Apr. 15th, 2017

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Main Points:
Iron Man Genderbend (Iron Maiden)
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 140
Rating: Gen
Note: This version of Stark was mentioned in the Self-Made Hero story In a Crowded Room.  Also, it probably takes place in the same universe as the Dr Strange genderbend stories Soul is Screaming, Step Through a Doorway, A Strange Welcome (sorta), The Proper Care of a Sorceror Supreme, Hard Earned Wisdom, The Long Wait, Disturbing Equilibrium, A Stranger Path, and Maybe It's a Dream.  Also, the trend of PTSD genderbends continues.

          Pepper sighs and glances at the ceiling.
          “If I may, sir,” Jarvis cuts in, and he’s almost been employed long enough to not jump at that.
          “You think you could explain Stark’s temper tantrum to me?” he asks.
          “I can definitely try.”  There’s a pause, then, “You listed the name on the document as Toni.”
          “…That’s her name,” Pepper says, confused, and then a hologram appears in front of him and he definitely jumps.
          The word reads Toni.  Red crosses the ‘i’ out and it gets replaced with a ‘y’.  “I realize that it’s ‘Antonia Stark’, but she always prefers the nickname to be spelled with a y.  Please do not ask me to explain any further than that because I can’t.”
          “Well, you know, okay, that’s somewhere to start.  Thank you, Jarvis.”  It’s odd, but he’s dealt with stranger.


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