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Cho is this universe's War Machine, though he doesn't show up again for a while.  He used to date Larry before Larry's untimely demise.  I don't know if they ever showed anyone dating Larry, but it's kind of sad, since once he got over being a jerk he was actually a decent guy.  (What's with the new characters?  I dunno.  If anyone feels like commenting (unlikely, I know) think about mentioning random side characters who don't show up much whose roles I can expand.  Graham is already on the list.)

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Cho's leaving and Xander's not okay with it.
Word Count: 244
Rating: Gen

            “Are you sure?” Xander asks, pulling up handfuls of grass listlessly.  Over the summer of getting to know the eccentric genius Cho knows that if Xander’s not concealing whatever it is that’s bugging him?  It’d bad.
            “I’m not sure what we’re talking about,” he responds, and that earns a theatrical sigh.
            “Marines.  Don’t ask, don’t tell,” is the short, clipped response.
            Cho sighs, too.  He should’ve seen this coming.  It’s kind of sweet that Knight’s worried, but him brooding like this is ruining hang out time.  With the girls, too, not just the two of them.
            “Look, I don’t feel ready for another serious relationship again.  Not yet.”  He sits up, staring into the distance.  “Until then, way I see it, it’s none of their business.  It hurts a lot of people, but it’s no issue for me.”  He’s had practice dealing with guys commenting on the fact that he’s not willing to rate the girls or bet on what type of underwear they’re wearing—the fact that he’s a gentleman and has some manners, dammit. 
            “And if you’re worried that I won’t write, don’t worry.  I’m not leaving you to your own devices, you self-destructive twat.”
            He’s not sure if it’s the words or the one that sets Xander off but suddenly there’s a genius clutching onto his shirt for dear life and choking on the sobs tearing out of the throat.  He pats the man’s back and tries not to feel awkward.


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