Apr. 6th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Kris doesn't want to sit on the sidelines.
Word Count: 343
Rating: Gen
Notes: Yep, Kris plays yugioh.

         “I want a suit,” Kris announces during a meeting of the ITK portion of Knight Innovations.  It had absolutely nothing to do with whatever her boyfriend and Andrew had been discussing seconds before, but now she has his complete and undivided attention.
         “Uhm, Xander, are you sure that’s…” Andrew begins, and Xander rolls his chair away from the Head of Testing Department (aka the Magic Department for those In the Know) and resident Head Chef, eyes wide.
         “I am not being your average superhero girlfriend,” she states firmly.
         Xander smiles slightly.  It’s a touch worried, but the way his eyes narrow at her, he’s already seeing the possibilities, drawing up schematics in his head.  If he hasn’t already.  …Given that he’s Knight, he probably has at least five different possibilities already in his head and is just pulling them up mentally.  “And see, me?  This is a person in a relationship who is not being a man with no sense of self-preservation.”  He blinks.  “That sentence made no sense, but y’know.  In terms of suit design, what were you thinking?”
         She beams, then frowns.  “Well, I already have possible names.  Warwolf or Sky Cavalry.  My favorite cards, you know.”
         He nods, unphased, but she can see Andrew and the others gaping.  Which just makes her puff up a bit.  “I like those names.  And from that…Probably weapons-heavy, huh?”
         “Please,” she asks, blinking her eyelashes as she leans against the table.
         He laughs at her even as the others look disturbed and leans in to kiss her.  It’s sweet, but he’s definitely distracted, and she’s anything but mad about that. 
         “You’re not going out in the field until you get a pass from Lehane,” he says offhandedly, already grabbing budget reports, turning them over, and doodling on the other side.
         “Faith?” she asks, but he cuts her off.
         “Yeah.  I can’t think of anyone else who would push you more.  And we need to know what you can do.  What you’re capable of.  It’s the only way to make sure you can keep up.”


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