Feb. 10th, 2017

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Xander needs a new base of operations.
Word Count: 448
Rating: Gen
            It’s easy enough to get out of his dad’s house.  All he has to do is intimidate the man a little and pull together some money from manufacturing a few things here and there and the man’s perfectly ready to sign the emancipation papers.  (He probably wouldn’t have if he’d bothered to ask where the money was coming from.  Xander was an untapped gold mine of potential, now.  But he didn’t bother to ask questions, which is exactly how Xander likes it.)
            He has to make something bigger.  Whips together some new cell phone that’s lighter, faster, more durable, sells it off to some people who are very eager and doing everything not to show that they’re very eager, and it’s enough to buy one of the smaller warehouses in Sunnydale.  He figures out a spell to fly and tears out the staircase with a sledgehammer, figures it’ll discourage at least a few of the unwanted callers.
            Wards are easy, and given that it’s where he’s going to live for the forseeable future, it (hopefully) won’t take long for a threshold to be established.  Of course, he goes there with a silent (and disapproving) Angel to clear the place out before he goes in, and he does a sleepover at Willow’s (in a guest room, he wouldn’t be allowed in otherwise) for a few days.
            It’s got a working foundry, and he grins like a kid at Christmas when he sees it start up without a hitch. 
            He needs so much, really.  Robots to help him with his work, though that might take a while.  AIs for the same purpose.  An actual suit, though he’s gotta do something about stealth for that thing if he’s going to go flying around since, y’know, the whole ‘secret identity’ thing that Tony’s brain is screaming ‘screw it’ and Xander knows, absolutely knows, that he can’t afford to ignore, for his own and especially for Buffy’s sake.  Along those lines, some sort of power source.
            Turns out Arc Reactors don’t work in this reality, and he ends up with shelf upon shelf of those things.  At least he doesn’t have a heart under siege, because he’d be dead by now.
            He’s probably going to have to go magical for the energy, but again, how.  That’s the question.  And since not many people are crazy enough to try to mix tech and magic, he’s got nothing to go on, no previous research or starter spell.  He doesn’t mind being a trailblazer; it’s what Stark was born for, really.  But as it is he’s fairly stumped and can’t see a solution to the problem.
            He’ll figure it out.  He’s the genius, after all.


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