May. 15th, 2017

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Since I have more written might as well.

Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: Yosuke and Chie save each other.
Word Count: 345
Rating: Gen

        “Chie!”  She hears the newbie call her name and he’s not good-natured or amused like he usually is.  (She realizes, as she’s sitting there, as if frozen, that it’s a defense mechanism.  That he could get frustrated or swear or whatever, but people are wary enough when he’s not covering the nanotats with makeup.  If he’s quiet, friendly, helpful, people are less likely to stare at him with suspicion or tell him to get the hell out.)
        She feels someone tackle her and she hits the ground hard enough to break a rib or three.  In fact, she hears the crack on impact, feels the instant of agony, and then it’s gone.  But that’s impossible.
        “Sorry about that,” Hanamura manages, voice strained.  She glances at him.  He’s pale, like all the ghosts in those stories Yukiko tells—no, don’t think about that!!
        Think about what?  She’s panicked enough she’s broadcasting.  Embarrassing.
        Don’t worry, not everyone’s hearing this.  They’ve got some sort of interference up.  What’s really worrying is that he sounds as tired in the channel as he does when he’s actually speaking, which means that he’s somehow managed to exhaust himself already.
       “Are you frustrated?” she asks, and he frowns at her and suddenly the fuzziness in her head disappears too.  But that was just from getting up early, not from a concussion.  He’s going overboard, and exhausting himself in the process.  She’ll just have to corner him in the station, where he can’t run away and maybe can do a bit of self-defense practice, work out some aggression, because that approach can’t be healthy.
        “Shooters.  Stopped time.  Small area.  Catching back up.”  He stops to catch his breath, then rolls off her.  “Healed ribs,” he adds.
        “How hard was that to do?” she asks, knowing, in awe, worried.
        “Hard.”  What’s creepier is that as he loses colour and substance, his tattoos appear to have been gaining an unearthly glow.  “Conscious for now.”
        She takes a deep breath and begins dragging Yosuke behind a convenient truck.  It’s a good thing she works out, honestly.


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