  My favorite cards, you know.”
         He nods, unphased, but she can see Andrew and the others gaping.  Which just makes her puff up a bit.  “I like those names.  And from that…Probably weapons-heavy, huh?”
         “Please,” she asks, blinking her eyelashes as she leans against the table.
         He laughs at her even as the others look disturbed and leans in to kiss her.  It’s sweet, but he’s definitely distracted, and she’s anything but mad about that. 
         “You’re not going out in the field until you get a pass from Lehane,” he says offhandedly, already grabbing budget reports, turning them over, and doodling on the other side.
         “Faith?” she asks, but he cuts her off.
         “Yeah.  I can’t think of anyone else who would push you more.  And we need to know what you can do.  What you’re capable of.  It’s the only way to make sure you can keep up.”

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander's a confusing boss.  He's also great to work for.
Word Count: 735
Rating: Gen

expect the unexpected )

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Nobody listened to me when I said I’d run into issues in Italy.  We always tended to underestimate the bad guys, especially the ones in groups because that was so rare.  Well, it turns out that on a routine Slayer-finding assignment, I didn’t manage to get to her before Wolfram & Hart.  I’m pretty sure that they recruited her and didn’t just kill her, but it’s hard to tell, really.

Anyway, they were going to deal with me.  And despite the whole supervillain and evil sorcerer trying to take over the world thing, I wasn’t actually all that great with my powers.  I’ve gotten better since then, but I’m pretty much the classic D&D wizard and can’t do much without studying, so battle isn’t exactly the place I should be.

And then this guy runs out from the building a pulls out a pistol.  I wasn’t actually sure who he was trying to hit, at first.  I’ve managed to make some enemies, although I suppose some of them are better at setting aside their grudges than others.  He shoots at me, and here I am thinking that it’s the end and it’s kind of poetic, really, and I should really tell Jonathan that I’m sorry and an idiot, when the bullets just kind of swerve around me.

The guy behind me falls, and I turn to look, and am thinking that he’s some kind of awesome telekinetic or something, and then I turn back and start to thank him profusely, forgetting that he probably doesn’t have a clue what I’m saying because it’s English, not Italian.  And then he looks at me and just says, “Don’t thank me.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to shoot one of those guys for a while.”  It’s a really heavy accent, but it’s actually English.

And then the hard look gets a little amused, and he says, “I’d leave, tourist” and I take off running.

Apparently they call me Coniglio, now.  A little insulting (you know, after I looked it up), but still.  Now I can actually tell the Council and they’ll believe me.

Also, apparently it was a Stand.  That I still can’t see.  I’m working on that, though.  Using powers responsibly, for the good of everyone.  If I had an Uncle Ben, I hope he’d be proud.

So, if you want to read the actual notes on the Stand, that’s cool, I guess.  I don’t have that much to add, honestly. Mostly just the little story above, but I guess it's a good indication of how things are going in Italy.


Andrew’s Notes on Sex Pistols

Stand User: Guido Mista

Appearance: Dunno.  Haven’t been able to see any yet.  Working on it, because if there are gonna be more Stand Users actually trying to kill us, it might help to be able to see them so we can maybe fight them?  Or avoid them somehow?

Main Power: Actually kind of like telekinesis, only it just works with the bullets in his revolver.  Mista’s still scary enough I wouldn’t mess with him.

This says something about being an assassination style Stand, which is a common theme in the Passione (that’s the Mafia’s name for the Mafia).  Let’s hope we stay on their good side, for all our sakes.  (That’s if Mista has a good side.  It’s honestly hard to tell.  Seems like he’s loyal to the big bad Mafia boss, though, so mostly we just gotta keep Giovanna happy.)

