Jun. 8th, 2017

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Main Points:
Iron Man Genderbend (Iron Maiden)
Summary: Pepper's never bored.
Word Count: 343
Rating: Gen

         Tony, Pepper decides something like three months into his so-called promotion, is something like a magic eight ball.  You never know what result you’re going to get out of her.  Sometimes, she can be utterly charming, well-behaved even.  That’s the point at which close acquaintances, like Rhodey, will start to look for signs of plotting.
         There’s the part where she turns into an obstinate contrarian.  Doesn’t matter what someone says when she’s in that kind of mood, she will go out of her way just to prove them wrong.  Pepper suspects it’s something to do with her dad, but out of respect (since she hadn’t actually prodded about the elder Potts despite all signs and inclinations to the contrary) he doesn’t ask.
         There’s those times that she turns into an utter showboat.  It’s probably inevitable, since the only other way to deal with that much media all the time is losing your mind.  Despite the fact that he’s certain she’s a nymphomaniac, he suspects that a lot of it is just keeping up appearances, since he’s known her to get bored in the middle and wander out with an idea that just had to get done right there and then. 
         Generally when she’s feeling the most at ease, she’ll throw on comfortable clothes (like sweat pants and a t-shirt) and get covered in oil as she works on something or another.  There’s a moment that Pepper was very, very grateful for Jarvis, because he saw a completely honest, completely happy grin on her face as she surfaced from tinkering on one of the cars to talk to him, and it helps remind him that his boss is human somewhere under there, which is nice motivation for all the times she either seems like a robot or the most annoying person on Earth.  She likes lounging around like that, but it’s a little telling that very few people have seen her in the full outfit.  Sometimes she’ll wear t-shirts outside, but she always combines that with jeans so tight he wonders how she breathes.


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