Apr. 24th, 2017

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The follow-up to the Iron Man AU was scheduled for today, but it's a real drabble, and I've got a ridiculous test on Wednesday, so you get tomorrow's scheduled fic a day early.
Most of you probably don't care but whatevs.  Have a little behind the scenes anyway.
Also this little mini-arc is going to be finished.  Eventually.  Not at the moment, though.  Since I'm apparently tired enough I'm using slang ;)

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Despite how it might look, the transition isn't easy.  There's only so long the destabilized situation can continue before something's gotta give...
Word Count: 275
Rating: Gen

          They’re in the middle of history, talking about various diseases and how they’ve affected history.  Mr. Beach has just put some really disgusting looking overheads on the black plague up on the projector, when Xander screams.  There’s a crash.
          “I know they’re eww, but that’s a little bit…” Willow begins and then glances over and instantly she’s out of her chair.
          That causes Buffy to turn and look, too, and…
          And Xander’s on the ground, curled into a ball and clutching at his head.  Buffy’s seen people in pain.  That’s agony she’s seeing in her friend’s face and it’s scaring her.
          “Xander!  Xander, what’s wrong?”
          He attempts a smile.  It’s the ashen ghost of Smiles Past.  He can’t uncurl, and he’s shaking.
          “Xander!”  Willow’s face is ashen, and she’s grabbed one of their friend’s hands in her own.  She’s almost squeezing tighter than his death grip.
          “Hurts,” he manages, Buffy’s enhanced hearing the only thing that’s picking up his words with how quiet they are.  Then, with a gasp of breath that’s almost silent, “…So loud.  I can’t…”
          If the end of his sentence is ‘take any more’, he’s absolutely right, because he passes out.
          His face is still stuck in a grimace, so he’s not peaceful even now.
          Buffy stands up abruptly.  “I’m getting him to the nurse’s office.”  She doesn’t stay to listen to protests.  She just walks over to her friend, scoops him up, and walks off at a brisk pace.  It’s Xander for goodness’ sake.  Xander’s supposed to be goofing around and disrupting class, not hanging limply in her arms like he’s dead.
          Bad thought.  Very bad.  Do not think again.


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