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Follow up to Team Free Will.  Expect me to post what I have and then not come back to it for a very, very long while.  Also it might be more like Self-Made Hero after the first section, because for whatever reason it's easier to post things written in whatever order than one after the other.

Main Points:
Supernatural AU
Summary: Dean saves Michael.
Word Count: 600
Rating: K


        In the end, Dean’s not exactly sure why he bothered to listen to this little broadcast on Angel Radio.  And that’s kind of a problem, because trust was kind of running thin between him and Sammy, and he definitely won’t understand Dean going and looking for the guy that thinks he’s only a meatsuit and wants to jumpstart the apocalypse.
        Okay, maybe in that reverse prayer, he could feel the sincerity, feel every emotion as if it was his own.  But it doesn’t mean he can make Sam feel that.  And seriously, with the way that Sam is suspicious of every little thing lately, he wouldn’t believe.
        Pain in the ass it might’ve been, but Dean kind of misses the naïve, ready to believe in anything little bro he’d picked up from college.
        So, yeah, he can’t explain why he’s gotten the Impala out in the middle of the night to go on this wild goose chase.  Or even why he hasn’t called in Cas, despite trusting the guy, and the guy being one of the only angels Sam is even partly okay with.
        When he concentrates, though, he can hear just the slightest buzzing.  It’s not much, but somehow he knows exactly how to work it.  It’s just enough to follow exactly like a road map.
        It’s almost painful to park the car out of the way, but he’s not about to let Baby get hurt.  He has no idea what he’s doing, but he’s going to waltz in anyway like he has a plan.
        It’s a very small cabin.  Odd, really, but then, hunters had known deserted cabins were pretty good, out of the way places to hang out for ages.  He knocks.  “Hey, pizza delivery!” he yells out in his most obnoxious cheerful voice.
        Two demons open the door.  “We didn’t order any—” the first begins, but before they can react Dean ganks them both.  Sam will be pissed that Ruby’s demon knife is gone, but then, he’d be even more pissed if Dean got himself killed again.  Better of two bad options, right?
Now, he’s got to move quick.  Demons are certainly stronger than he is, and surprise is the best tool he’s got.  Besides, he’s not here to kill demons, as nice as that is.  He’s here to save a wayward angel.  At least, that’s the plan, anyway.
        Basement?  Attic?  An angel would probably be more comfortable in the attic, so basement it is.  He runs down there and there are three more demons poking at a body that doesn’t look like it’s even alive anymore.  One of them looks up and instantly grabs a knife.
        “Hey there.  Mind if I break up this party?”  It’s not really a question, but then, it never is.
        Dean, free me.  These bonds are…special.  I can…do the rest.  From there.
        Poor guy isn’t feeling his best, but then, looking at him, of course he doesn’t.
        He dodges out of the way of two of them.  In his haste, he cuts off a little more skin than rope, but the demon knife slips through without resistance, and then the buzzing becomes the roar of a waterfall.
        The angel sits up, looking pissed.  “Dean, close your eyes,” he rasps, and it’s not like he doesn’t know the drill by now.
        There’s a burst of light and someone grabs his shoulder, and then he’s suddenly he’s in the driver’s seat of the Impala with a bloody angel in the passenger’s seat.
        He’d be more pissed if he didn’t know this went way too easily, and instead he feels just uneasy.


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