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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander refuses to be a part of this.
Word Count: 520
Rating: Gen, slight language

           It’s taking everything Xander has to stay awake.  He knows he probably should be saying something, since everyone’s chewing Buffy out (yeah, and sometimes people have to make the best decision of all possible shitty options, he gets that in a way Cap wouldn’t), but he’s about to pass out and trying very hard not to appear like he’s about to pass out.
           “Xander?”  It’s Buffy, and her voice is shaking.
           Oh, crap.  She’d figured it—oh, wait, no, she’s hugging herself, feeling defensive.  She’s actually looking for input.
           “Don’t look at me,” he manages.  He takes a deep breath, shakes his head slightly (not too hard, that’ll just make the dizziness worse, but a little will wake him up…probably).  “All of you, don’t you dare try to use me in whatever mind games you’re playing.  I’m out.  Buffy and Spike saved my life.”
           “You wouldn’t have gotten hurt if it wasn’t for Buffy!” Willow blurts out, and he glares, and oh, hey, positive, his glare is more effective when it’s just one eye. Success.
           “Nope,” he corrects, quiet and calm and terrible.  Like Caleb—no, don’t think that, never think that.  “I wouldn’t have gotten hurt if it wasn’t for Caleb.”  He says the name, and everyone flinches, and is this a Voldemort situation?  Because he will keep saying it if that’s what it takes.  “I’ve run the simulations over and over and over.”  His voice cracks a little on the last word, but really, he’s more ticked than scared at the moment.  “There’s nothing I could’ve done.”  Whoops, he sounds a little hysterical on that last word, but then, that’s what they’re asking for, isn’t it?  For him to speak about his experience, from the eye of the beholder?  “Predictions need data.  I wouldn’t have thought that Caleb could stop all my systems.  It’s never happened before.”  He feels like babbling aimlessly, but shrugs off the urge.  “There’s a one hundred percent chance I would’ve run into the guy at some point, him being the corporeal leader of the opposing forces and all.  I figured I’d have a higher chance of beating the guy than any of you.  Would’ve put the odds at 89%, before this whole eye thing went down.”
           Okay, weird as it is to say, enough talking about himself.  “Which of us is thinking clearly, huh?  We’re all afraid.  If we’re being honest, even I’m not being completely rational, and I’m the one thinking clearly enough to realize what’s happening here.”  He holds up his hands, gesturing at them all theatrically.  “The First’s trying to break up the band, y’all.”  He sighs.  “And from where I’m standing, that little strategy worked perfectly.”  Civil War was a really cool idea, until you actually go and live through the thing.  He stands.  “Lemme know how the whole teamwork thing works out.  I’ll be in my lab building a better mousetrap.”
           He’s gone before any of them can say anything.  Which doesn’t really prove his teamwork point, but hey.  He passed out somewhere midflight, and ending up unconscious in the living room really would’ve hurt his point.

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Will be updated when/if I remember.  I'm posting these out of order because Xander!muse is being unclear on timelines.  It's been normal (from what I can remember) so far but that's going to change soon changed.

Series Summary: Xander didn't ask for his world to be dismantled on Halloween.  It's what he decides to do with the broken pieces left behind that defines him.

(!) is possibly triggering things

Confidence Before the Storm (prequel)
Project: Self-Disclosure
A Wider Universe
System Error: Identity Manager (part I)
System Error: Identity Manager (part II)
System Error: Identity Manager (part III)
System Error: Identity Manager (part IV)
System Error: Identity Manager (part V)
System Error: Identity Manager (part VI)
System Error: Identity Manager (part VII)
Ease Back into a New Routine
The Contingency Origin
Processing Overload
Rough Seas
Compare and Contrast
A Little Light Reading
Impossibly Indistinguishable

Secret Identity Online
Remote Safety Net
Project: Team-Building Exercises
Project: Team-Building Exercises_2_thesystem
Project: Relocation
Project: Relocation_2_move-in_day
Project: Relocation_3_firebrand**
Project: Holographic Games
Between the Candle and the Star
memento vivere
Project: Find a Purpose
Worth Fighting For
In a Crowded Room
Best Friends
Project: Hoodie_man*
Relationship Advice
The Solution is Actually a Crystalline Solid
The Place of Thought
Bumps in the Road
Late Night Conversations
Master Prank
Guests with Initiative
Behind the Faceplate
Project: Hoodie_man*
The Almost Man
A Death in the Family
Ashes on the Wind
Kyrie Eleison
At Least There is Symmetry
Project: Draw a Line
Project: Contingency_sharethewealth
Knight Innovations
Healthy Hobbies
A Little Raise
No Miracle Appears
Cosmic Angst
The Dark Paths of Obsession
Can't Adjust
Much Ado About Something
Deconstruction (!)
Nadir (!)
All the Best Parties
Scare Straight
Watch the World Burn
Jump In or Simply
Drowning Slowly
Even if My Way is Wrong
Banter at the End of the World
The Only Thing That's Real
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Canada
Unsung Heroes
Strategic Retreat
A Simple Explanation
Discount Therapy
Bonding Time
Sunnydale Games
Blood Wine
The Responsible One
The Circle Widens
Coolest Clubhouse
A Sure Bet
To Be Noticed
Word Choices Save Lives
Willow's Responsibility
On Hiring Practices
Rising Star of the Business World
Unacceptable Practices
Keys to Trust
Hanging Out and Paperwork
Off the Wall
Responsible Fangirling
Memorials to the Dead
He Says What We're All Thinking
Five (Dead Men) Down
Model Employee
It's All in How You Frame It
A Pinch of Courage
Laws of Relativity
Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (!)
Redemption Arc (!)
Friendship From a Safe Distance
Something New
Just the Right Amount of Cheese
The Dangers of Hydrogen Monoxide
Not Absent-Minded, Just Distracted
Project: Collection
Project: Collection_2_alicia
The Steps of a Relationship
As Seen on TV
Not Your Typical Superhero Girlfriend
Teenage Mutant Ninja Tales
Head's Up
Chase Knight
Anatomy of an Armor Series

Self-Made Hero: The Infinity Mirror
coming soon to a Dreamwidth near you
This is a possible alternate future of the Self-Made Hero series.  The multiverse is in danger and Giles must assemble a team of superheroes to save not just one universe but many...
Prologue Part I

Prologue Part II
The Witch
The Wolf
The Knight
The Assassin
The Goddess
The Bloody Brick Road
Irrational Jealousy
A New Status Quo
The Valkyrie Part I
The Valkyrie Part II
Into the Wide, Wide World

The Rest of Us

Lady Liberty

Magic Show

*Project: Hoodie_man is weird, as part occurs before he gets his suit and part occurs after (it's one of the more reflectiony pieces)
**Project: Relocation_2_firebrand technically also occurs in two places and is reflectiony, but it's also much shorter.


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