Mar. 27th, 2017

madimpossibledreamer: Interior of early TARDIS (early tardis)
Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: They'd thought that Glory's attack on Xander had failed.
Word Count: 275
Rating: Gen, angst

            When she finally arrives, Star greets her immediately.  “Something is clearly wrong with Ranger One, Willow.” 
            Her creator is lying on the grating, groaning, hands pressed tightly to his head.
            Willow pulls the hands away from his head and he curls up even more, mumbling to himself constantly.
            “Xander.”  She has to repeat herself several times, and eventually she gets through to him.  He glances at her eventually, eyes vague and lost.
            “It’s so quiet.  Make the quiet stop.  I’m so alone,” he moans, tears tracking down his face.
            “Xander, I know it’s hard but you have to concentrate.  Talk to me,” she insists, instantly sitting down and letting him cradle his head on her lap.
            “Not Xander,” he manages finally.  “It’s Tony.  It’s Tony and I’m—I’m alone, there’s no one…there’s always someone around but they’re all gone, even Xander, and I don’t know how…that bitch Glory,” he gasps out and hides his head in one of her knees, sobbing loudly enough he’s still shaking and there’s tears all over her jeans.
            She revises her priorities immediately.  She needs to get in contact with either the teenage one or the one designated as ‘MCU Tony’ in her databanks.  Admittedly she’s not always able to tell the difference with regards to her creator, but she has actual physical numbers for two of the ones out in the multiverse, and, though magic might not be their forte, neither of them would leave Xander on his own.  They could provide a distraction or some sort or even engineer their way out of the situation, because that is what her creator does.  That is what Tony Stark does.


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