Jun. 14th, 2017

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mostly just things about the existence about certain supernatural beings, don't know how spoilery you'd find it but figured I'd warn )P.S. Characterization of the Templars comes from playing one myself, whom I'd thought was unusual...and then hearing about the massive snowball fight Templars are trying to organize in Templar Hall, right in front of Dame Julia.  Templar elders would like you to think that we're good little soldiers that follow orders.  Truth is, we're just a different brand of nuts than the Dragon.
P.P.S. Also, Public Service Announcement: Always make jokes about Orochi.  It's in good taste.

Main Points:
Hellblazer|Constantine/The Secret World crossover.
Summary: Constantine is more neutral than the Council of Venice.  Magic, innit?
Word Count: 470
Rating: Gen

           The Templars like to pretend John Constantine doesn’t exist.  Rumor has it that they’ve been headhunting—more or less literally—the man for decades.  Given the general impression of Templar agents as a bunch of naughty children doing their best to disappoint dear ol’ mummy Dame Julia, he wouldn’t be all too different from the majority, to the dismay of many of the higher-ups.  They’d also considered the ability of colleagues to not drop like flies a sort of recruitment draw, and of course there’s that driver who’s Bee-touched who’s reputedly one of his best mates, so maybe, just maybe…
           Problem is, John Constantine is a bloody contrary bastard.  He doesn’t want to get involved, doesn’t want to join any faction, and the harder they push the scarcer he makes himself.  It’s undoubtedly true he’d be an asset.  He has a habit of fixing things, dealing with demon plots and any other denizens of the Secret World and even ripples from the rise of the Filth almost as an afterthought belied by hard work and more than a share of devil’s luck and lots of alcohol, nicotine, and the smell of sex with the tang of self-loathing and the spice of regret.  The amount he accomplishes without being Bee-touched, just your average human sorcerer (never mind the fact that he’s nothing like your average human sorcerer or anyone else for that matter), is speculated to be exaggeration.  Certainly every story told at the Horned God gets more and more ludicrous, particularly after a pint or two have been involved.
           His temperament best suits the Dragon, but he’s a man who refuses to choose sides, who stands aggressively neutral between monsters and gods and the machinations of those who would seek to control the Secret World.
           Thing is, he’s more than a rumor.  He’s very, very good at keeping under the radar, and when that includes people whose business it is to know things, that’s impressive.  He’s managed to get on the bad side of Samuel Chandra (of course) but given how easily Orochi personnel die, it’s not like they need the extra push of being in Constantine’s orbit to shuffle off the mortal coil.  He’s also made enemies of a half-dozen other denizens of the Secret World, but that’s just who he is.
           While the official stance from the factions is to watch and wait with the Morninglight, it seems from the very few unsubstantiated sightings that he’s taken something about them personally and gone on some type of personal crusade. 
           But, again, remember that he doesn’t exist.  And whatever you do, don’t mention it to your superiors unless they’re Dragon.  (If they’re Dragon, go ahead and mention him if you really haven’t heard enough about the patterns chaos draws in the world, because it’s guaranteed to get another lecture.)


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