Jan. 30th, 2017

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I'm noticing a weird trend here...why do all the genderbends I write involve PTSD people?

Main Points:
Dr. Strange Genderbend
Summary: After the accident
Word Count: 320
Rating: Gen

            Strange is screaming.
            Oh, not outwardly.  Even in this, her lowest hour, she does what she can to maintain her dignity, even when keeping silent involves biting her lip so hard she’s drawing blood and by the look on Chris’s face, he’s worried that she’s going to bite clear through her lips.  In a moment of sheer morbid anger she thinks, well, why not.  She’s already messed up her hands, what good is she?
            All the more reason to cling to what she has left, really.
            She knows that despite the disavowal of any sexism on the part of the hospital…anyone affiliated, really…they’re rejoicing.  She’s no longer there to ruin their little boy’s club.  No longer making them insecure in their masculinity (and really, if it takes one brilliant woman to do that, they deserve it) by her very presence.  Not with the cars and the watches and the salary that makes her every bit one of them.  They love to watch her fall like this.  Some of them are probably thinking about a raise, a restructuring, the fact that she won’t be there to flaunt her skill in their faces and make them all look bad.
            It shouldn’t be how it works.  Really it shouldn’t.  They should get extra prestige from working at the same hospital as Doctor Strange (and they do, in fact, they’re just so blinded by everything else that they can’t see what they actually get out of it).
            At least Chris isn’t like that.  He’s straightforward and open, and despite the fact that he doesn’t always believe in himself, he’s not made insecure by her.  Or, well, he is, a little, but that doesn’t lead to resentment or anger.  She drives him crazy sometimes with the showing off, but she’s fairly certain a part of him loves that, too.
            Still, passing out is better than dealing with this reality, so she elects to do that.


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