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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover and more than just your average fic in this 'verse (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Rhodey shows up unannounced, and Tony's trying to deal.
Word Count: 605
Rating: Gen
          When Rhodey returns from an Iron Patriot (War Machine, he can hear Tony insist, and also What did you do to my baby?  Come here, Daddy’ll save you from that nasty, nasty man and fix you right up) mission, he is given about two seconds of warning.
          “Mr. Rhodes, you might—” Jarvis begins, and then he’s landing, and then he’s nearly falling back off the roof because there is a kid (young man) sleeping on the roof.
          “J.  Who’s that?”  His voice sounds a bit higher pitched than he intends, which of course is saved for replay forever because Tony is a jerk.  Unless Jarvis is cool and doesn’t actually bring it to his attention.
          “The young master does not mean to startle with his presence.”  Pause.  “Also, please do not fall off the roof.  Sir would be most distraught.”
          He looks the man over.  He’s about the right age, with the same facial structure and hair color and by the look of the eyepatch just about as reckless as Tony too.
          Which is when Tony the Whirlwind appears.  “J, have you seen—hey, Rhodey, what have you been doing to War Machine, that’s rude, I give you the best toys and you treat them like trash—have you seen…”
          Rhodey puts a finger to his lips and points at the sleeping young man, and Tony shuts up instantly.  With the amount of attention and care he’s showing to this random kid who looks suspiciously like him?
          “I’d leave him sleeping here, since he’s actually peaceful for once, but the Tower is high and it’ll get way too cold up here.”  He glances at Rhodey, no jokes, no misdirections.  “Help me get him to the couch at least.”
          He helps his friend, and the man shifts but does not wake, thinking about how much Tony owes him for not trusting him at least with this dammit, and then Tony gets him arranged and finds a blanket to put over him, and at least he’s kind of sweet.  Mother hen, probably creepy stalker sort of sweet, sure, but still, as sweet as a guy like Tony Stark ever gets.
          “When were you going to tell me?” he whispers angrily the second they’re outside the space, and Pepper’s voice joins them.
          “The same time he was going to tell me, apparently.”  By the sound of things, she already knows, but she’s also still a little angry and not willing to let him off the hook.
          Tony throws up his hands, looking frustrated.  “Fine, fine, I’m sorry!  I kept meaning to, but I wasn’t sure how the two of you would react, and…”  He’s still remembering to be quiet, despite how he usually reacts with the two of them nagging at him.  “…both of you are important, okay?”  The last is quiet enough that he nearly doesn’t catch it, but he does catch it and his eyes are wide.  “I didn’t feel like it was a good time while I was dying, and then I wasn’t and I just kept putting it off because I don’t like having you two mad at me.”
          By a language they’ve developed during having to take care of the young Stark, the two merely have to share a look before they agree on a spontaneous group hug, and he’s laughing and crying as silently as he possibly can, and there’s a story here, but they can get it out of him later.  Or he can get Jarvis or Pepper to explain it to him.  Right now, Tony is insecure and Tony needs their reassurance and that’s what Tony’s going to get.


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