Apr. 8th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Willow's just looking out for her best friend.
Word Count: 404
Rating: Gen

           It’s Willow that finally manages to get his head out of his ass and actually ask Kris out.  It’s probably that that gives him permission to mess with his friend’s love life later.  He’s already made a dozen designs for Kris’s suit, but he’s not bringing any of them up, not until she asks.
           Kris and Willow have had a serious conversation about how Xander is a wuss who needs to man up and get over his ‘everyone I love dies’ issues.  Because while that’s a thing, it’s also hurting him, stopping him from living his life, and he and Kris are already a couple in everything but the kissing, and he’s lonely, and neither one of them likes seeing him unhappy like this.
           The three are hanging out.  Xander and Kris are watching some video game let’s player that apparently both of them have watched, since they’re joking around and making some sort of references Willow misses.  She needs to do more computer stuff.  She’s been neglecting that recently with all the magic.
           They’re both working on some paperwork for Knight Innovations.  Kris is enjoying the budget-sheets and Xander is teasing her for being a nerd.
           There’s the sweet, soft look in his eyes and tone that he uses for Willow.  For people that he really loves.  But there’s something more vulnerable there.
           She knows not to take his teasing seriously.  She’s not offended at all, teasing back, quiet and sweet and patient.  Everyone in the entire room knows that he loves her.
           Willow leans over as he’s daydreaming, staring with soft eyes in Kris’s direction.  “If you don’t kiss her right now I will."
           He recoils and nearly falls over.  “What?”
           “Anyone who doesn’t know you thinks the two of you are dating.  You’d rather deal with my plan than Dawn’s.  I’m looking out for you.”
           He looks at her, gulps, then at looks at Kris.
           And then he gets that look of determination in his eyes, and she giggles.
           He scoots a little closer and leans in.  Krista isn’t even paying attention.  He gives her a sweet peck on the cheek and backs off quickly, cheeks dusted with pink.
           She has the largest smile.  It’s cute.  She scooches back and snuggles into him.  He swallows again, but looks happier than he’s been in a while even if he’s not smiling.  That soft embarrassed look on his face is just as precious.


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