Mar. 18th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Just another day at Knight Innovations.
Word Count: 265
Rating: Gen

          “Come on, Chase, you can’t sleep on my desk.  People will talk.”  She mutters something unintelligible into the desk.  She doesn’t want to move.  She might be drooling, which is a little embarrassing but nothing too major.  “Open those beautiful eyes.  I wanna see those pupils and irises and sclera.”
          That actually does filter its way into her subconscious and makes her crack an eyelid open.  “Are you…naming parts of the eye, Knight?”
          “Hey, I have a newfound appreciation of the eyeball since high school.  It’s a perfectly normal reaction to the situation.”  That’s a lopsided grin on her boss’s face, if a bit strained.  Then again, he’s self-conscious about the eyepatch.
          “I believe they call that overcompensating,” she mutters sleepily, wiping away the drool, and that shocks him into a laugh.
          “Well, ladies do love an eyepatch,” he says and gets off his knees, wiping his pants off from where he’s been kneeling trying to get her attention.  “Then again, they pretty much all universally freak out when they get it off.  And hey, that could be a metaphor for most relationships.  You look at the exterior, you go ‘that looks pretty swanky’, you get involved and then you see all the nasty bits underneath and try to decide whether it’s even worth it.”
          She stares at him.  Hard.  “You have problems, sir,” she eventually says, and he nods.
          “I’m aware, thanks,” he responds almost cheerily and then brushes past her to make mac & cheese.
          She shakes her head, stretches, and tries to figure out what she’d been doing before she fell asleep.


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