Jun. 22nd, 2017

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Part of the reason this fic was abandoned was the subject matter.  It was slated to be an Akihiko/Minato fic, but then I started to think about the weird potentially dubcon considering Minato's also Akihiko's Persona, and that...didn't quite feel right.  So I had trouble writing it or finishing it.  Which is why it is where it is and will probably stay that way.  That being said, there were definitely some parts/lines I liked, and despite it all I find Isabel interesting.  She might appear in something else, maybe, and if anyone wants to see Akihiko or Minato(Makoto) they are probably going to show up in future fic.  Or rather, future chapters of current fic...

Main Points: Persona 3 AU
Chapter Summary: 10 years post-Graduation, and Officer Sanada finally gets a (few) answers...

Word Count: 825
Rating: Gen

exiting the Velvet Room... )


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