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This craving for cheese I get every time I upload Shadowed Suspicion?  Clearly the work of an enemy Stand User.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Chapter Summary:
It's time to call the War Council, comprised of a number of familiar faces...
Word Count: 1439
Rating: Teen

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I'm not 100% satisfied with the way this turned out.  I might end up rewriting this later, so it might end up in Abandoned Paths.  It establishes a few important things for the timeline, though--it's the first time Haru accesses his ancient powers, though he's going to have to work for them after Halloween and won't remember much of the night.  It's also the beginning of Andrew's 'notice me senpai' phase.
Also, I hate having to turn down friends to hang out because I'm like *I will literally die, there is so much to do, bleh*.  It sucks.

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sands of Egypt Project
Chapter Summary: Andrew's not having the best time of it.

Word Count: 530
Rating: teen

              Tucker had already taken off to go hang out with his friends.  Andrew knows this.  He takes too long, but it’s not as if you can rush perfection.  He can’t just have an incomplete Sith outfit.  That’d be sacrilege or something.
              He finally opens the door and there’s a huge, tall being on the doorstep.  It’s a pretty good costume.  “Hi.  I think we have candy somewhere.”  He forgets to be the big, intimidating Sith, but it’s just evil to deny people candy.
              The thing roars in his face, and he screams.  It’s…not a costume.  That’s a real live monster on its doorstep.  “Y-your breath is terrible.  And I’m just gonna…”
              He slams the door in its face and starts running, but there’s a problem with black robes.  They’re really easy to trip over.  And from the crash, the door doesn’t seem to have stopped it.  So much for thresholds.  Guess that’s fictional, Andrew thinks.  He screams again as he feels claws on his legs, and manages somehow to kick it off and scramble to his feet, stumbling a little in his haste to get away.
              The roar means it’s close.  He screams again.  The sound of the pained grunt, though, isn’t him.  He’s pretty sure.  Though he has heard sometimes it takes a bit for people to realize they’re wounded.  He opens his eyes.
              The first thing he sees is hazel eyes, pained and way closer than anyone’s ever gotten before.  They’re blessedly human.
              He backs up slightly and realizes—the broad forehead and nose and those ears—that’s Xander.  Or…Haru.  Tucker’s story was a little confusing.  Point is, this is one of his classmates, even if he is a little older, and he definitely doesn’t look murderous or anything.
              He’s, like…some sort of Ancient Egyptian warrior.  The skin is more bronzed than he remembers, and that’s a sort of robe thing, with some gold armor on top, bright and glinting.  It doesn’t cover everything, though, like his arms, which is why he’s now…bleeding?  He threw himself in the way…just to protect me…
              He makes another pained sound as the claws are torn from his shoulder, leaving bleeding, exposed strips of flesh behind.  Xander falls to one knee, leaning heavily on what looks like a golden sword.
              “A-are you okay?” Andrew asks, starting to shiver.  He knows it’s a stupid question the minute it leaves his lips, and hopes that he won’t be made fun of for it.  In response the warrior grits his teeth and pushes to his feet, turning to the monster behind him.
              “NO!” he yells.  That’s just…his savior’s already too hurt.  He’s no one special, no one anyone should risk their lives to save.
              “Close your eyes,” comes the calm, deep command, though the breathing’s uneven.  He does as asked, and a moment later his eyelids are suffused with light.
              “Let’s go.”  The man’s leading him out the back door, and despite the wound manages to pull himself over the fence with seeming relative ease.  Still, Andrew notices the sweat and the gritted teeth, even as Xander holds out a hand to drag him up, too.
              He is super cool.  I wanna be like him.
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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Chapter Summary:
Xander stares creepily at a mask and finds a useful course of action.
Word Count: 1588
Rating: K

Andrew Wells-A reformed warlock/supervillain nerd that is now a Watcher.
Wesley Wyndam-Price-He is a former Watcher that was kicked out of the previous Watcher's Council. He did a brief stint as a Rogue Demon Hunter before joining up with Angel Investigations, run by none other than Angel. He also followed Angel and the others in the pseudo-detective agency into Wolfram & Hart, Firm of the Evil Demon Lawyers, ostensibly to harness the resources of the LA branch to do good rather than evil. Considering a number of things that happened during their employment, this may have been but a mere foolish pipe dream. Wesley, however, is still very useful when it comes to research.



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