Jul. 11th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover and more than just your average fic in this 'verse (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Sunnydale children's games are weird.  And Tony's a child inside.
Word Count: 320
Rating: Gen

        It takes Pepper a minute to realize that the two are playing a drinking game.  Without the drinking.  Instead, they appear to be eating a child’s dream version of an Easter basket in the middle of summer.
        “The army, specifically a General Ross,” Tony says, and reaches over to grab a candy bar.
        “Unfortunately…no.”  Xander lets his fingers run over a few choices of candy before selecting one.  “The whole Initiative Project, remember?  Particularly the part about getting kidnapped?  And the Frankenstein’s monster?”
        Tony’s face makes the expression she’s become familiar with, the one that says ‘that’s awful but I’m going to try to pretend it isn’t to make my brother feel better’.  It morphs into a thinking one.  “The government?”  He grabs a handful of M&Ms, looking hopeful.
        “Again, no.  I’m still not sure what they’ve done with Marcie, and they’ve been probing.  Not like they can get through, I’ve got a seed AI, myself, and Willow, she of the ‘I’m going to break into the Pentagon again because I’m bored’…not that that’s weird, but.  Still.  I do not trust them.”  Xander squints then follows Tony’s lead.
        “What are you doing?” she asks, when it becomes apparent that the two aren’t going to notice her.
        “Oh, hey, we’re playing ‘Whose Life is Worse’ with candy and then tinkering on the sugar high ‘till we drop,” Xander says, cheerful, and Pepper’s heart drops.
        “I feel like I should step in.”  This probably isn’t helping them.  Or maybe it’s serving like a psychiatry consultation that Tony never goes to as recommended.  It’s hard to tell.
        Tony shrugs and pats the floor, grinning.  “You can at least sit with us.  Unless you’re busy, in which case, carry on.”
        She sighs, reluctant to leave the two, but then her work phone rings and she has to answer it, given that Tony hasn’t.  She waves, and the two wave back, looking casual and unhurt.


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