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Some day I might actually go through the huge list of Knight's relationships and how they've changed.  For now...

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Andrew is caught by one of his heroes.
Word Count: 933
Rating: Gen

         “You’re gonna want to put that generator down.”
         Andrew nearly has an excitement-fueled heart attack.  He turns very slowly, and—yep.
         That’s the man he’s been wanting to see.
         Of course, his invisibility shielding probably works against most people.  But he’s not most people, hasn’t been for a long time.  He can see the armored suit clearly, and he can tell that the one beneath the mask is just as much of a comic book fan as he is, because that design definitely has things in common with that of Iron Man.
         “You’re real,” he whispers.
         “Or you’re crazy,” the man agrees, good-natured.  “Either way, you don’t want me to bring you in to the authorities.  Trust me, in Sunnydale, that ain’t pretty.”
         Andrew summons his courage.  He can actually talk to a real life superhero, besides Buffy.  And he sees that the other two want the attention of the woman with the superstrength, don’t even believe the man of iron, whispered rumor in the underground, actually exists.  He’d figured that if they kept this up it was only a matter of time.
         “They arrest everyone, don’t they?  Good or bad.”  He sets it down—gently, and tries to look casual.  Suave, even.  “That’s why we need vigilantes, right?  Can’t trust the police to keep the town safe.”
         “Uh-huh.”  The voice sounds amazing with the synthesizer.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do to make that go away and uncover the hero’s true identity.  Not without some heavy magic.  “Look, buddy, if this was all to get some attention, you’ve got it.  Now what do you want?”
         He’d thought his heart was beating fast before, but now it’s beating a frantic drumbeat.  He’s not actually flirting, he reminds himself quickly, he doesn’t know your true intentions.
         “We want power.  We want to be loved.  We want to be true supervillains.  We want you and Buffy to take us seriously.”  He wishes it was easier to read the man’s expression behind the faceplate.
         “Listen to yourself,” the man answers, a little sympathetic—but only a little.  “You don’t want to be a supervillain.  Your power could be used for good.  Ever thought about trying to help out with this superhero stuff, applying to a job that could use your skills?”
         “Are you trying to recruit me?” Andrew asks incredulously.  It’s not entirely unexpected.  Villains turned heroes all the time in the comics, or, like Vader, they turned villain and then back to hero.  It still blindsides him, reminds him these are pretty much the comics, I can do anything.  His breath hitches.
         “Why not?  I’ve seen your work.  The spells to get in?  Very sophisticated, especially for being self-taught.  It’s our decisions that make us hero or villain.  How you use the tools at your disposal, so to speak.”  He’s casual, leaning against the wall, not ready for a fight.  He hadn’t thought Iron Man could get any cooler, but Iron Man with magic?  Way cooler.
         “You’re paying attention to me now,” he explains, suddenly reluctant to mention Warren or Jonathan.
         He wants to peel off that armor and crawl inside.  He wants to taste metal on his skin, in his mouth.  He wants to know who the mysterious man in the mask is.  He wants to pull the superhero close and hear him breathe.
         “And it’s not like the Trio can be the Trio without me.”
         “That’s kind of the point,” the man in the suit mutters, and is suddenly flying backward into the wall following a spell.  He hadn’t had his shields up.  “You can see through the stealth, can’t you.”
         It’s not actually a question, but Andrew puffs out his chest in pride.  “What do you think?”
         “Star, disengage stealth mode,” the man mutters, and he becomes visible.
         Whatever the superhero’s using for power, it’s not an arc reactor, though it has some similarities, in that it’s a magic circle that glows.  He suspects it’s some sort of magic crystal, but it’s hard to tell.  The color scheme is largely silver and purple with a few blue accents.  It may not be the clearly masculine color scheme of Iron Man, but Andrew finds he doesn’t mind.
         He charges forward, punch at the ready, and Andrew barely manages to avoid the punches and kicks.  Not only does the superhero appear to have highly impressive gear and a repertoire of spells, he also seems to have studied fighting formally.  It’s something he’d argue was cheating if it didn’t enhance the awesomeness factor.
         So instead he lets the smile cross his face.  “Well, it’s been fun, but I should go.”  He leans in to the next attack and attaches the parasite from the plastic container in his pocket.  Instantly the servos lock up, the power flickering, and the man has turned into a lovely statue.
         “What did you do?”  The voice is muffled and more than a little panicked.  It sounds vaguely familiar now.  He’d stay to pull the guy out of his shell, but if he’s not careful it’ll just attach to him instead.
         “It’s a magic leech.  It attaches onto things and drains their magic.  I’d advise that you not get it on your skin.”  The man struggles and makes a panicked sound.
         “I’d stay to help, but it’s not safe for me to handle it, either, and, well…”  He blushes deeply.  “You’re the genius who figured out how to make an Iron Man suit using magic.  I’m sure you can figure it out.”
         He leaves with the generator Warren had wanted, but his victory feels a little hollow.  He brushes that off.

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