Jan. 29th, 2017

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Universe Optional
Summary: When I first saw Subnautica, I thought 'Jotaro would lose his mind over this game', so here we are.  Fun Fact: I want to get Subnautica and name the Cyclops 'Star Platinum' for reasons.
Word Count: 404
Rating: Gen

          Kakyoin’s been looking forward to getting home and playing some games all day.  He plans on just a few hours before he makes food, or maybe just order out (again) if he loses track of time.
          Jotaro never complains.  He actually prefers fast food and ramen, as far as Kakyoin can tell, which is exactly why Kakyoin insists on being the cook of the couple, to make sure Jotaro has something like a balanced diet, even if he has to trick the man into it.
          Along those lines, Kakyoin wouldn’t normally encourage something like this, but he doesn’t feel like putting the effort in after the day he’s had.
          He walks in and sees…a white coat, hanging up on one of the pegs.  Usually Jotaro’s late.  He loses track of time working with all the animals and often works overtime.  Which at least helps their financial situation, but doesn’t do much for socialization.  “Jojo?”
          “’m here,” a voice calls out, and he follows the voice to the computer room.
          Jotaro’s hunched over the computer, and by the way he’s clenching his jaw he’s angry.  “What’s wrong?”            He takes in the underwater scene.  It doesn’t look like Earth, from what little Kakyoin can tell through his amateur knowledge gleaned from listening to his boyfriend talk.
          “I died,” Jotaro answers, morose.  “I lost a lot of stuff.”
          The game Kakyoin had been looking forward to was actually on the computer, but he can grab his handheld, and it’s so rare to see his boyfriend play a game that he’s really tempted to just watch.
          “You’re home early,” he points out.
          Jojo grunts.  “Bullshit politics.  Some sorta inspection thing; apparently I’m not the best PR and they’re running low staff.  I just hope they don’t neglect any of the animals.”
          Kakyoin embraces his boyfriend from behind, pressing a kiss to Jotaro’s ear.  “Well, if they do, you’re the one to make sure they take responsibility for themselves.”
          The brunet freezes, hands stilling, and Kakyoin can see the slight flush on the tops of Jotaro’s ears.  Immediately, his day is improving.
          “Tell me about the game,” he asks, and Jotaro’s character respawns in what looks like a small floating metallic sphere, and he starts explaining.  He isn’t obviously excited, but the fact that he’s more talkative than normal says it all.  Especially since his “doesn’t play anything” super serious nerd of a boyfriend is actually playing a game.


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