May. 16th, 2017

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the anniversary stuff for lotro is annoying me

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: The bruisers debate a little.
Word Count: 210
Rating: Gen

            “Yo, Senpai, are we sure we got the right Yosuke?” Tatsumi sounds very unsure, and no wonder—the intense concentration of the young man dancing (and drawing a crowd) doesn’t seem like the happy-go-lucky Yosuke they know at all.
            “Yeah, he mentioned he liked dancing,” Narukami answers, quiet but distracted, and Satonaka glances over to see Hanamura do the splits.
            “Wow, he’s flexible!”  She’s grinning.  “He’d be a good sparring partner.”
            “Don’t break him, please,” their fearless leader requests, quiet.  Tatsumi glances over.  There’s something in his Chief’s expression, but he can’t quite make it out yet.
            “Aww, come on, he’s a Magician.  Why else have powers?” she asks, and Tatsumi rolls his eyes.
            “Casting takes effort, you know.  If he’s in too much pain, he probably can’t do anything about fixing things.  ‘Sides, why don’t you repeat yourself?  I don’t think the whole room heard you.”
            “Satonaka.  Tatsumi,” Narukami says mildly, and they instantly fall in line.
            “I can believe it, anyway.  You know how he’s always listening to those seriously outdated headphones?” Tatsumi adds.  “He’s probably got great rhythm.  Which will help with fighting training.”
            “I like the headphones,” Narukami comments, and Satonaka rolls her eyes.
            “Of course you do.  You like all sorts of weird things, Chief.”


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