Apr. 17th, 2017

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And this is why I didn't want to post this on Easter.  Easter should have happy, light, and fun.  None of which this is.  Well, maybe fun, figuring out how Tony was going to deal with the situation because she's awesome, and conversation between her and Yinsen, but.  Still.  And I didn't want to cheapen it.

Main Points:
Iron Man Genderbend (Iron Maiden)
Summary: The Ten Rings want something from Tony she isn't willing to give.  She calls their bluff.
Word Count: 434
Rating: Gen
Warning: Technically, nothing actually happens in this fic.  That being said, it's a female Tony in a cave full of terrorists with questionable morals.  (Partly, it's an answer to surfing through Ao3 and finding that most of the versions of female Tony have gone through sexual assault.  This Iron Maiden isn't going to just smile and go along with it and engineers her way out of the situation like she does everything else, so nothing actually happens; however I was slightly uncomfortable writing this so it might be problematic for others. 
Tl;dr: read at your own discretion.)



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